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Jackson Ticket Odds Are Bad -- Very Bad

7/4/2009 8:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonDon't book your plane tickets yet -- you're probably going to be watching the Michael Jackson memorial from home.

A spokesman for the Jackson family revealed that after only seven hours, over 500,000 people had entered the lottery for memorial tickets. Okay, time for some quick math: that means that roughly 71,500 people per hour have signed up. And if you extend that rate for the remaining 25 hours (especially since the lottery has been opened up to the entire world), you get a total number of around 2.3 million.

Only 8,750 of those people will get tickets to the memorial (two tickets per person), and some of those people will get only get passes to the "satellite event" in the Nokia Theatre across the street-- like watching it on TV but in a pressure cooker with thousands of other people.

The bottom line: a 0.4% chance of getting a ticket. The good news? You're still more likely to get a ticket than get struck by lightning.


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I believe there are 2 items the lottery winners will recieve, wristbands that will let you past the roadblocks so you can enter the area around the Staples, LA Live venues and actual tickets that will allow you to enter the venue itself. I have done and attended several events where both were used

1934 days ago


Sorry to disappoint you Kat, but Michael will not be in attendance. You will need wristbands to enter the area, the street perimeters were announced on the news conference, maybe someone else remembers what they were, I don't know LA

1934 days ago

Jules Sanchez    

I live near Staples Center, and have entered the Lottery, The only problem I have with this method of selection, is that Fans that dont have any intention or even the ablity to get to Los Angeles will enter just to see if they will be chosen. That will blow it for anyone who can realistically attend. RIP MJ....cya at the Memorial with or without a ticket

1934 days ago

Catholic Girl    

#78 damn - I think that was during the trial in Santa Maria, yeah, he looked pitiful. Think most of us would stop eating if we were accused of such things and not guilty of it? I know being depressed makes me lose weight. A few trips to Burger King would've done him some good but I think he was a vegetarian.

1934 days ago


This whole thing stinks the staple center said the circus is in town and tickets arent on sale till wed now they say the other circus needs a lottery ticket the way it reads now is this event will run right in to ringling brothers circus why dont they just combine them makes most sense then they have 10 days to do all PLEASE LETS PUT THE FUN BACK IN FUN ERAL...

1934 days ago

Catholic Girl    

For the poser who stole my moniker (do you even know what that is?) I'm flattered!
Let me know if you need me to write your material for you too, since you can't even think
of you own creative name, or maybe you think your just cutsie? MJ fans far, far outweigh the hater bigots,
his call for peace & love in this world will live on long after you are a rotting corpse. LOL! I'm on to you....

1934 days ago


California handing people IOU's instead of pay yet watch them roll
out the resources Tues, They could have refused to issue permits during this supposed crisis
and trying time for many across the country and the Jackson family could have had a smaller service, but then hangers on like Shapton and Jessie would be fighting over camera time.
Morbid and sick, imo the whole circus that is meant as a tribute is
only playing into the greed that surrounded Jacksons
life, It really is about money and to be seen and not his music at all.
This show with it's wasteful flaunting of money and resources will
demonstrate how California ended up where it is as well as how this
country has.

1934 days ago


Where are fruitcakes getting the idea that LAPD is volunteering their time? No, they are not. Days off are being canceled and plain clothes officers will be in uniform. This is costing the taxpayers a fortune. For a pervert pop singer. The man is dead. Very sad for his family,bury him in private. He was talented, yes. Buy his music. Move on.

1934 days ago

vanessa williams    

If you don't want a ticket, shut up, nobody wants to know. I would like a ticket and I don't care if his body isn't there.
The tickets are for people who wants to go. MJ I love you so much.

1934 days ago

Give me a break    

Are there really people out there still dumb enough to think the guy wasn't a child molester?

1934 days ago


Why do some of you have to use text messaging on a blog? I fear you will never learn proper English usage. Not a good sign if you plan to get a job some far off day.

1934 days ago


Kristen #15 - you are absolutely right, there will be unused tickets--people who signed up and win but won't be able to use them for one reason or another. I wonder if the winners will be given a deadline to get tickets or lose them;

The Jacksons don't seem to be a very smart bunch. Why didn't they just have the whole thing on TV all over the world or at least use a much bigger venue. How crass to expect the City of LA to pick up the tab for the security.

How long are they going to haul Michael's decomposing body around, especially in the heat? What would be the POINT of having his casket there at could cause a merry riot right there.

1934 days ago


It is going to be on TV around the world.

AEG owns Staples, they are putting on this memorial event, they would have to pay for any other venue and charge the
fans, they thought having it free was better, and less complaints. Boy were they wrong,

1934 days ago

Latoooya Jaxon    

Michael Jackson certainly donated more money than Billy Mays did to charity...

But MJ also payed out more hush money because he molested kids and Billy didn't. I will wish the best for Billy's family and friends, and wish MJ gets off of every TV station and radio and lets more deserving news get released.

If anyone knows how I can send some flowers to Billy Mays' family, let us know.

1934 days ago


I too hope i get a ticket, i have grew up listening to Micheal, he's a year older than me. He was the best entertainer ever to perform across the board to many people of a variety of backgrounds. And he will be well missed he will go down in history before and after death as the KING. To the idiot number 1 you go straight to HELL and suck your ass...

1934 days ago
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