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OMG! Shoes!

7/5/2009 8:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 80-year-old resurfaced in a Manila court, looking regal.

Imelda Marcos

In 1986, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted during the infamous People Power Revolution.

Ferdinand died in 1989.


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Royal Tiara    

IMELDA WILL NEVER BE POOR!! She just pretends to be to get the sympathy of the masses. Go to the Philipines and you'll find her in her Super Luxurious Penthouse in an exclusive tower in the center of Makati City skycrapers. She's got Michelanelo, Picassos , Gaugins and other old master paintings hanging on her apartment's walls. Those are Priceless! She travels in her bulletproof luxury car with servants and bodyguards trailing behind in full force as she goes on her regular shoping sprees and partying in High Society events. She is also the Matriarch of a BIG Marcos Political Dynasty. Her children and relatives are politicians and tycoons. She's even renovating one of her several sprawling mansions in a Philipine province.. An international magazine featuring Imelda they had a photo of an Old Marcos Villa with hundreds of Imelda's shoes lining an entire hall. And there are more shoes hidden away. She was even caught one tme saing that her shoe colection is now doubled in numbers!( it was found that she left 3,000 pairs when they were ousted from The Palace, now her new collection could be 6,000 pairs! who knows..) .And to top it all the Government only recovered less than $1 Billion dollars of Marcos wealth a very very small amount compared to what the Marcoses have gained during their more than 20 years rule. Witnesses have said that the Marcos fortune already rose up to $100 Billion dollars in gold and dollar deposits around the Globe! It made President Marcos included in the Guinness world book of records as the man with the Largest loot. and the unofficial Richest Man in the world since the Marcos wealth is hidden away from the prying eyes of the Government. Imagine out of 910 court cases filed against them only 35 are remaining. Imelda was never imprisoned even for a minute! They enjoyed the lives of the Super Rich and Powerful until now. Poor people in the Philippines can go to jail even for just one petty crime, But those with money can get away with it. What more if you've got Bilions of blinding Gold, Hidden Power and Unbelievable Influence? Today politicians would still ask for her support, she's a media magnet , a Fashion, Beauty and Glamour icon even now that she is 80 years old, and in a shopping mall crowds would gather around her and managers would personally show her their wares as she shop ,shop, and shop.And Oh she just ordered from my uncle a hundred bottles of an expensive alternative medicinal wine for youth and beauty as gifts to her friends. So now, she's still poor?

1878 days ago

Royal Tiara    

She's got the last laugh. The Marcos Multi billion wealth are still hidden until now. She was never imprisoned. If I am a thief I'd be like them. Shucks! Imagine they never spent even a second in Jail even if there were 910 cases against them. Now only 35 cases are remaining. Unbelieveable! They still enjoy their fame and unbelievable fortune.

1878 days ago


Beautiful Imelda Marcos. ^^

1870 days ago


Wow not one wrinkle!

1902 days ago

Mary Cabrall    

Manila Vanilla don't need filla! She looks great!

1902 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

You can see the poor results of many badly done plastic surgeries! She's collecting scars and shoes quite well!

1902 days ago


What scars? Doesn't look like she's had many, or any plastic surgeries. Her face isn't tight and just looks a little saggy from age, but for 80 years old, she doesn't look her age one bit.

1902 days ago


Regal? Try bitch.

1902 days ago


She has that look of a stone cold solid Biatch!

1902 days ago


It is sickening that TMZ would feature this murderous, terrible person in a 'look how fabulous she looks' way. Totally sick.

1902 days ago


Yes, TMZ I don't appreciate this either. She and her family stole from our country's coffers and until now she acts and talks like they have never done anything criminal at all. Feature people who have done good to the society and the world for a change.

1902 days ago



1902 days ago


the current philippines president ain't so great either. lots of corruption.

1902 days ago

Wanda W.    

Dont let that seemingly calm,cool, angelic face fool you . She and that dictator, disguised as man of the people, husband of hers. They were EVIL, just ask any one of their countrymen who lived through their regime, Brutal to their enemies, stole billions from their own people, lived in opulence while their own people ate from garbage dumps, literally. and then wined to the world how GOOD they were when it all came crashing down around their ears. They were ousted by their own people for a REASON.

1902 days ago


TMZ, she's EVIL. For the wife of the dictator whose first Letter of instruction was to ban freedom of the press ... to be featured at TMZ is the greatest irony of all.

1902 days ago
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