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Barbi Twins -- We Need More Protection

7/2/2009 6:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Wanted to take this opportunity to promote Jinky. That's all I have to say.

1882 days ago

Jo Jo    

Yesterday Alyssa's facebook page said she went to Beverly Hills High class of 1991. Funny, she's not in any BHHS yearbook pics. She took that down and replaced it with UCLA class of 2008. Again, she did not go to or graduate from UCLA. If she had it would be listed under her name. You need a UCLA email address to get that.

Yesterday she was listed as no job. Today she says she is the CEO of her own business, Silver and Associates. Figment of her active imagination. And, she calls herself a rescuer. Adopting three cats in ten years doesn't make you a rescuer.

Asking for money for animals then using it to get her lips injected is shameless. Someone noted that Alyssa is trying to look like Shane. She died her hair blond, got a boob job, lips done. That is weird stalker behavior.

On top of all of this Alyssa was served the restraining order. It says she can't talk about the twins yet she's calling them every name in the book in her facebook page. She is LOVING this attention = stalker. She posted that she's on TMZ. Someone said what is TMZ. She said "google it!" She's proud to be bashed on TMZ. Now she's a somebody nobody.

1882 days ago


This is what i mean for people who are to loopy about god...she heard someone told her ( in her head) to mistreat a poor cat so its babies died? These broads have a mental problem who tha f8ck are they anyway?

1882 days ago


why do the "NEVER-HAVE-BEENS" always put down the "HAS-BEENS"?

1882 days ago


Definition of a Stalker:

1. at first they admire you, will do anything for you
2. then they befriend you, want to be around you, work with you, help you
3. then they think they are better than you, always criticizing you
4. finally they get bitter, jealous and want to destroy you
5. stalkers also can't help but to constantly blog about their obsession

1882 days ago


if this was not such an MJ saturated site lately, this article wouldnt get this most comments. if you want to stand out, do it now because its a break from all the michael news...

1882 days ago


This could be a "Selena-Yolanda" story. Remember her? Selena was that famous Mexican starlet who felt sorry for Yolanda, then allowed her to work for her and befriend her. Eventually Yolanda felt self entitlement, took over and then killed her. Celebrities have to be careful who they befriend and not "slum" with desperate stalkers. I'll bet Alissa Stalker loves her 15 minutes of fame, because this is the most she ever got.

1882 days ago


Alyssa is making a lot of these comments. Notice how she switches from third to first person, then she talks to the twins. I guess she does not realize that TMZ was subpoena'd. Shane's attorney will soon have the IP address, email address of all the posters here. Then Alyssa will probably go straight to jail after a 72 hour hold in a mental institution

1882 days ago


I am a neighbor and friend of Alyssa's for 6 years and she has never harmed an animal or cared about celebrity status. She worked at 2 of the top talent agencies in the early 90's dealt with Russell Crowe, John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Kirstie Alley, Johnny Depp countless others much more noteworthy than these b****s and Alyssa never was star struck by these truly talented people so why would she care about these losers as far as celebrity. She never even told me about the Twin being a neighbor until Shane came to Alyssa's porch one day and I knew who she was. Alyssa wouldn't even disclose it because she was respectful of their privacy. This Shane chick is a backstabbing two faced c**t! BTW the kittens are not dead I've seen them they are in a neighbors backyard and Alyssa has been trying to trap them with a broken trap Shane had provided previously. All 3 kittens went in the trap and it wouldn't fire. Now because the Twins have bad mouthed Alyssa, she is having trouble getting another trap from the rescue community. Shame on you Barbis in the end your hurting the animals, those you claim to care about. All you care about is staying in the press and you'll do anything to not be forgotten. You are horrible to do this!!!!

1882 days ago


Posts 130, 131 and many others were by Alyssa herself.

The kittens were newborns. How could they be alive and well in someone's yard? That's physically impossible. Their eyes were closed and they needed to nurse.

Notice, Alyssa is again talking TO the twins. Alyssa has no money. How can she and her neighbors hire an attorney? They're all broke. It's really nice to hear what Alyssa really thinks about the twins. If you thought they were such horrible people, why did you call them all the time? try to find all their friends? ask to go to events with them? ask them for money? If I don't like someone, I don't want to be friends with them. You need to just shut up and leave them alone. Stop posting about them. Go get help.

1882 days ago


Seriously. Can we please just focus on Jinky now??????

1881 days ago

Jo Jo    

Poster 130: You are a low life to make that statement about Ken. He is sick and you know it. Nice going saying crap about someone who is sick. Ken has never done anything to you. Why would you attack him? It would be like someone attacking your mom. No sane person would do that. You are attacking Ken just to spite the twins. You are a very mean person, extremely ugly on the inside. I don't know how you sleep at night.

If you think these people are so horrible and ugly, why do you keep talking about them? Why are you talking to all their neighbors and friends? Why are you so drawn to them?

I think Alyssa is on meds or something. Look at all the typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors in her posts.

1881 days ago



Q: Why are you proving every behavior described in the article/lawsuit?
Q: Why don't you siblings help with your dying mother? Don't you get along with them? Do they know about all of this?
Q: If you are in "recovery", why don't you help the twins instead of attacking them? Do you ask your sponsor to blog?
Q: If you became a counselor, could patients trust your revenge and disrespecting anonymity?
Q: You keep calling the twins "nuts", do you have any mental health history?
Q: If this is a lie, don't you think it's conceited to be their innocent victim?
Q: If this is so horrible, and you have to sue them about this, why are you advertising this to everyone everywhere?

1881 days ago


No one but the stalker could be writing all those mean things. Stalker looks guilty about cats and scary. Someone should send these to the twins to use as evidence. All of this is exactly what they were saying about the stalker.

1881 days ago


OH Brother! The Barbie Twins admit they are older and retired all the time. But their pictures live on, for instance they are in Playboy right now. Are Alyssa's pictures anywhere but her own facebook? Maybe she could ask TMZ to put one up. Then again she is suing them.

1881 days ago
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