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Jackson's Former Doc -- Reprimanded Over Rx

7/5/2009 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Allan Metzger MIchael JacksonA doctor who has treated Michael Jackson, went on tour with Jackson and even videotaped Jackson's wedding to Debbie Rowe, was reprimanded by the Medical Board of California for writing fraudulent prescriptions for Michael's sister, Janet.

Dr. Allan Metzger received a public letter of reprimand from the Medical Board in September, 2000. The letter states, "You engaged in fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name." Dr. Metzger told us the entertainer is Janet Jackson.

Dr. Metzger is a lupus specialist -- Michael Jackson reportedly had the disease. Dr. Metzger traveled with Jackson during the HIStory Tour in 1996.

Dr. Metzger told us in the late 90s, he wrote prescriptions for Janet Jackson using the name of her private chef, Ricardo Macchi. Dr. Metzger told us the prescriptions were for diuretics. He also wrote a prescription for a hepatitis B injection -- he says he wrote it because Janet was going on tour and wanted to guard against the disease. Again, the name on the prescription was Ricardo Macchi, even though it was for Janet.

Dr. Metzger told us, "I had done this for Janet for her anonymity."

Macchi sued Dr. Metzger but the Dr. says the suit was dropped and no money was paid out.

As for Michael, Dr. Metzger says, "I have not treated Michael Jackson for many years." Metzger says he has talked to Jackson on the phone over the years, even giving him medical advice. As for whether Dr. Metzger prescribed meds for Jackson, he wouldn't say: "I am not at liberty to discuss Michael's medical care." We asked if he ever prescribed meds to Michael using an alias. His response: "I have not treated him for ages." Metzger said he last spoke with Michael in April. The doctor says he talked to Jackson about the tour, his children, nutrition and hydration.

Dr. Metzger added, "I have nothing to do with this tragedy with Michael. I have not prescribed any medication in relation to what happened to him."

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I am British and new to TMZ. After reading some of the comments made on this article, I must say I am shocked and felt compelled to comment myself. I do not believe that this is the place to have slanging matches in relation to race, nationality or policitcal views and I feel it high time regardless of this to show respect in someones passing and to their family.

Regardless to anyones views, Michael was someones Son, Brother, Uncle and most importantly Father (whether the children were his biologically or not is irrelevant as they saw him as their Father). Whether you believe he was a paedophile, drug abuser or whatever, his contribution to music for the last 5 decades was phenomenal. He practically gave his whole life to music and from what Ive read he saw little of his childhood. Had he been brought up in a stable, loving, forgiving and non abusive family would he really have become this character and met his untimely end in this way?

It is nothing short of a tragedy and a little compassion towards his family if not Michael would not go amiss. Speculating over his death acheives nothing. As my Mother always said 'If you dont have anything nice to say.....'

1945 days ago


I will admit, like the rest of ya'll, that MJ faking his death has crossed my mind, more than once.

But he would have to pay a whole slew of people off to keep their mouths shut, ya know? Did he have the millions to spare for that?

98% of me thinks he really is deceased, but that other 2% keeps the wheels in my head turning as the more stuff I read and watch, some of it isn't adding up.

By the way...does anyone know how long a body can be preserved? We are on day 8 going on 9 that MJ has passed on. Shouldn't he be buried by now, if nothing else for sanitary health reasons?

1945 days ago

haven here    

I don't think Michael wanted so much to be white, he wanted to get as far away as he could from anything that reminded him of his father. He wanted to change the man in the mirror who reminded him of his father. It was not an interior change he sought but the exterior. I didn't know until a few minutes ago that Katharine Jackson was given limited control over the contents that were long ago removed from Neverland. What is the need in that, couldn't the Jackson's even wait for the custody hearing to start stealing the assets that belong to the kids? Debbie Rowe is looking better and better. That slimball Al Sharpton bragged that Michael's children should be with the Jackson's because they will live a life of unknown opportunity and priviledge with the Jackson's, a life that cannot be understood by ordinary people because they cannot understand the meaning behind being Michael's children. Isn"t this what Michael was trying to prevent his children from having? Come Debbie, bring on the horses and get those kids riding, roping, and running as free as the wind, bring them back to being normal kids. YOU are their only hope.

1945 days ago


Translation: "I wrote fake prescriptions for Michael before and contributed to his drug dependence but I'm not the one who put the nail in the coffin."

And all he gets is a slap on the wrist.

1945 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Crank up the Merle Haggard! Michael Jackson? Who Dat?

