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Jackson Ticket Odds Are Bad -- Very Bad

7/4/2009 8:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonDon't book your plane tickets yet -- you're probably going to be watching the Michael Jackson memorial from home.

A spokesman for the Jackson family revealed that after only seven hours, over 500,000 people had entered the lottery for memorial tickets. Okay, time for some quick math: that means that roughly 71,500 people per hour have signed up. And if you extend that rate for the remaining 25 hours (especially since the lottery has been opened up to the entire world), you get a total number of around 2.3 million.

Only 8,750 of those people will get tickets to the memorial (two tickets per person), and some of those people will get only get passes to the "satellite event" in the Nokia Theatre across the street-- like watching it on TV but in a pressure cooker with thousands of other people.

The bottom line: a 0.4% chance of getting a ticket. The good news? You're still more likely to get a ticket than get struck by lightning.


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over 9000    

I won sorry guyz

1899 days ago


i'm from algeria and i would like to attend MJ memorials "i love him very much he will live forevevr in my heart "do i have a chance to attend it?

1899 days ago


Hi will i can tell you that if i win i will not go if their is no body, who want to here more about michael jackson, we want to see him now and lay him to rest, WE ALL LOVE HIM.

1899 days ago


No funeral.......just a memorial service

No casket

No body

NO Michael

1899 days ago

horse therapist    

how do you take your name off list.

No funeral.......just a memorial service

No casket

No body

NO Michael

No want to go anymore

1899 days ago


I read somewhere originally that they would have a glass coffin for Michael. I thought that would be so appropriate an idea because people from around the world would wish to have this last chance to see him and say goodbye. I wonder if the Jackson family has thought about holding a viewing at Neverland in a glass casket where people could view him for the coming week. It seems that it would make more sense! A tribute is nice, but it could be viewed from the comfort of home just as easily. RIP Michael! Condolences to all who love and miss Michael!

1899 days ago


They should push it back till Wednesday or Thursday. If they are opening it worldwide how do they expect people to get from overseas to LA in a day. It is going to be a circus down there. Even if I won tickets I don't think I would want to be around for all the chaos. Just look at the hundreds that have been showing up at Neverland. Get ready LA this is going to be crazy.

1899 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

FEED THE KIDS thye are way underweight LOOK like POWs MJ was the weakest LINK in his DNA CHAIN a runt=DOA first should have could have LIFTED and eaten some REAL FOOD 6ft 0 pounds AN`T a GOOD THING

1899 days ago


Damn, I really want to go. The memorial should've been at the LA Coliseum, then alot of people would be able to go, including non U.S residents. I always wanted to see Michael live in person, thats one thing that might not happened on my to do list!!!

1899 days ago


I agree with previous posters that AEG just messed up the whole thing by opening up the lottery to the WORLD. It was difficult enough just for local fans to register, now it's another damn circus with ridiculous odds. Most of the people that register from out of the country will not be attending. An immediate plane ticket would cost thousands of dollars. Realistically, most people will not be in a position to travel like that no matter how much they want to. This event should have been kept local.

1899 days ago

Just Wondering    

With the circus happening just hours after the memorial, how will they set up so fast? OR...if they are set up already, will MJ's service be in the midst of circus nets, etc.?

1899 days ago


How many MJ fans watch American Idol and believe a number of entries with various email addresses will increase their odds? How many scalpers are busy at their computers? How much money has been paid to The Staples Center and to the Jackson family to televise the event? MJ is a franchise and in death, he is a moneymaker.

1899 days ago

My two cents    

I would say half the tickets will be give outside of California with 20% going to other countries so this means Staples Center will NOT be filled up at all. Probably just the way they wanted it anyways.

1899 days ago


There is so little time to turn those tickets around for sale, maybe they just want souvenirs. I think the press conference said
it would be wrist bands.

I think the lottery idea created more interest...people are competitive

It's not like you couldn't see it a lot better at home

1899 days ago


I am a British citizen and have just registerd for tickets for MJ's memorial. It's a long shot but hey - it's worth a go. I have since started to research flight info - BUT there is a HUGE mistake. This event may well have been opended up worldwide, but has someone forgotten that everyone who enters the US MUST have either a VISA or qualify under the Visa Waiver Program. Having done that - they need to register under the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) ATLEAST 72 HRS before departure!!! I AM GUTTED - There was I all excited at the possibility of actually witnessing something historical - but the organisers are overlooking the US LEGAL PROCESS.........It's turning into a sham......RIP Michael xx

1899 days ago
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