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Debbie Rowe -- Full House?

7/4/2009 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While we wait to see whether or not she mounts a battle for custody of her possibly biological children, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe was spotted out at her mother's house yesterday after running errands.



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brooke shields would have been a great choice for baby vessel. she had children she didn't bond with (until it sold books). MJ made a better mother than her.

1908 days ago

Who Dat!!!    

If Katherine is any kind of grandmother, she will understand the importance of the kids knowing their biological mother (that they see in all the tabloids and on the news trying to get custody of them) and take the first step to reach out to Debbie and try to work out an agreement. Show them that people can compromise and that you can't use money to make people do what you want. The balls in your court Katherine.

1908 days ago


#18 you ain't right !!!! LMAOOOOOO

1908 days ago

Alligator Purse    

That ugly cow will not get those kids! She is just a crazy as Michael Jackson. It shows you she will do anything for money.. What sane woman would give Michael Jackson nay kids? Lisa Marie wouldn't have any kids by him because she realized he was crazy. And Debbie Rowe truly is crazy and those childrenare better off with the Jacksons. And Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas.

1908 days ago

Wendy R    

She is not "deciding" or mulling anything over. Just like during the trial when she felt she had some leverage to get more money out of him by THREATENING to fight,. She allowed herself to be photographed at THE IVY with an attorney to show she was up to something. Getting her message out in a very public way that she COULD do something. She got ANOTHER settlement and was not heard from again. Since in 2006 it was known that she never technically lost rights to the kids, she kept that to use in the future....

Well here we are and MJ is dead. Again she is only threatening and has no interest in anything but the money. While she is "thinking about it" is going on there could be some phone calls and meetings back and forth to work out ANOTHER settlement. I hope they get her to give up her rights permanently so that she will go away!

I don't believe the kids who said MJ molested them were just out for money. But I DO believe this woman is up to just that.

I'd be very happy if the NANNY Grace got the kids. Only normal person. She stayed on for FREE for a long time just for the kids. Not only that she used her own money to pay for one of the kids' b-day parties because MJ was BROKE. Then MJ sent her off. Fired her for getting too close to the kids. what the nanny did shows someone who really cares.

1908 days ago

Wendy R    

Read what Deb Rowe did back in 05 to get more money from MJ.

1908 days ago


Are you people serious? Just because someone is a biological parent, that gives them the right to have thier children? A true parent could not be bought to give up thier children, not to mention to go into court and say I don't want anything to do with these children. Debbie was given money twice for these children, and now all she's trying to do now is get more money. This lady doesn't care for the children, and surely has no right to the last child. What's in the best interest for these children? I'm not saying it's his mother either, but it definitely isn't debbie.

1908 days ago


this woman is a ANY woman would sign away parental rights to her children that she gave BIRTH to is beyond excuse...she doesn't deserve them...

1908 days ago


Are you sure this is not Chaz Bono's lost twin?????

1908 days ago


How old Debbie Rowe looks is not even an issue. How you age is genetic. Everyone knows that "black don't crack," "brown don't frown," and "white is never tight."

1908 days ago


My father died when I was 13. No one can explain to another person what it feels like to lose a parent at that age but it had a devastating impact on me that's still with me today. If I had been taken from the only family members I knew and placed with a woman I'd seldom/never seen, I can't imagine what that would have done to me. This would be even more difficult if I'd been separated from my siblings at that time, as could happen to Michael's children. If Debbie truly loves them as she says she does, she will let them live wherever they choose, wherever they need to be. Taking those kids away at a time like this (and possibly separating them from each other as well) would have lifelong repercussions. I think the Jackson family should offer her a monetary settlement and make her go away forever, unless the children choose to see her at some point in their lives.

1908 days ago


It's in the cards now, Debbie will get the kids and they will grow up sane, secure, confident, optimistic, balanced, accomplished, independent and they will probably have Janet Jackson's phone number and will probably have totally forgotten about those old dead guys Michael and Joe.

1908 days ago


I think Debbie should definitely get the kids over Michael's mother Katherine. What people are forgetting is that Katherine and Joe are 80 years old! You might think it would be sweet for the kids to be raised by her, but let's face it, the kids will most likely be raised by the butlers and maids! They need a REAL mother and father figure. By the time the youngest is 18 years old, they will both be in their 90's if they make it that far. And what if Katherine dies in the next few years, then what? Hand the kid's over to Joe who will most likely force them to start singing and dancing under the crack of his belt?

The kids don't need to grow up in some kind of circus, and that is exactly what will happen if they go to the Jackson family.

1908 days ago


Well she should get joint custody with Katherine Jackson

1907 days ago

love them    

i hope michaels mom survive this, again and again Michael trusted the wrong person, a greedy person who was after his money also, the people who want Debbie to get the children, like her see dollar signs, they don't care about those children,

1907 days ago
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