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Lloyd's of London -- Overdose Clause?

7/3/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonA spokesperson for Lloyd's of London tells us she's never heard of a case where her company has insured someone for a drug overdose.

AEG, the company that was promoting Jackson's London concerts, claimed yesterday the policy it took out from Lloyd's did not cover death from natural causes but did cover overdoses.

Louise Shield -- the head of communications for Lloyd's of London -- tells us such a policy is "odd" and that she's never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses.

What's more -- Shield says the company typically requires a "medical assessment" .... a physical before the policy is written.

As we first reported, Jackson's body had dozens of injection sites in various places. So the question -- how could a policy be issued with clear evidence of a problem?

Shield would not comment on the policy, and found it strange AEG discussed it publicly. She's not saying if overdoses were covered or not.


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Sounds like insurance fraud. That's the mystery: How could he pass a physical with needle marks and drugs in his system. Did the doctor take blood tests (probably no!) When 100Mill and more is involved, people don't want the truth. The AEG company probably falsified stuff or got Michael to lie. Everybody had a hand in this profitable venture. Vultures. Including Michael who was desperate for money.

1906 days ago


Only a selfish idiot like Mihael would try and stick an 80 year old woman with the kids his selfishness helped produce.
Let Debbie take care of her own kids, she seems like the sanest of the bunch.

1906 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

In memory of Warren Zevon. "Bring lawyers, guns, and money. The spit is gonna hit the fan." I put the word "spit" in. It rhymes with another word.

1906 days ago


Mmmmmmm and the plot thickens...who is covering up for who here and why did AEG say they were covered

1906 days ago

Split This    

Someone needs to do something before AEG sells the video of the rehersals as this video should be Michael Jacksons Property and any money made from it should go to the Kids and NOT AEG.. If he died it's their loss.. It would be taking money from his children but it seems to be the way Big Business does things in LA.

1906 days ago


And it all starts to make sense! It's what I've been saying all along. The way the Jackson family, their lawyers , Michael's promoters , their lawyers and a huge media barrage from the the PR agents that represent them, want us to believe. "Michael was in good health". "Michael's doctors were at fault". blah blah blah.... It's all BS! Michael Jackson had a preexisting health problem. Go to to see the real truth. Follow the links. If you wanna know? The truth is out there?!

1906 days ago


The MD's are not responsible for Michael's death... it is all those who caused him the unbearable pain leading to his drug addiction. Yes... you who has condemned him... you who has accused him of the unthinkable... YOU killed Michael.

1906 days ago


So that means MJ was a sickly person hence he would of had a traveling "cardiologist" the truth is going to come out, I still go back to what Liza Minnelli said when she heard he had done, her final words to her statement was "glad he is not around cause all hell is going to break loose" I still wonder whar she meant by that why would AEG insure for OD but not for natural causes did they know he was a sickly man

1906 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Well, that certainly cleared everything up. NOT!

1906 days ago


would doctor prescribed would be an administered overdose and thus hang on the doctors shoulders. Michael should be covered no?

1906 days ago

Split This    

What's the odds AEG will make more money with him being dead than doing the concerts? This all worked to their favor. Did you see their Interview? They all had SMILES on their faces.. $$$$$ sad..

1905 days ago


Ultimately, it was Michael Jackson's decision to illicitly use anethesia and/or other drugs that killed him...just like any addict. Even therapy or rehab wouldn't have helped him, if he wasn't willing to admit he had a problem--which he obviously wasn't. Typical selfish addict. Great entertainer, and philanthropist. He should have put as much effort into solving his own problems as he did on trying to save the world.

1905 days ago


If Lloyds is paying out to AEG, no problem. But it won't help the Jackson family with their money problems.
Debbie is probably the most financially stable haha.

1905 days ago



1905 days ago

truthfully yours    

The guy was a junkie... he doesn't deserve all this attention or adulation, except to draw attention to the fact that he was surrounded by enablers and doctors that helped him get what he wanted.Enough.

1905 days ago
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