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7/2/2009 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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its his money he earned who cares...good on ya son room for a little one move up how plush and FIT FOR A KING XXXXXX

1905 days ago


is the dent in the top part so they have room to put a 9 year old boys corpse in there with him?

1905 days ago


OMG that's just so gross and ostentatious. They should spend the $s on Feeding the World. It's going under the ground, in a few months it will just decay anyway.

1905 days ago


Like I said the Jackson Family has MENTAL ISSUES.. They were born with half a brain....

1905 days ago


Well, he made a hell of a lot of money for his family...maybe in some sad way, they are trying to pay him back.

1905 days ago


WTF!!!! What are you doing on this page if you don't like Michael Jackson? It's his money...he had to work since 5 years old to get it. He ENTERTAINED millions. You want someone telling you how to spend your money after you die???

1905 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

A casket definitely fit for the King of Pop. :) Well deserved I'd say for a pop legend who was troubled and tormented by the tabloids and haters who twisted everything he said and mocked him for his differences.

It's still difficult to take it all in that he is dead. I feel such an empty hole inside me that only his love and his music filled. He saved me once when I was a child, now he's saved me again while I was troubled with depression for 15 years. Thank you Michael for rescuing me from my inner turmoils. I cannot imagine life without you being with us.

1905 days ago


Oh come on TMZ!!

The Promethean is NOT rare. We have the EXACT same model in our funeral home which we sell for $28,000. I could order one today by phone and have it here tomorrow morning.

Honestly, it's a complete waste of money

1905 days ago


It is amazing how many gold digging people there are in the world. I understand there are alot of homless/hungry people in the world BUT I also know Michael is in the genius book of freaking records for helping people in the world! Dont you people think that is enough? Is he not due his rest in peace no matter how much it cost? I dont see the state of Cali doing anything about thier current IOU's they are dealing out. Pretty bad a whole state cant afford to pay people and you all are bitching about how much his funeral is gonna cost? It aint coming out of your pockest OR your taxes so let it go and let the man rest in peace already. Unreal! Oh did you all even hear he left 20% of his estate to charities??????? Guess that aint enough for you greedy asses....

1905 days ago


For that price, I hope it has vibrating fingers.

1905 days ago


He was the king of pop. He was the inspiration for basically every recording artist today. He is loved by the whole world. That coffin is perfect for MJ. I mean pharoahs were buried in pyramids The price tag of this coffin is chump change compared to one of those. RIP Michael you are loved and will be truly missed.

1905 days ago


Well, the fact that the family decided to put MJ in the same casket used to bury James Brown shows LOVE from the family toward MJ. That is b/c MJ admired James Brown so much. MJ was deeply inspired by James Brown. MJ was his fan. So, the Jackson family was being very thoughtful of MJ.

1905 days ago

Obama Lovers    

Its so rare they had to use the same one for the King of Pop(ping young boys.

1905 days ago

to little    




This just in from paid sources, we have just learned that Madonna has filed papers for legal custody of Blanket. Sources say, Madonna claims to be the biological mother of Blanket. She wants Blanket back to keep her adopted children warm.

Stay Tuned

1905 days ago


He was a FREAK he belongs in the ground..Little boys are safe again.....

1905 days ago
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