1945 days ago


Amen, #32 (mid missouri)
I am white and will mourn Michael Jackson for years to come. He was my childhood. There has never been a time where Michael Jackson's music has not been in my life (well except for the last 10 or so years when he didn't put anything new out there), but I have been playing his old CD's till the end. People made fun of me for my continuing to believe he was innocent of the charges against him. Maybe I am duped by my fascination of the man and the music. I guess I will find out when I go if he was innocent or not.

To the one who said all white people are making nasty comments, very untrue and biased statement on your part. I happened to be on jury duty in St. Louis at the time of his 2nd trial in 2005 and we were all talking about him one day. It was pretty equal opportunity who was defending him and who was not. There were 3 of 5 black jurors who thought he was guilty as hell. I just mention it because hate is pretty equal opportunity, too. Yes, I am sure there are white people saying nasty things but there are millions of us white people, too, who adored the man and are very depressed by his passing.

1945 days ago

haven here    

Michael had to be embalmed so the body is preserved for a long, long time. Are the Jackson's going to charge the $25.00 per person to attend the memorial that they mentioned as a possibility this morning? The medication Diprovan, or what ever it was, is not a prescription drug so that negates charges in that area. It is nonprescription because it is not marketed for use outside of a hospital surgery unit.

1945 days ago


Ugh, gawd, I was wondering how long it would take for dumbasses to start the rumors of a faked death. I get so tired of hearing that about Elvis and now it's inevitable I guess for it to start about Michael. I was almost hoping for a public viewing of his body just for this very reason. I guess then, though, idiots would just say it was a wax figure in the coffin.

1945 days ago

mary davis    

i'm sitting here at my computer feeling so sad about michael's dead we lost a kind and gentle soul i'm hurt that his on country turn their back when need us to love him , he had so much mental pain is all he want to do was sleep to have little peace in his mind.i love you michael he was one of the lost children we were so blind and the poeole that need to show him love most was the entertainment family everybody want have some to say now i'm just so upset with the usa i love you and i never can say goodbye mike r.i.p.

1945 days ago


Like Jane Veles said today in so many words, maybe the best way to honor MJ is by discussing how and why he died and learning something. There is a prescription drug/doctor shopping crisis happening. Ignoring the situation doesn't make it go away. Saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything," is just plain dumb for this situation. That saying was meant to remind people to be polite. Death by Rx drug addiction isn't polite.

1945 days ago


I was always a Michael Jackson fan he was one of the most perfect celerity in my eyes I ever followed on TV I always felt like I kinda knew or should I say felt some of the things he felt with all the emotional problems he had I would have never in my wildest dreams would I have never believed he had a drug problem I just don't understand this mess I sure he did have a messed up life childhood but I never believed any of the molesting charges or do I believe he had this bad of a drug problem and nobody wouldn't do anything to help this man ,,,a man I truly from the bottom of my heart I thought I loved everything about him sometimes all I had was a dream that he was going to come sweep me off my feet and take me away to neverland someday's that was the only thought that kept me going with my own life.and I have had a lot of demons to battle but I never turned to drugs I have shed so many tears but I would have given anything I own to in some way or some how tried to help him.. I know one thing I would not gave up on him ..cause his music never gave up on me he did so much good for this world somebody please give me a reason why ? cause~ im missing my baby~

1945 days ago


mary davis is SICK

1945 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I heard Michael Jackson faked his death. Do not be Fooled, the "body" in the coffin is just a wax figure.

1945 days ago


Uh, am I missing something here? WHY did the doctor reveal Janet's identity to TMZ? The public reprimand did not state the patient's name for a very good reason -- because of a little thing called PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY!!! Did Janet AUTHORIZE him to publicly discuss her very PRIVATE medical history??!!

What in the HELL is going on here? Is every single person in LA out of his or her natural mind?

1945 days ago


Insomnia=is really horrible! for anyone(myself) who has experienced it, esspecially when you are working and stressed out as much as he probobly was He might have been taking prescription pills, but I do think he had insomnia cuz I remember him mentioning years ago that he had a difficult time not only falling but staying asleep...whomever gave him deprivan should be punished, that anesthetic is not even supposed to be out of the hospital! I wish MJ would walk out right now and say he faked his death-people would hate him for it, but he'd be back-that's all that would matter to me. I agree Michael was just trying to look like anyone but his fatrher-and seeing Joe's disgusting display since Michael's death we can all see why; What is wrong with that man? R.I.P. Michael I'll love you always!

1945 days ago
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