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Brad Pitt: With Friends Like You...

7/3/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt's bike broke down yesterday -- so he hopped a ride with some photogs (not us) so he could get to a very important meeting. Now here's the rub -- he didn't want to be filmed even though he was in a car full of pappers.

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Ehhh, most of the time I feel for the celebs, I wouldn't like having a camera in my face wherever I went. However, when you hop in someone's car and they do you the favor of giving you a ride when your transportation breaks down, you're at their mercy. He didn't have a cell and couldn't have called a cab? Or George Clooney or something?

1874 days ago


Brad made the whole ride stressful! It could have been fun! Next time sit on the curb and wait for a cab or a friend to pick you up, Brad.

1874 days ago


How incrediably rude of Brad Pitt. I never really cared much for him always seemed to be above people but this simply proved it. He treated the pap like servents ordering them around and couldnt be bothered to say thank you?! What an A$$

1874 days ago


So his bike broke down, he's desperate and needs a ride. He's in a hurry, but whats the problem with making small talk. All the guy did was ask you "what's wrong with your bike?" Small talk, in exchange for a short ride, big deal. He did'nt even say thank you. What a prick! If these people don't want to be bothered, then maybe they should retire from showbusiness. Pitt needs to start worrying when no one wants to take his picture.

1874 days ago


They weren't trying to do an interview. They were asking him about his bike, which is why he was in the car with them in the first place. Answering a couple of questions about what kind of bike it was and what was wrong with it is not being intrusive. I think he was the one being rude in this case. He knew they would want to film him, that is why they were following him. He could have been a little more kind and just answered those questions. I agree, they should have let him out to walk like he kept saying he would.

1874 days ago

alan brickman    

I love how everybody who doesn't know them think Angie and Brad are like saints ...and yet everyone around them thinks they are douchbags and jerks....story at 11....

1874 days ago


An act of generosity is not a 50-50 trade at the time, so if the driver wants to offer Pitt a ride then the videographer has
no business pestering Pitt for interview questions. No wonder Pitt gets annoyed and no dialogue builds up. And following Pitt to him punching numbers in a security system is so out of bounds! How UNTHINKING can a videographer get?

Is this reasoning lost on the TMZ videographers?

1874 days ago


What a piece of work!
They shoudl have taken him the wrong way (on purpose) and let him out.

Brad: "No cameras...I prefer to walk?"}
Paps: "OK. No prblem Brad, Get out."

And they follow him from 20 feet away!

1874 days ago


Brad Pitt is sooo overrated.. When he first started out in acting, he begged for his picture to be taken, oh how they change when they make the big bucks. They no longer care about the little guy trying to make a living. He'll eventually go crazy with all those kids watch & see. He'll find a younger woman in a couple years.

1874 days ago


What does Pitt think is going to happen if he gets into a car of paparazzo?

He keeps whining he'd rather walk, yet he doesn't get out and walk.

He thinks the paparazzi should just stop their work day and cater to his needs just for the glory that is him? The photogs weren't female and Pitt is not so good looking anymore for that to happen.

1874 days ago


They should have let his ass walk then, if he didn't want to talk. Their paps what did he expect?

1874 days ago


BRAD PITT IS AN AZZZZZZZZZZHOLE! The papper gives him a ride, helps him out, at the very least he should thank the guy and act grateful! JERK OFF PITT! Perhaps, the next time they should just let me sit on the street or better yet walk like the rest of the world!!

1874 days ago


He expected them to be decent human beings and give him a ride...then they complained and hounded him by jumping out of the car to keep shooting him....they should have thanked him for the interview, just like he said..they made $$$$ off of him.....they wouldn't even give him the common courtesy of turning away cameras while he tried to punch in his code..this could have turned into a dangerous situation.....

1874 days ago


John Mayer wouldn't have been such an ass. Look who is really the douchebag.

1874 days ago


Think about Brad's life. He has 25 mouths to feed at home and a women that wants to bring in more. My question is why did you get into the SUV, Brad? You needed a lift? Be cool, play along. Don't come off like a jerk. You are an actor, I guess. So act like it was all cool. Give us an Oscar performance of cool. But, no. you are not able. Didn't your mother tell you hitch hiking with strangers is dangerous? Those camera were evidence that could be used against all in the SUV. You were safe. Be cool, dude. Now, get home and feed that football team.

1874 days ago
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