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The British Are Coming ... For Jackson

7/5/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThere are reports as many as a million people may come to L.A. for the Michael Jackson memorial on Tuesday. We can tell you for sure -- there's a British invasion.

A rep from British Airways tells us there has been a "huge influx" of reservations in the last few days by people from England trying to make their way to the memorial. The rep says people are "flying as close to L.A. as they can and then taking connecting flights."

In addition to non-stop and direct flights to L.A., flights from Heathrow to San Francisco and from Heathrow to Denver are almost full.

The rep says they expect all flights -- direct and indirect -- to be sold out by the end of the day.


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Oh the world will stand still alright coraline, when Michael Jackson makes his appearance. Don't you get it, this is all part of the come back tour.
Whether he blows his cover this tuesday or the day he was supposed to perform in london, or whenever, who knows, but it's coming.
It's going to make history for sure. Its gonna be awesome!

1902 days ago


Next thing you know they'll be worshiping his last turd.

1902 days ago


Tuesday is going to be an amazing, unforgettable day in LA!!!!!!

The day all the freeways stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1902 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

#52 mentalasylum, I happen to agree 100% with Marge. And why is it that you refer to us as "crazy fans" about we start referring to you and your friends as "ignorant haters"???...that would be fair, no?

1902 days ago


42. Just do not understand how everyone glorifies this pedophile. Instead of mourning and celebrating him we should be burying him in an unmarked grave. The man was a freak and that outweighed any music he created.

Posted at 12:14PM on Jul 5th 2009 by imjustsayin
Obviosly you're in the minority on this. LOL!LOL! "You posted "WE SHOULD"....Where did the "WE" come from? What do you have to do with anything realted to MJ?
Wonder what people that actually know you would call you? Are you a freak? Will your life be celebrated by anyone?
More than likely YOU will be the one buried in an unmarked grave,because you will leave behind NOTHING to be remembered for. What will your legacy be? Posting on TMZ? Bashing someone who "out shines YOU" in EVERY WAY and is is BETTER than YOU in every way?
Sorry loser....the things "you" want for MJ is more than likely YOUR OWN FATE.
Michael Jackson despite your objections WILL be celebrated and mourned by hundreds of thousands maybe millions. YOU definitely WON'T be missed in any of it. Actually NOTHING your NOTHING life consist of will EVER be missed, except MAYBE by your immediate family.

1902 days ago


Sorry, Coraline, but what they spend won't equal what it will cost in security, etc. Plus, that money goes to hotels, etc. Some goes to the govt. in taxes, etc. but not much. No reason MJ sfamily can't pay for it. If I held a memorial service for someone in my family, I'd have to pay for everything.

LAX is already an overcrowded airport. . I hate this Stay the hell home and watch it on TV. Not like anyone is going to SEE anyhting if they come here with all the crowds.
Not to mention the extreme pain in the ass for people who live here, who can't get around becaue the traffic from all these folks coming to see a memorial service for a guy when they can watch it on TV. Really?

I know , they want to " be with" Michael. His body wont be there.
What a circus.

1902 days ago


YES, Coraline they will be spending, and how, everything in CA is very expensive, hope they bring

fat wallets and lots of credit cards with them. Getting around from the airports should be a challenge to various places

will be an eye-opener

1902 days ago


the world cries for death of a true American Idol, the original, the one and only, the one more and more people loved and will continue to love always!!! Rest in Peace sweet Michael and witness from above what u built on earth!!!

1902 days ago


Is the production company going to tape this memorial and sell them for a rediculous price to make up the loss of the tour money? Is that why they offered to do it in the first place? hmm

1902 days ago


I am sad, I couldn't see Michael... :'(
I am too much far from you... but I know I can could see him at the TV but is not the same thing ! :(

1902 days ago

mrs h    

What did MJ do for his fans to love him so much and describe him and think of him as if they personally knew him? He never went out of his way for fans, he never invited you to Neverland. All he did was sing and dance and that was his job, he got paid for it.
The only MJ fans ever saw was from carefull written or staged PR peices.
PR Peices that were deliberatly designed to illicit sympathy from people. None of the fans knew him - ask Liza Minelli she knew him, she could tell you what he was really like.

1902 days ago

UK fan    

The family should have called in organisers from the UK to stage this event as it sounds to me like it will be a complete fiasco. MJ was HUGELY loved by people here in the UK and I have commented before on this site that to exclude the millions of fans from his memorial farewell is NOT what the man wanted. Holding a "concert" using a lottery system with winners holding a "lucky ticket" , I think is pretty damm ghastly.

1902 days ago

just greg    

HEY,i hope every single person in England,Japan,and all over the world show up here! Fill up all those hotels,eat at our resturants,go to disneyland,shop on hollywood blvd,spend,spend,spend,where the F were all you mourning people when he was alive,you weren't sending him cards,love,or flying out to say hello,but you do to say goodbye,if you would have done this when he was alive maybe he wouldn't have felt so lonely,and maybe you people would have been the only drug he needed to get high instead of the ones that killed him.So come spend your money,then go home and come back again when the next lonely superstar dies.This is just my way of saying you should tell people you love them everyday not wait till they die then say how much you loved them,because then it's a little to late.

1902 days ago

UK fan    

BRAVO Marge!!
Why the hell don't they get off this site and crawl back their hole.

1902 days ago


52. look marge nobody is on trial here, everyone HAS THE RIGHT TO THEIR VIEWS you crazy fans cant FORCE people to believe that THERE IS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE... give it a rest and let everyone HAVE THEIR SAY no view is less valid than the next person...

Posted at 12:50PM on Jul 5th 2009 by mentalasylum
You're right...NOBODY IS on trial here...Including Michael Jackson! YOU crazier haters can't force anybody that what was NEVER proven is TRUE,just because YOU happen to believe it!
I agree everybody has a right to their opinion...and I have expressed MINE! BTW the "correct" saying is "Where There's Smoke There's Fire"....Obviosly in MJ case they didn't find the fire!
Oh and because I have a right to my views just as you losers do...I won't give it a rest!
I repeat.....Back up your accustaions with some proof!!!!! I base my opinion on the VERDICT!!!!!! that acquitted him.

1902 days ago
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