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Jesse Jackson: 'There Is So Much Grief'

7/5/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Jackson, with Al Sharpton by his side, talked very solemnly to our photog last night about the overwhelming reaction to Michael Jackson's death.

Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton Play video

BTW -- isn't it odd that Al Sharpton didn't say a word?


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Posted at 1:12PM on Jul 5th 2009 by ashamed to B Black

Is this you Michael? are you still here?

1937 days ago


say boycott everything Jamie Foxx. Even blacks should...he gives them a bad image and name. And I will admit, I was not racist when I was younger, but for the last 10 years or so, I'm getting there, only because of the arrogant, entitled attitude of ALL the black people in the media and how they can't have any conversation without bringing race into it. And Jamie Foxx is the embodiment of all those qualities.

Posted at 12:45PM on Jul 5th 2009 by boycottjamiefoxx
Who gives a flying F**k that you're "becoming" a racist???? Jamie Fox can BUY and SELL YOU! What influence do you have on ANYBODY that your becoming a racist would matter? What position do you hold,that ANYBODY black or white would benefit or be restrcited from? YOU'RE a NOBODY sitting at a keyboard,making life better for no one including yourself!
Boycott Jamie Fox...LOL! yeah right! And while you're 'boycotting' him laugh all the way to the bank! What are you doing? What contribution can you make to ANYBODY?
Posting on blogs sure seems to inpower the point they suggest a boycotting a star....LOL!LOL! No influence,No power,No following.....well except for YOUR imaganary little friends!
Get a freaking life Freak! You're really NOT that important....

1937 days ago

cary in Detroit    

I wish Diana Ross would be appointed guardian of the kids. She has her own money so she wouldn't be siphoning off the kids. No offense to his mother, but she couldn't protect her own kid from beatings from Joe. How can she protect her grandkids?

1937 days ago


Elvis and Michael Jackson were simply flambouyant musicians, i.e. enjoy the music but remember, "do not place false gods before me"!

These two men have become reverse racists and troublemakers who take advantage of every opportunity to "stir the pot" along with those (on the other side of the table) like ignorant Palin who fits into the same mold. All three of these people are narcissistic media and money *hores and none of the black and white trailerpark trash can barely construct a proper sentence or speak on a subject that truly resonates with the hearts and intelligent minds of the masses. The sooner all three disappear from the national media scene the better for America.

They'll milk Michael Jackson's death as long as they can so they can continue unrest in America...there will likely be something awful happen in Los Angeles over the next few days. Maybe an earthquake will swallow them up! The longer these ignorant people (along with Joe Jackson) can keep the "grief" perception and the "oh, they've repressed us so long" going, they'll keep lining their pockets with the golden coins as they are a part of the black mafia in America. If President Obama and his team are as intelligent as they've appeared in the past, they will stay far away from these two and the Michael Jackson story as all the secrets will spill-out after he is buried. Question - Where were these *ssholes and the family over the years when Michael Jackson was destroying himself? Answer - They didn't truly care what he did to himself as long as they were all on the "gravy train".

1937 days ago


So many people express their love to MJ after his demise.
Why didn't they love him and support him more in these 10 years of hard times, instead of hurting him when he is alive?

1937 days ago


Re: 72. to be honest, the family is not entirely the close knit unit they would like us to believe.. everyone is doing their own thing.. and i know there was friction when micheal jackson refused to do yet another reunion with his brothers and at least one of them wasnt talking to him before he died.. JERMAINE seems to the the only HONEST one amongst them.. as money and greed is at the epicentre of their lives now.. THE BATTLE LINES ARE BEING DRAW as at least A BILLION DOLLARS IS AT STAKE.. those kids ARE JUST PAWNS.. in this GAME.. who ever controls the KIDS CONTROLS THE JACKSON FORTUNE.. i find it deeply IRONIC that, here is a black family fighting over white kids who in the end will own and control the jackson empire...

MA, I couldn't agree more. According to a story in the LA Times (,0,7025109.story?page=2), here's what an AEG Executive says about the Katherine-MJ relationship: "I've never seen a closer relationship between a 50-year-old man and his mother," said Phillips, the chief executive of AEG Live, calling her a CONSTANT PRESENCE at Jackson's rented Holmby Hills home. (Truthteller's capitalization of "constant presence")." Are we supposed to believe that Katherine Jackson didn't SEE anything, didn't KNOW anything about MJ's addiction/abuse of drugs and yet she was a "constant presence at his home"? Even if she loved him (he obviously loved her very much), I really do wonder about this. Re Jermaine, I don't know. I see him on Larry King (God bless Larry) at Neverland, and I think I see $$$ in his eyes. He wants MJ buried at Neverland, a place that MJ truly hated post all the accusations and the strip search he endured at the hands of the much-despised LAPD.... Check this out on wikkipedia folks - This story keeps getting worse...

