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Brad Pitt: With Friends Like You...

7/3/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt's bike broke down yesterday -- so he hopped a ride with some photogs (not us) so he could get to a very important meeting. Now here's the rub -- he didn't want to be filmed even though he was in a car full of pappers.

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You know people should do some things just because it's the right thing to do, not because they expect something out of it. It would have been nice for them to just give him a ride.

1881 days ago


What a douchebag! I would have dropped him off the second he started behaving like a little girl.

1881 days ago


he's salty because his movie was dropped 3 days before filming. NONE of the studios wanted his movie... so that was a blow to his ego.

1881 days ago


i'm no fan of the stalkerazzi but could it be anymore obvious that brad is a total ass? this is a perfect example of what fame does to you. you lose all sense of normalcy and decency and you actually believe the world revolves around you. he probably used to be a decent guy, too. what a shame.

1881 days ago


I would have asked him to get out of the car, that was pretty rude! He didnt even say Thank you, I didn't expect him to be like that! what a loser!

1881 days ago


They should have started taking random turns to make him later until he gave them the time of day.

1881 days ago


What a jerk. When the photographer asked him to at least say thank you on film (while BP was at the gate), did Brad ACTUALLY say, "you should thank ME for the interview" ???

1881 days ago


He should be grateful the pap wanted to take his picture, somewhere in the near future, very near inded it wouldn't matter since Brad popularity is in the gutter since he left Jenn. Why you think he hasn't win an Oscar yet? The papparazi are what makes a person in Hollywood, make it or unmake it and he is very much undone by now. So don't run to the surgeon again since it don't matter no more. One day you are here, next you are gone! They are falling like ripe apples from a tree. Just be gratefull they want to take your picture today and not tomorrow when you are old and grey, broke and pale. Smile, your children are watching besides the public who along the paps patronize you and make you who you are today. Be kind, rewind.

1881 days ago


I used to really like Brad Pitt, but his attitude really bugs me. He got into the movie business knowing full well it offered the potential of stardom and all the media attention that entails. Then he gets to be the big star he wanted to be and acts like it's a burden to be so popular. Uh? Sorry Brad, that's what you signed up for. Otherwise, don't hang out in LA, don't do big movies, movie to Idaho. Like the rest of us "fans" are beneath his "class". His attitude bores me as much as his acting does these days. And ass for ChangeWeCanBelieveI and the rest of the bigots who post on this site, go get a life and realize that the glory of our world is in all the different colours, tastes and voices. Grow up.

1881 days ago


He kept saying he "preferred to walk", but at no time did he say "stop the car, I prefer to walk". Those paps gave him a lift to his "important meeting". How important was it since no one was answering the gate to him?
In any case, a thank you from Mr. Pitt was in order for the drive. This was a give & take thing....he got his ride & they got their footage. Big deal

1881 days ago


Omg, what an ass Brad was!!! Dude you make millions and millions of dollars from the movies and press you get! I understand the photogs can be a pain in the ass, but they gave you a freaking ride, the least you could do is hold a normal converstation with them. Maybe like "Man, thanks I really didnt want to be late for this meeting", or at the very least answered the easy questions about your freaking bike!!! Its not like they were asking "So whats it like to bang Angie" for goodness sakes! Hey Brad,,,,Get over yourself buddy!!!!

1881 days ago


ohhh ho ho ho hooo. LOL! Tooo Funny! Hee hee hee! Ha Ha Ha! That's funny!

1881 days ago


it's like what the truckers tell the lot lizards put out or get out

1881 days ago


If I had to listen to a bunch of greasy paps calling me "bro" repeatedly, I'd be pissed too.

1881 days ago


Usually, I believe that celebs have no right to protest being photographed- after all it is those photographs and those movies that make them famous.

However, he did clearly tell the driver to let him out and he would walk raterh than be interviewed. A that point, the paps should have let him out. But they didn't becasue they wanted to hound him for an interview. They weren't being nice, they picked him up so they COULD get an itnerview with him.

Maybe before they picked him up they should have siad, "we'll give you a ride IF you give us an interview."

1881 days ago
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