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LAPD -- If You Don't Have Tickets, Don't Come!

7/5/2009 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson memorial in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday is expected to draw a huge crowd, but the LAPD is trying to talk people who don't have tickets out of coming.

Michael Jackson

Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell addressed the press today and reiterated time and time again that people who aren't lucky enough to win the drawing for tickets to the memorial should just stay home and watch it on TV -- or (CHEAP PLUG ALERT) watch it live here on TMZ.

The LAPD will also block off several square blocks around Staples Center (see above) but may expand the area based on the size of the crowd.

McDonnell also said the LAPD is working with the Jackson family on a "private family function" at the Forest Lawn cemetery. He had no other details.

To help reduce costs, McDonnell said they would try and send as many cops home as quickly as possible -- crowd size willing -- and that cops making OT would be the first to go. So far, he said, no private entities have step forward to help alleviate the cost.


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The computer has to "scrub" first all the fictioctious and duplicate entries before the lottery drawing can begin.

The LAPD should issue citations to all persons attempting to see Staples Arena without wristbands and tickets.

AEG and Jackson family should have to pick up the costs not covered by citations issued to lawbreakers

1901 days ago


They should deploy the national guard, if any of these freaks get out of hand, deal with them harshly. Who knows what the crazy junky peado worshipers are capable of.

1901 days ago


PLEASE: The decedant is a mere mortal, not a GOD! Every other family in America has to pay for the costs associated with the burial of a loved one, WHY NOT THIS FAMILY?!!!! Skip the obscene, "gotta be like James Brown" CASKET and PAY for the security detail(s), for heaven's sake, the venue is subsidized; the commercial rights will compensate definitely that and other costs! Here's another WONDERFUL example of the wealthy ASSUMING entitlement: let the taxpayers pay for the "entitled, phoney royality" while they continue to increase their own coffers!

1901 days ago


I think Michael Jackson would want anyone who wanted to come there. He was for his fans. This whole thing is soooo TACKY. Never seen anything like it with any other celebrity.

1901 days ago


Too bad im still coming with my 20 friends..haha

1901 days ago


The Jackson family cannot PAY for the funeral, they have NO money. Seems they, with the exception of Janet have all lived off Michael for years. His parents filed for bankrupcy 10 years ago; where did all their money go? Michael pays for their Encino home, remember - mad rush to get to court to take over the estate as it paid for their home? I'm sure the family helped contribute to Michaels financial woes in a big way. The city should not cover the cost; I'm in favor of a memorial or funeral trust being set up for donations if fans would like to contribute if they want to to help cover some of the expense- seems the least we can do for him when we all know NO one has his best interests at heart right now. I truly hope the executors of his will do the right thing.

1901 days ago


To hold an MJ memorial at Staples is as stupid as can be and for LAPD to say "Don't come" is laughable. Anyone with a brain should have foreseen a riot because of simple economics (supply and demand).

1901 days ago


They gathered at the hospital because MJ was there!!! He will not be at Staples Arena

They would NEVER NEVER spread his ashes, no one could make any money on his death that way

1901 days ago

nikkis mom    

I just wonder many of you have actualy had to pay taxes. The person that wrote that Michael Jackson and his family has paid a lot of taxes is correct. Why does that make them special? THEY MADE A LOT MORE MONEY THAN WE DID. I work 2 jobs to provide for my family. I don't stay on the computer all day worshipping and worrying about going to a memorial for a man who did not know my name from Adam. I WORK and I WORK really hard. I pay my taxes - so why should I not want my state to be solvent. Why does anyone including our presidents, our entertainers have the right to have funerals that cost me money because more manpower is needed. I want schools, I want my government to work with the needs of the people - not somebody's memorial - bringing in a bunch of people who never met the man and would do more good for the economy by trying to get a JOB instead of chasing a dead man.

1901 days ago


This MJ shindig should be the biggest gathering of loonies in years. Too bad they can't use water cannons when it hits the fan like the do in Europe.

1901 days ago


The city of LA won't end up paying a dime because didn't you know, they'll be issuing IOUs which ultimately will be defaulted on, duh!

1901 days ago


Although done in the name of "safety," blocking the public from accessing city streets and sidewalks as a "police order" without any public debate, discussion, or action on the part of the city council may in fact be illegal and a violation of the First Amendment. Blocking-off these large sections from public access could cost the city millions of dollars in a lawsuit.

1901 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

In my opinion, I don't believe the Jackson family should have to pay AT ALL for the services of LAPD. It is not the fault of the Jackson family that California is broke. California has profited dearly by Jackson's residence in their state. They will profit again in his death by the fans arriving and staying at local hotels, local eateries, gas tax for the cars they have rented to drive from LA to Neverland while they are visiting to name just a few ways.

LAPD did not raise an eyebrow during the Lakers' celebration. AEG should not have to pay the costs either. Temp Mayor Jan Berry has already stated that LAPD has a fund set aside for this type of event (meaning, they DO have the money), albeit likely not the final cost. But the fact that the city government is trying to keep fans of MJ away from his service is ridiculous.

EVERYONE is profiting from his death, and EVERYONE has their hand out--thinking just the use of his name will line their empty pockets. Airlines are seeing an increase in travel, not just from UK, but US as well. Newspaper sales saw a spike in the days after his death for people wanting a tangible memory of his shocking death. Every magazine is splashing his picture while many of the stories inside are a minor part of their total coverage. The record companies who hold the rights to his music are probably hiring people to start counting the money rolling in hand over fist.

Bottom line, LA could probably use the spike in tourism and would probably run the risk of losing tourism by his fans should they continue to try to keep them away. I saw an article from some time back that Sony made a statement about wanting to own outright the Beatles catalog. They have refrained from doing so because they feared that MJ's fans would boycott all Sony products seeing it as Sony taking advantage of their beloved Michael. I think LA would be smart to remember that. Can they really afford a boycott?

LA wake up. You will never again see the likes of tourism originating from your most beloved and famous resident. Show him (and his friends) respect by welcoming them with open arms. They won't riot, they are there to mourn. Let them!!!! You need money? WELCOME THE FANS... their attendance would probably put LA back in the money just from one day.

To Michael Jackson fans everywhere-- Go! Show the world and naysayers how beloved Michael is. Set records! Remember, be polite and orderly!!

1901 days ago


I live in Los Angeles and I am upset that the city is paying any of the cost, I say bill the family for any cost for this event

1901 days ago


I totally agree with #9. I'm going to get a cup of coffee, put my feet up and watch LA get destroyed on TV. People will use ANY excuse to riot. I sincerely do feel bad for the cops, though. I'd hate to be one of them on Tuesday. This is just a riot waiting to happen. And IF they DO have his body on display, OMG. That would be insane. MJ will be picked apart like a turkey at Thanksgiving. God Rest his soul.

1901 days ago
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