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Jackson Drug Aliases

7/2/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson used a slew of aliases to score prescription meds, and we know the two names that could unlock the key to gross abuse by Jackson and some prominent doctors.

We've learned Jackson frequently used the names Omar Arnold and Jack London to get powerful drugs, including Demerol. Jackson also used the name of one of his bodyguards, as well as the name of the office manager for one of his doctors.

The DEA, which is joining to assist the LAPD in its investigation of several doctors who prescribed drugs to Jackson, will be hunting down these names and others.

Sources tell us the prescription abuse was so egregious, one doctor would call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient's name blank.


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It is sad to hear this but the truth will finally come out

1916 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

He lived with IT since 1986.GETTING SUED REUIONS OVER TRASH FROM PRESS and LUPUS and gave HIS KID`s over to GRAND MA`s HANDS by BILL WITHERS song`ie song.Off his back you only after sells

1916 days ago


#11 f off

1916 days ago


I cannot and will not judge Michael for his demons and troubles he kept close to him..........we all have them.....and addiction can come in serveral different ways ..........My ? is how does a doctor order a (suspected) medication only found in hospitals..

1916 days ago


Also what a waste of gov. resources. Has anybody gone after Octomom's doctor, he should be in prison and yet here we are concerned over some doctors who did society a favor. MJ was not a victim.

By the way MJ's music was good but it was dated, it belongs in the 80s it's not timeless.

1916 days ago


Every single medical personnel involved with this needs to be prosecuted. From the physicians, to the pharmacist. They all have LEGAL and ethical guidelines they are SUPPOSE to follow and clearly they all were enablers. I am a nurse, going on twenty years and this disgusts me. Addicts will find what they want, BUT when you are talking about them obtaining PRESCRIPTION medication from Licensed Medical Personnel- those people need to go away to prison. I don't care how much money he had or how Big he was - maybe if someone would have called in Child Protective Services over his drug use...I don't know but this is just so sad.

1916 days ago



1916 days ago


OMG, Jack London?? And nobody batted a lash? I think I will use Jane Austen next time and see how far I get. We have some really stupid people in health care. Jackson was an addict just like millions out there fleecing the system. Don't be mad he got away with it, be mad at the supposed health care "professionals" for allowing him to. I hope these people never know a moment's peace after this. Yes he was a grown man abusing himself but the onus is on the health care workers who allowed it and didn't have the balls to tell a celebrity "NO". They should have reported him. Might have saved him if his problems became public (like everything else). Might have driven him to rehab again or something. I don't know, perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part. Can't turn back the clock now.

1916 days ago

My two cents    

Sounds like a certain pharmacy is in big ass trouble too!!!!

1916 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Is what his father sung him to sleep with THUS LUPUS can be beaten into someone NERVE Damages turn into death weak and beaten dwon by the press the mob and his father GREAT Job you SOBS` come get me HOLLYWOOD {[sic] [sic] MO sters SS

1916 days ago

to little    

9. The sun times and so on he foundout that he had LUPUS in 1986 and as anyone knows it take a garbage bag of pills to keep you going with LUPUS.This is BS news non-news he was reported by hollywood news to have lupus way back in 1986.They are building storys to make bank notes as hollywood is goinf down the internet TUBES

Posted at 12:55AM on Jul 2nd 2009 by LUPUS as reported by FOX news in 2007


Unless you have Michael's Medical Record this is nothing more then rumor. It may even be the spin his PR firm put out in the media to cover for his drug addiction. It just shows that you believe what you read or hear on TV. That i the sign of a small minded person who thinks because it is printed or on the news it is true.

1916 days ago


wtf? and they want to ban my ganja? all of these drugs and the doctors who are throwing out prescriptions like halloween candy are more dangerous than any marijuana plant in the universe!!!

harvey said this could last up to a year... he'd just love it, i betcha.... who do you think'll be stoking those fires? The Michael Zone....

1916 days ago


Howard K. Stern is so going to pay for the death of Michael Jackson in court!!!!...It's so Great!

1916 days ago


These lawyers that are going to be representing these doctors are going to be very busy and VERY rich by the end of all this. Seems to me the best job no matter how bad or good the economy gets is being a lawyer. They're the winners in all this!

1916 days ago


If everyone would use all of their time, energy and resources to actually do something good for another person, instead of using so much hatred for Michael Jackson, someone they never really knew, imagine the positive things that would occur. So many people are on here with their judgements of this man, it is sad to read such hatred for a man that has done a lot of positive and good for the world, Remember his three children and the pain they are in, they have lost their father and must be devistated. The headlines in the newspaper say's Who's Your Daddy this is uncalled for to put his children through this and we all should be outraged for his children over this. Remember Don't judge a man until you have walked in his shoes.

1916 days ago
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