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Brad Pitt: With Friends Like You...

7/3/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt's bike broke down yesterday -- so he hopped a ride with some photogs (not us) so he could get to a very important meeting. Now here's the rub -- he didn't want to be filmed even though he was in a car full of pappers.

Brad Pitt: Click to watch


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What a jerk. Looks like Angelina's "tude" has rubbed off on him. What's the big deal in giving the guy a few pictures and comments in exchange for his trouble. He shouldn't have accepted the ride if he didn't want to "play nice" ~ I mean, what did he expect was going to happen? What a taker. They should have dumped him out of the car on his "I'm better than you" a.. I'm glad they didn't though because they got much better pictures and comments than they would have had he "played nice". We got to see the real Brad Pitt in this "interview"...he's nothing more than a common jerk!

1938 days ago


Brad, why did you get into an SUV with people you dislike? Man, that is weird. I would walk home, call a cab, call a friend or anything else before I would do that. Then you can't even fake being friendly and grateful and play along for the short ride without a script, I guess. Talk about being unable to think on one's feet. Not too smart. You have to know this thing was going to be on the internet. Have you learned nothing about civility and celebrity in the last 2 decades, Brad. Be cool. Treat others like you want to be treated and you will get along with 99% of the little people.

1938 days ago


This Pap reminds me of a guy trying to convince me to buy something from his store in the market in Marrakech. Could the guy be more irritating ... if I was Brad I would have jumped out of the car and walked. Maybe it's just the guys accent that rubs me the wrong way or maybe the constant begging. Not sure but thank God I'm not Brad Pitt .. who knew?

1938 days ago

good samaritan    

I think that brad pitt was within his right to say stop filming this is not an interview or let me out. Honestly, in my view, paps are uneducated dirt bags whose only obvious skill requirement pressing a button. I mean how difficult can that be. No more technically challenging then operating a tv remote. Not only are they obviously uneducated the apparently lack class...this is demonstrated by the fact that a good samaritan does not offer to help people in need because they want to get something out of them ie. an interview or picture. To be clear I am no fan of brad pitt but I wonder if I ran out of the gas on the side of the road how many good samaritan paps there would be to come to my assistance?

1938 days ago


its not a surprise that he acts like this, after all he isnt getting paid. money or praise is the only way to get a positive reaction from this guy. i wonder why he didnt plug another crappy movie from him or his skank.

1938 days ago

Truth Hurts    

He could have been gracious, but no they don't have a right to harrass him...Either do him a favor or don't!

1938 days ago


Brad Pitt is a jerk D-bag who can not act if his life depended on it...He comes across as an uneducated idiot hillbilly. And furthermore Jolie is not the the brightest bulb shining in Hollywood either... Their kids are the only good thing about them....~Spacedog

1938 days ago


He should have been more thankful. He said he was late for a meeting, and they got him there. He would have been mobbed had they just left him stranded out in the street with no ride. He's a complete jerk. And he needs to take a bath every now and then! I can smell him from here.

1938 days ago


I am so disappointed ... I am sure Brad is over the paps in general, but for someone who seems like he wants to make a difference in teh world, you need to start with common curtesy. He didn't have to be so rude.

He didn't have to give X-17 a shout out, but a simple "Thank You" would have been appropriate.

I am truly disappointed.

1938 days ago


Angelina seems to be a bad influence on this ahole. ok, he could've walked the several blocks with many more paps running behind him. Its not like they were getting too personal either. Just because that bitch you shacked up with is a pretentious whore doesnt mean you should be one too. How about being down to earth and getting your head out of your over priced ass.

1938 days ago


What a rude bastard. Yes I can Imagine the Pops get annoying. But Holly crap there nice enough to give the arrogant Pig a ride and he can't even say Thanks. I bet I'd give the stuck up Snob a ride again real soon. GEEE I'm to FAMOUS and Important to say Thank you for ANYTHING. Apparently celeberity must mean they think there simply entitled to everything. I'm glad I wasn't a fan before this. So at least I don't have to say I'll never watch his movies again because thankfully NEVER seen any and If I ever had thought about watching one I wont now.

1938 days ago

Sarah Henke    

I watch TMZ every night & every time I see the poparatzi trying to talk to Brad, he is rude and treats them like crap, now that he is in trouble & needs their help, he becomes friendly. If I was on the camera crew, I would have left his stuck up ass right where I found him. Let him call a cab or his home wrecking wife. I hate Angelina. She is a total freak. Anyone who has relations with their brother is sick. I can't stand neither one of them.

1938 days ago


What a cry baby a** hole, true colors coming out? Dude, got in the car with them, of course they are going to video it. Hello, every job has it's down falls, actors get paid millions of dollars, get treated like royalty, and cry about the one negative thing about their job!!! He could have been more cool about the whole thing. Did he even say thank you? What an arrogant crybaby, Did he say, "you should thank me for the interview!!!!!" His head got HUGE. Then he's all crying on the phone like people are trying to kill him. You should ALWAYS be nice and HUMBLE, because maybe tomorrow you will be begging for someone to take your pic. And people please, what does it matter where the paps are from? At least they are trying to speak english and are doing something legal as a job.

1938 days ago

PJ from Sydney Australia    

He makes a very good living from having a camera in his face when making movies. Why so precious about a paps camera in his face? What a wanker!

1938 days ago

David Griscom    

Let's see.
He's not that attractive.
He's ungracious.
He's stupid.

He must be a movie star.

1938 days ago
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