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Britney: I'm on a Boat!

7/2/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her two birth children in tow, Britney Spears Jackson cruised on a yacht in Marina del Rey the other day.


Britney's ship has sailed.

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Ten years ago she was so hot, what happened?

1939 days ago


HEY DUMMIES IT"S NOT A DINGY, IT"S A YACHT! Life jackets need be within arms reach and they are under seats EVERYWHERE! get back in your canoes and keep paddling....

1939 days ago


For those commenting on the life jackets for the children - they appear to be very close to coastline indicating they may be moored or anchored. A child is not required to wear a life jacket while moored or anchored. As well with the type of vessel it may also not be required (depending on which state/which country/which part of the world) that children/adults wear their life jackets as it can pose a threat in rescue attempts should they be "below" decks or the vessel be size enough to have the occupants going back and forth from deck to below deck. You wouldn't be wearing a life jacket on a cruise ship - and this size of vessel likely would be classifed as such. Do I agree with it all? That is not what I am saying but Brittany bashers need to learn facts before jumping on that band wagon.....

1939 days ago


Too soon to cross out "Jackson" TMZ, way too soon. . .

1939 days ago

Brians Wife    

WOOOOOOOOOO! Finally non Michael Jackson news..... I was getting pretty dissapointed TMZ

1939 days ago

for now    

Beautiful mom!
cute kids!

1939 days ago


This is the second picture I've seen in the past week of the youngest boy with a pac ifier in his mouth. It's time to take it away from him. He's going to have dental problems, plus is that a sign that he's using it as an emotional crutch? Like most celebrity families that are constantly in the media this suggests emotional problems to me.

1939 days ago


You would think with all the money she has, that she could afford to buy some decent looking wigs and hair extentions! That thing on her head looks like it was made from a horse's tail.

1939 days ago


#1 Put LIFEJACKETS on those kids. It's the law.

#2 Take the PACIFIER out of the kid's mouth. He's too old for it.

#3 Lose the RADAR video and film one for a song NOT released 2 years ago. Maybe KILL THE LIGHTS?

1939 days ago


Britney spears is a loser mom!! Why does that kid still have pacifier, binky, sucker still in his mouth at his age and why don't they have life jackets on?? Idiot woman!! Ruin your pathetic life all you want but PLEASE take care of them chillen!!!
White trash is as white trash does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1939 days ago

Katt be stoopid!! With a name like "jess" not sure if you be boy or girl.'s not about the boat sinking you moron, it's about the safety of the kid if it falls in!! You never heard of children falling out of boats? They do stupid things, they don't look where they're going or what they're doing, it's up to the parent to be safe for them and life jackets are the law on a boat for anyone under age 13 in most states.
Besides it being a's just common freaking sense!! Hope you're not a parent.:::::::::shudder::::::::::::

1939 days ago

Ga in TX    

Why aren't the kids wearing life jackets? I doubt seriously if she could/can swim well enough to save one muchless both of the boys.

Where is the Coast Guard when you need them?

1939 days ago


1, Where are those kids life jackets?
2. Why does that kid still have a pacifier?

1939 days ago


4. those kids should have life jackets on....Posted at 12:35PM on Jul 2nd 2009 by kc

That's the first thing I noticed. Noone should go in a boat without a life jacket on, especially small children. One little bump & a small child could be tossed overboard but that wouldn't occur to any of those dimwits.

1939 days ago


TMZ has officially lost it. Britney Jackson? She does not look like Michael Jackson. Can anyone has long dark hair and not be Michael jackson?

1939 days ago
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