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DEA Will Assist in Jackson Case

7/2/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD has asked the DEA to assist them in its investigation into multiple doctors who treated and prescribed medications for Michael Jackson.

The LAPD wants help in tracking down the source of medications. As we first reported, the powerful anesthesia Propofol was found in Jackson's home and it appears he got the drug through an IV before he died.


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Hayley B    

Through an IV? Ohhhhhhhhh that Doc's in hot water............

1941 days ago


Find those crooks

1941 days ago



1941 days ago

baby girl he still dead?

1941 days ago


When will they tell us the results of Michael's autopsy?!!! We love him just like family (probably even more than some of that family) , we deserve to know!!!!!

What's the deal with Murray? Did he ever give a reasonable explanation on why it took him 30 minutes to call 911??
The "don't know the address" excuse is LAME! They had to kick the truth out of this guy! He KNOWS!!!!

1941 days ago


what I am wondering is, why did the doctor notice that he wasn't breathing to begin with? If Michael was sleeping, or so I thought, then I would not disturb him, the Doctor knew something or he wouldn't have found him like that to begin with, that is funny sounding to me.....If I was sleeping then nobody would just walk up to me and make sure that I was breathing!

1941 days ago



1941 days ago


GOOD!! Find those doc(s) and 1) get their licenses taken away 2) brought up on murder or manslaughter charges!!! Poor Michael just trying to get to sleep.. gosh, Ambien does pretty well why couldn't he have just had something less severe than an anesthesia drug never meant to be ouside a hospital.. so tragic!! RIP

1941 days ago


The guy wanted drugs, got the drugs he wanted, the drugs killed him. What's the big mystery? Tell the DEA to call me and I will tell them. It's a total no brainer.

1941 days ago


Michael Jackson, to quote a lyric, from one of your songs...I want you to know, “You are not alone.” Not anymore. I believe you are now, the angel in heaven you sought so hard to be here on earth. You were so misunderstood, vilified, and beat upon. There was so much mockery and hatred of you, for only one reason. You’re goodness; your luminosity into the beautiful heart you believed could be in every man. You had such generosity, and tried so hard to teach others, to look into the soul. And to not judge based on color, creed or class.
But darkness, doesn’t like beauty to shine. It detracts so much from what it is trying to do. Create dark human less souls of us all. To replace the radiance that was born within all of us,, by god. You spoke of nothing, but love and peace. Your light through your words, and music shone so bright. You’ve brought so much too so many, but only sought pure love for yourself. Your sensitivity brought ridicule. When all you wished most of all was to be embraced and understood. You had such a creative, gentle, kind spirit.
I think what personally stood out to me most of all; was your tender nature. Envy in other people mistook that for weakness, when in reality it is strength. The force of who you were was so strong. Many people wish to have that, but could never achieve it. So they became jealous and spiteful towards your achievements.
We are all afforded different opportunities in life. Instead of being envious, they should have rejoiced with you, in your success and in your life.

1941 days ago

Allred Tree    

Dr. Murray waited 30 minutes, imo, to call 911 as he did not want this dangerous drug detected. Propofol reportedly is fast acting both putting someone to sleep and also enabling them to wake up quickly. Lots of other drugs could have been hidden or removed in a half an hour as well. LE needs to CHECK THE PHONE RECORDS of this doctor and everyone who was at the house from the time Michael LEFT REHEARSAL until the paramedics arrived! It would be interesting to know if others were notified of a problem and if so, WHO those persons were. If other doctors were warned, they'd have ample time to destroy files and tamper with records.

1941 days ago


I think TMZ is jumping the shark here... pardon the recursiveness of that expression, since it, also, jumped the shark a few years ago.

1941 days ago


those mofo dr better pay what they perscribed to mj...they knew they were wrong if it wernt 4 their dumb choice wed all be enjoying mjs concerts in 2 weeks

1941 days ago


is that why when questioned on the 911 tapes the doctor only was with him and said hurry hurry in the background
. he was trying to clean up the mess he started
.. is that the 30 minute delay to call 911..
he was trying to figure up how to cover.. it all up
. it reads murder
he should be charged

1941 days ago


I think this is the reasoning for the 30 minute delay in calling 911. If an IV was given to Michael Jackson, and a reasonable person can conclude that he did NOT give himself an IV, someone was there to give him the drugs and clean up this huge mess. I know that most doctors stay with the family if someone passes to explain what happened (most doctors and nurses are taught this to avoid lawsuits). Conrad fled the hospital and sought legal advice immediately. This is foul!

1941 days ago
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