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Michael Jackson -- Best Man

7/4/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How'd you like to have had Michael Jackson by your side when you exchanged your wedding vows?

Michael Jackson

Check out this photo of Michael Jackson with his lawyer, John Branca, at Branca's wedding in 1987. Jackson served as best man.

Branca worked for Jackson from 1980-2006, and was then re-hired by Jackson weeks before his death. Branca was named co-executor of Jackson's will.


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Daisy Puke    

Her name is spelled incorrectly as well. Proper spelling is Ashley. Spelling with phonics is a bad thing and should be avoided.

Maybe she can understand this: Eye am ty red of dis igggno rants gurl.

1847 days ago


Michael Jackson was such a pretty boy. How in the world could he have thought he was ugly? Later on he went downhill and started mutilating his face. I will always remember him from 1979 on to the early 90's. Thats when he looked his best. I did notice that the cosmetic surgeries started after Thriller. When he came out with Bad his face and skin color started changing. I believe Michael had so much money that he did not know what to do with it so he started messing with his face which was already beautiful.

1847 days ago

Sick Of It    

Wow, Michael was wearing a wig way back then.

1847 days ago


FormerChrisBrownFan? LOL....Why sign with THAT?

1847 days ago


baby girl KAYLA, MJ wouldn't look twice at you..........MOVE ON! grieve and get back to your life, oh...i forgot, you dont have one. just crying and moaning about MJ suk up the snot !

1847 days ago


Yea I must agree I use to be in love with Micheal at this time. But he still look good at 50 rockin his glasses. And from the rehersal tapes of the concert he was singing and dancing his ass off. To sad he will be missed by many close good friends and fans such as myself.

1847 days ago

Daisy Puke    

thanks kayla from #35. Keep ignoring ignorance.

1847 days ago


edumacated you sound blk........ suk up the snot b4 it drolls on your FAT lips

1847 days ago


Joe Jackson, how does it feel to be held in so much contempt by MJ fans for what you did to him. He mutilated himself because of your emotional abuse about his looks.

May you rot in hell and spend the rest of what remains of your life realizing he disowned you with his money because you were a contemptable SOB.

What will happen if the fans find out you castrated him..if that is what you did to him. Your legacy will be one of an ABUSER who sold his soul for a dollar.

1847 days ago


When someone you really cared about dies, it's only natural that you cry. Not too long before Michael, I lost my grandmother. Both deaths hit me very hard and I'm having a hard time coping with the losses. Telling me to move on, is an offense to me, and to others who have lost someone that meant something to them.
Both brought me joy in my life. Both were great human beings.
Michael was and still is my hero. He taught me so much. most of all he taught me kindness. Something you need to learn.

Telling me to get a life, means absolutely nothing. I mean, who are you to judge the way I do things? or to command me to do something?

God bless you.

1847 days ago

Daisy Puke    

It doesnt matter whether your "black or white" you need to start with the "man in the mirror" you are not as "bad" as you mentally rationalize yourself to be, Your posts are not a "Thriller" to anyone but yourself. I hope when i peruse tmz later your constant "I'll be there" will be gone and you have moved on to another site, perhaps an educational one where you can learn your "ABC-123's"

1847 days ago


# 48 Hey edumacated, try " phonetic spelling is a bad thing and should be avoided."

1847 days ago


BTW "Ashlee". I think I'm a beautiful individual. If Michael was alive and he knew me personally, he'd think so also.
Also, if YOU knew me on that level, you'll come to realize that I'm not so bad. I'm beautiful inside and out, may I add. You on the other hand...hmm..what can I say? Your words that you type, aren't so beautiful. I guess that's all I need to know.

1847 days ago


I agree. This should have been his last nose job. I wish he left like this photo shown. He looks so great. Unfortunately, we all know he was insecure but we all still love him.

1847 days ago

The Time Is Near    

Seriously I am a guy and wondering why the hell wouldn't he be satisfied with the look he has at this time in his life? He isn't really white yet , he looks more Asian or Spanish then black but he's not white there. His hair looks great for that time period and he has the benefit of being close to a billionaire at that time. Why would he continue to get chemical peels and work done on his face? Pretty sad.

1847 days ago
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