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Barbi Twins -- We Need More Protection

7/2/2009 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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It is hard to feel sorry for the twins when they are out in Playboy as we speak. What do you expect? It doesn't matter if they don't have control over older photos surfacing, but come on, of course they are going to get stalkers and jealous bitches and crazy cat killers. Hey twins; continue your work cute little doggies and kitties but be prepared for crazy stalkers when you are in Playboy. Now go clean up the poop.

1908 days ago


With so much plastic, these two shouldn't stand next to any open flames....why don't they just check in to Madam Toussauds and call it a day...

1908 days ago

nira k    

The twins lead quiet, almost reclusive lives. Very rarely seen in public and not attention seeking. They are well aware that their 15 minutes of fame are over. They don't want it back: they walked away from the camera. They are doing something meaningful for them now. Bless you girls.

1908 days ago


I feel for them if their lives are being negatively affected by a stalker, but they would get more sympathy if they didn't make stuff up (Witness Protection my arse--just exactly against whom have they testified???).

People in Witness Protection do not use their real identities and make public statements.

1908 days ago


take the BARBIE TWINS and put Farrah Fawcett's famous hair on them and have them dance like M Jacko and then we have a real hollywood story. i notice all these hollywood people love animals because they don't want anything from them. next....

1908 days ago


Who?? Those skanks look like 80 year old Bridgette Bardot.

1908 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

At first glance i thought the one on the right of the photo was Charro!!!!! (probably looking for her guitar)...

1908 days ago


These women do so much to help animals, which is more than most celebrities do. At least they care for something/someone other than themselves. They should be celebrated for all they do to save the the lives of so many animals. Thank you, Barbi Twins!

1908 days ago

who gives a shit    

Oh Please give me a break!! Maybe they shouldn't pose in Playboy!!!! They want to be famous that's what you get, nut job neighbors, etc. Aren't they getting a little old? Maybe they could move to the Playboy Mansion, although Playboy is losing money these days to!!

1908 days ago

who gives a shit    

That's Bull shi.!!! They can't be in witness protection! Everyone know who they are there is a reason it's called witness protection! Where do you come up with this crap???

1908 days ago


The Barbi Twins have helped animals for years rescuing bunnies and kitties. Ken also helps the animals. They go to events to help promote animal issues. I've met this Alyssa person. She is crazazy!!! She also begs for money telling everyone she's poor and just needs some cash to help an animal. Then she uses the money on herself and doesn't help the animals. She hits up all her neighbors literally crying for money. She hits up guys too.

1908 days ago


Who would want to stalk those two nasty anorexic skanks? I think they are making it up because no one could possibly be jealous of these losers. Couldn't you at least send someone over there, whatever bridge they live under and get a naked pic so we can see how fungus develops over time?

1908 days ago


What's wrong with their lips? Bee sting???

1908 days ago


ARE THESE BIMBOS SERIOUS????? W/ all their plastic surgeries, was there a labodamy done??? 98% of the population doesn't even know who these old ladies are. COME ON TMZ YOU CAN DO BETTER THEN THIS

1908 days ago


Let me tell ya, if dees girls think dey can go into the witness protection program, dey got anoder thing coming. I got sum good fellas in da program that will tell me where dees girls are so I can go squeeze der boobies!! I will find dees broads!

1908 days ago
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