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Topless Taylor Hicks

7/4/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" star Taylor Hicks laid out in Mexico yesterday, working on his soulful tan.

Taylor Hicks
Hicks has not had a song make the charts since 2006.


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Stop telling all these lies, you stupid grannies. The Distance was a FAILURE - PERIOD. The two songs he released got little to no airplay!

1900 days ago


I'm convinced this guy lied about his age. He looks 50 there.

1900 days ago


Anyone who reaches the top ten on AI is a superb singer. Yet after leaving Idol most of these truly talented people do not go as far as their fans would hope. Most of the very popular & commercial vocalists of today have never been in a talent contest of any sort. And you know what - most of them are mediocre. Yes, some the most popular and money making singers of today would never have made the top ten . Maybe, just maybe, they would have been given a ticket to Hollywood - but I wouldn't count on it. Life is not alway fair. Most of these "stars" drive around (or are driven) around in expensive cars, stay at the finest hotels, wear Rolex watches, have media attention & the love of their fans while some of the truly talented kids from AI end up singing at weddings & supermarket openings. Again, life is not always fair.

Anyone who has walked the gauntlet that is AI & has reached the top deserves respect. They have been judged & found to be the best by a "jury of their peers." They are the cream of the crop, make no mistake about this. What is so unbelievable are the AI fans who won't acknowledge this and are determined to prove that a particular Idol has feet of clay and set out on a mission to destroy a "false god."

Although I think that a good deal of the smear campaign against Taylor was originally orchestrated - some professionally so, I think most of these obsessive haters of today feel that a "pretender" was given the AI throne. They are determine to destroy the person who, they feel, does not deserve to wear the crown, however briefly. And for the most part, they are doing a good job of trying to ruin a career. They are cyber goons, bullies, who emotionally never left high school. What can you say to them - nothing because they simply won't listen.

1900 days ago


The Distance contains so many genres, blues, pop, country, soul, gospel, classic rock & latin, that you have to wonder if the original intent was to throw everything against the wall & see what sticks. So far, two of the songs, WRIR & 7-MB, are doing quite well and outselling the album. Strangely enough, his post Idol album, Taylor Hicks, is beginning to move again.

Hey, Taylor, hope you had a great time in Mexico.

1900 days ago


I remember him from AI as a rather overweight fellow with a lot of grey hair, a double chin, and a potbelly. At the audition he had to weigh around 210, but as the show went on he seemed to gain more weight and ended up looking like somewhere around 235 or 240.

Saw him in person not too long ago. I didn't recognize him at first. He looks so very different. I'm not sure exactly what he's done to himself. He must weigh around l85 now. His face looks very different, too. He was always sort of good looking. He's now very handsome. His body looks good, too. All in all, he is sensational looking. He looks like a matinee idol. Wish he would get rid of the grey hair, but the buzz cut is cute and makes him look younger. Unfortunately, most of the pictures you see of him online are old ones and don't show him as he is today.

1895 days ago


Saw Taylor twice at HOB in New Orleans. Have been waiting forever for him to come back this way. Great, dynamic performer. Can't wait to see him in September at Beau Rivage. Unless you have seen him perform in person, you have no basis to criticize him. Leftover Chrolls still can't get over the fact that TH fans outvoted the CD fans. BTW, don't hear anything about Chris these days either....just a flash in the pan!!!

1894 days ago


According to the number of of plays, Taylor Hicks songs are in No. 2 place on AOL, right after MJ's "Thriller." By itself, "7-mile Breakdown" is in 3rd place.

1893 days ago


I've been noticing that Chris Daughtry's soon to be released album, "Leave This Town," has been getting all sorts of praise & compliments from critics who haven't as yet heard it. In fact, "Parade" mag has a write-up under "Parade Picks." There is no indication in the article that anyone there has yet heard it. Strange, that some of these same people slammed "The Distance" even before they heard it & held Taylor up to ridicule & scorn. WHAT GIVES?

1889 days ago


Heard Clive made an example of Taylor so that future Idols would realize that this could happen to them, too, if they didn't play ball. Smear publications that hold Taylor up to ridicule are just playing Clive's game and apparently are too dumb to know it.

1888 days ago


Reminds me of what happened to David Caruso, one of my favorite actors. When he asked the producers of the successful show he was on for a salary increase & the opportunity to make movies, he was fired. He had a difficult time afterwards finding good parts & negative articles about him appeared in the media portraying him as a loser. It took him about ten years to get back into a good part in a top-rated series.

I'm not saying that Hicks was black balled, but he was on top one day and heading towards the bottom the next. Also, many articles began to appear in the media ridiculing him & portraying him as a no-talent loser. Why after three years does Simon still speak of him with contempt? What really happened?

1884 days ago
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