The least Al and Jesse could do is use their media time to talk about some of the obvious "reasonable doubt" raised in that wikkipedia piece. I'm no MJ fan, but Lord help us. People just want to use this man up for EVERY $$$$$ they can squeeze out of him even though he's dead! So sad. R.I.P. MJ. I pray for your kids. Who cares what colour they are? You loved them. In the end that's what all kids need. I pray that someday very soon you get a decent burial that's not a circus.

1937 days ago


Michael Jackson had nothing to do with the black community till he had child molestation charges thrown at him. He knew they would rally around him because he was black

1937 days ago

cary in Detroit    

God Bless Larry King. I don't know how he stood it. There's Jermaine, who don't know nothing about drugs, said the Jackson Five was going to reunite (ya like that was going to happen), and just everything was good and we should talk negative about Michael (even though he was being pumped full of drugs): good thing he was speaking from NEVERLAND!!! And then.... he breaks out in song .... can we say opportunist like the old man!

1937 days ago


Fric and Frac....I wish these two would just go away!!!! Who the hell even knows what Jesse Jackson is mumblin' about anyway and who really cares???? GO AWAY!!!!!!

1937 days ago


It's a sad season for all of us, Jessie. It's hard to separate the facts from fiction with all of the gossip and rumors. I read that a Neverland burial had to be put on hold because of a California law. At first I didn't think Michael belonged there, but after watching the "private home movies" video I can see that he really did love it there at one time.

Was Michael taking drugs? Was he addicted? Was he frail? Even if the answers to these questions are yes, you can thank JORDAN CHANDLER, JASON FRANCIA, GAVIN ARVIZO, AND MARTIN BASHIR for the death of Michael Jackson. They are what started his downward spiral. They killed a butterfly.

1937 days ago

cary in Detroit    

100. I meant to say: he said we SHOULDN'T talk negative about Michael.

1937 days ago

Mirna from Stockholm    

Your will

How can a fish exist without water? How will a bird fly without wings? Michael, you have been so many people’s air since childhood. How will we go on breathing now?

Every smile you gave us was an injection of life
Every song you sang to us was a promise of tomorrow
Every dancestep you took was a relieving breeze in this overheated world

You cared about world peace more than Al Nobel and spoke about damaged earth before Al Gore

Maybe all of our tears for you now will feed the dying flowers and all of our bad consciousness will nourish most poor souls

Maybe finally your will can be the world’s command – to give peace a chance

You showed us that being a genius also comes with being an outsider and misunderstood

Maybe now the small innocent child in some school corner will not be beaten…and that odd lady in the streets will be seen

Maybe now we will all join hands to applaud the special ones, who give us all we need to happily survive on this earth…instead of pointing fingers…

Maybe now we will start granting them all recognition before it is too late
Your voice was always filled with a world changing power, and we listened…we thought we did…until now…we know that we should have listened harder, stronger

You leave us behind you. We deserve nothing more, we were not kind enough to you. We stopped deserving you whilst you deserved heavens gates more and more for each breath you took, until now…there you are.

You might have failed in uniting us when living, but now…we are finally the world.

written by Mirna - in great missing memory of Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. R.I.P.
Date: 26/6/2009 – Stockholm, Sweden. Contact:

1937 days ago

cary in Detroit    

and where was the intervention from his family?

1937 days ago


WOW it amazes me how many people are on here disrespecting Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson...George called them loser/crimainals? What makes them losers? How are they criminals? Lets all remember, Rev. Jackson is the reason why those two soliders that were being held hostage over in Iraq in 1999 were released. Whatever took place in his personal life is his personal life. Who are we to judge? Don't get me started on the many cahtolic priest that are child molesters and rapist.
Rev. Sharpton is very instrumental in the urban community. If it were not for him, most of the issues that need to be brought to the forefront in the black and hispanic community would not be. Most of the families that he is involed with call and request him, SUCH AS THE JACKSONS. They have both stated this on Larry King. The jacson family asked for their support. To help represent MJ because we all know what the "mainstream" media would like to focus on. These two men are out and about minding their business and here goes TMZ. Why shouldn't they answer the question?

GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!!! You all can sit up here and call yourselves MJ fans when you are all doing the very thing that help distroy his world. (mockery)
I won't make this about race, however being a black person, I am offened.

1937 days ago


BS regarding Diana Ross being named a guardian or back-up guardian on behalf of those children...she's nothing more than a substance and drug abuser herself. Wake-up your own hero!!!! None of these people have lived lives that should be emulated by others and, furthermore, their lack of education progressively becomes illuminated as they age. They are living proof that money can't buy commonsense or replace illiteracy due to not having completed their basic and a formal education in life and that goes for Elvis and his daughter, too. Everyone of them addicts....

1937 days ago
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