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Sarah Palin a Quitter? You Betcha!

7/3/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sure likes to finish what she starts ... she just announced she's stepping down as Governor of Alaska later this month.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
Palin also said she won't seek a second term in 2010 -- Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell is set to take her place.

It's not clear exactly why she's turning her back on the citizens of Alaska, but people suspect she has her sights set on the White House in 2012.


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First whores!    

To all of the morons on here who said Palin didn't quit...............Here is the headline from Foxnews online...............

Palin Quits, Transfers Power to Lt. Governor

1916 days ago


I agree with you 100% NObama! You have hit the nail on the head!

1916 days ago


Normally when a politician "Steps Down" is to a scandal cover-up. I bet in the next couple of weeks, tibits of information regarding her stepping down will begin to leak out. No one could seriously consider her for president if she cannot complete her obligations to the state. Will she "step down" in the middle of a presidential term too. No, some smells in Alaska and it's not the road killed moose.

1916 days ago

Patty D    

It was sad that she spent so much time defending herself.

1916 days ago


That's' cool, She can focus on her campaign! She'll need it! I am stoked! She'll be perfect for the job!

1916 days ago


I agree with you 100% NObama!!!! you hit the nail on the head

1916 days ago


The planet and the animals are rejoicing and so are all the angels in heaven.
Sarah leave office ASAP. Can't be soon enough.

1916 days ago


If she can't fulfill her comment to being a gov. How in the heck will she fulfill her commitment as a President.!!

1916 days ago


Ok who has what on her???
Someone is forcing her to resign!!!

1916 days ago


G I didn't see in any of Michael Jackson's headlines they have ,that he was a drug addict...A QUITTER!!!

1916 days ago


Okay, that's it for me with TMZ! You can't broadcast enough of Michael man turned white...never adopted "his" children...bizarre relationships with young boys...Sarah Palin is stepping down exactly because of negative media crap...she can do more for her state, her family, and her country without the constant blitz so-called journalists heap upon her. The Lt. Governor is more than ready to step in and do the job. Now...where's Carrie Prejean? Are you skulking in the woods looking for her? And, honestly, I hope Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012...she's for smaller government, capitalism, national security, lower taxes, LIBERTY...exactly what we are losing now.

1916 days ago


Ew. the "wink 'n' wiggle' churchlady with a brain like a cat (my apologies to cats). She tried to destroy David Letterman over one joke that went wrong...if she ever became President watching TV or movies in America would be like watching them in Iran.

1916 days ago


Go Sara Palin!!! It's about time we get some real leadership in the White House!!! Obama needs to quit!! She's gonna win!!!!

1916 days ago

No One Gets Out Alive    

Palin has clearly shown that her sense of entitlement is stronger than her need to serve the people of Alaska. Are we to think that that her self-serving ways would be any different as president of the USA?

1916 days ago


Her political career is over. She's not exactly an intellectual, but she IS smart enough to realize she has a future as a talk show host or conservative "commentator" ( FOX probably already has a line on her ) where she can say and do whatever she wants, reel in the big bucks and not be held up to the level of scrutiny a politician is. She can become a female Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly and pander to the uniformed populace who support her views. It's a very shrewd ( and profitable ) move. It shows her true colors, too. Abandoning her state and responsibilities shows that she was always in it for fame and celebrity.

1916 days ago
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