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Gary Coleman's Wife Busted for Domestic Violence

7/2/2009 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's Wife Arrested for Domestic BatteryWe've learned Gary Coleman's wife was arrested last night for domestic violence and disorderly conduct in Santaquin, Utah -- where the couple has a home.

According to the sheriff's website, Shannon Price was booked for the two misdemeanors at 8:32 PM and then released on $1,205 bond.

Cops tell us Shannon allegedly broke household items belonging to Gary and that he was not physically harmed.


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I don't condone ANYTHING this woman has done. But Gary Coleman is one ANGRY, ANGRY little dude with a HUGE chip on his shoulder and WAY too much attitude. I find him frightening. And yeah, what someone else said is true -- he said he hasn't been able to have sex yet. (Yeah, like he ever will!) These are two HIGHLY dysfunctional human beings. Sad. Kinda unreal they're still hitched, actually.

1901 days ago

Professor X    

Uhhhhh...LMAO!! Gary and his wife have serious anger management issues to say the least. Still LMAO...ok, let me regain my advice to them would be to separate from each other's presence for a week or two. Perhaps go to an anger management some yoga...relax...relate...release! And if all else fails, have a coke and a smile. There are more important issues going on in the world than to crowd media wavelengths with this domestic mess.

1901 days ago

Captain Chillymost    


1901 days ago


good for you girl,I would of whipped his rotton,bitter,aggressive ass long ago.How can you sleep with the pint sized little creep.He is a washed up,has been who's bitterness tells all about who is is ,as a person.

1900 days ago

Utah County    

I know Shannon personally and she is not a horrible person like everyone is letting her out to be. She has put up with a ton of crap from him, the Press and people who know nothing about her. And seriously.. where is making fun of her looks getting anyone? That is not what she normally looks like... She had a very bad and stressful day and been through alot! Nobody's mugshots look good! Shannon is a very beautiful girl inside and out! She would do anything for anyone. If you don't know her don't judge her! And all of you need to go back and read this story all the way through. She broke personal items and it says he was not physically harmed!

1900 days ago


I wonder if he uses his entire body to penetrate her?

1900 days ago


At least MJ never got a chance at his rear end like he did Webster!!

1900 days ago


I have always felt bad for Gary Coleman. Think about it - he made a ton of money but his parents stole it and he had to sue them so obviously he doesn't have much family support in his life. I heard him quoted once as saying that he really didn't have or want many friends because people always want something from him. How sad is that??? That was clearly the case at the bowling alley with intrusive people snapping pictures of him and that chick in CA demanding an autograph. Dude everyone has a bad day. Now he has a wife who is apparently immature and has a violent temper. On top of all this the guy has some serious health issues requiring daily treatment. I think he has a good sense of humor about the jokes made about him for the most part but this stuff has to get to him. I really hope Gary dumps this chick and finds people who are truly interested in him and want to see him succeed.

1899 days ago


I think all of you white trash wastes of oxygen need to show this guy some due respects, you are truly backwoods and pathetic the way you mock him and those of you that wished him dead remember the word KARMA........start praying for forgiveness

1569 days ago


omg poor gary i loved him so much when i heard the news he died heart broke like no heart could omg gary why and this women ur with i would'ove beat her ass to death for u if i was there love u gary pce sexy chocolate man (;

1556 days ago


looks to me he went from what'choo talkin bout Willis to where all da white women?

1552 days ago

Rob Bradford    

Domestic violence is never funny, except in this case...

1165 days ago
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