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LAPD -- If You Don't Have Tickets, Don't Come!

7/5/2009 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson memorial in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday is expected to draw a huge crowd, but the LAPD is trying to talk people who don't have tickets out of coming.

Michael Jackson

Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell addressed the press today and reiterated time and time again that people who aren't lucky enough to win the drawing for tickets to the memorial should just stay home and watch it on TV -- or (CHEAP PLUG ALERT) watch it live here on TMZ.

The LAPD will also block off several square blocks around Staples Center (see above) but may expand the area based on the size of the crowd.

McDonnell also said the LAPD is working with the Jackson family on a "private family function" at the Forest Lawn cemetery. He had no other details.

To help reduce costs, McDonnell said they would try and send as many cops home as quickly as possible -- crowd size willing -- and that cops making OT would be the first to go. So far, he said, no private entities have step forward to help alleviate the cost.


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some of you ppl are so stupid, lacking basic comprehension skills. The public is not paying for or even going to the funeral. The family is paying for the PRIVATE funeral. This memorial is happening AFTER the funeral and something the family is allowing for the fans - they didn't have to do it but the fans demanded it and MJ would have wanted it. AEG is footing the bill for most of the memorial.

And you people complaining about the cost to the city are just uneducated and ignorant - you probably couldn't comprehend the influx if tourist dollars this event will have to your city - even if I explained it slowly using small words. This event is going to generate massive income for the city of LA. Your city and state is already in deficit – you should be welcoming the visitors and money they will be bringing. Just like everybody else – LA is going to profit from MJ’s death . you’d be thankful if you had half the intelligence to understand the dynamics of that

1935 days ago


Great music, great showmanship, rotten ability to "follow common sense rules": DON'T RUIN YOUR LEGACY with drug abuse! Isn't 12 days more than enough time to decompose,Now let's put him in the ground already!!!! Skip the elaborate casket ($25.000), pay for the shindig's security et al.! The city of LA/State of California should NOT be footing the bloody bill for an ELECTIVE elaborate "memorial", heck take some of the profits from the soon to be released footage of : the rehearsal "show", the death trip, the service "show" and anything else that can be filmed, package it with the footage of the "Last Presser" and ........"THIS IS IT"!-------the newest cash cow from MJ's life and legacy!
NEWS FLASH: Michael Joseph Jackson was a mortal, NOT A GOD!; let this family cover the funeral costs just like every other family....and if they CAN'T afford such a "showpiece", scale it down like every other family in AMERICA.

1935 days ago


If/when anyone gets a ticket .... would they be kind enought to post details?


1935 days ago


I can already envision mobs of people rushing the doors to get inside Staples and there isn't anything LAPD will be able to do to stop it. Whomever is responsible for having this at Staples will and should be held accountable.

1935 days ago


Hey "Get_a_grip" maybe you should Get A Grip - AEG is NOT paying for everything. They are offering the Staples Center, Period. The city, a.k.a taxpayers, are paying for the police, the clean up, everything else. I wonder how many teachers will be laid off to fund this joke. As far as your statement that the city and state will profit from this fiasco, we'll just have to wait and see. Sadly I think you are so very wrong.

1935 days ago


Get-a-grip: have a chat with the sponsor cities of the Olympics! Great in theory, not so much in practice! This will be a "get in, get out" experience for the wealthier participants,others not so "flush" might take a tole on the ancellary services of the City/State (Fire Rescue, Medical, Police services,homeless shelters,and those charities who already are overwhelmed with the needy! Many a "fan" will be of modest means, dollars flow out quickly in the big, bad city.
One correction: the venure has been offered by AEG, the planning of the "showpiece" is all Jackson.

1935 days ago


Its going to be PURE CHAOS!!

1935 days ago


1935 days ago


read read read read WWWMICHAELJACKSONHOAXDEATH.COM read this might answer some questions

1935 days ago



You just don't get it, do you? STAY HOME OKAY???? God forbid you have someone rip you off or you get caught in something you are not prepared for. Don't say the LAPD didn't warn you!!!

1935 days ago


PEOPLE please. Michael Jackson is DEAD.

Save that HOAX stuff, & faking his DEATH stuff for the birds!

They did it with ELVIS (who has been dead for decades now.)

They did it for TUPAC as well. Please!

It is difficult to wrap your mind around but, Michael Jackson is dead. sorry folks. Lets relax, greive & mourn, so that we can all get past this TRAGEDY.

1935 days ago


Get_A_Grip, you are so right; this is a HUGE boost to the economy of L.A. and California, how dumb can you be if you think it's not? I say let the fans mourn, and the more the merrier. I think Michael would love to know that everyone who wanted to be there was able to be there.
I wish I could. It's a sad day for the world but I bet Michael would want the world to rejoice and not cry for too long.
And a message to those of you who are haters and saying cruel evil things; WHY do you go on this feed and comment? I would not go and comment, or waste my time if someone I hated passed away, so why do you take the time to do it? It just shows your small-mindedness and proves that you are rotten to the core; you don't have a clue about Michael Jackson, and I would challenge you to have some dignity and shut the F up. Be thankful that nobody will trash you or your loved ones when they leave this world because you're not a world famous icon who is loved by millions or billions of people.

1935 days ago


well-they took off the Dodgers thingy, here's a screen-shot/copy from when it was up.

(copied from Ticketmaster)
Re: jackson ticket link Quote

1. Enter your unique pass code into the box below. There is a one voucher limit per password. 2. After printing your Ticketfast voucher, you, the voucher holder must take your voucher, along with your valid I.D., to Dodger Stadium on Monday, July 6, 2009, between 8am-6pm to obtain your 2 tickets and wristbands. 3. DON'T SHARE YOUR CODE WITH ANYONE-IT WILL ONLY WORK ONCE! IF YOU MAKE COPIES THIS MAY RESULT IN ALL VOUCHERS BEING INVALIDATED.

Dodger Stadium will be open for ticket distribution for voucher-holders from 8am-6pm, Monday, July 6, only. Parking at Dodger Stadium for voucher redemption is free. Enter through the main Gate A at Stadium Way and Elysian Park Avenue.

Seating locations will be randomly chosen for distribution. There is no need to arrive in advance of the ticket distribution.

Tickets are NOT for sale and are non-transferable.

A valid ticket and wristband will be required to enter the L.A. LIVE area on Tuesday, July 6, 2009.

1935 days ago


Thank you SYLVI212
for saying what I was thinking! California is on the brink of being bankrupt and now they have to cover the cost of this memorial when so many people are out of jobs.

1935 days ago



Michael will be in his grave by the time anything starts and if it wasn't for certain other things, he probably would have been buried already. He will NOT be at the Staple Center for everyone to pay their respects. So please DO NOT get all bent out of shape. Do yourselves a favor and whatever religious denomination you belong to - say a prayer, light a candle or whatever - in Michael's name.

If you have no religion, then make a donation in his name to your favorite charity. He would appreciate these gestures more than a bunch of maniacs standing outside looking in at something he will not even be at.

1935 days ago
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