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Debbie Rowe Almost Goes Kung Pow on Pap!

7/6/2009 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson baby bearer Debbie Rowe was swarmed by paparazzi outside a Lancaster Chinese restaurant yesterday -- and when one dude got too close, she flipped, screaming "Are you ready to have your butt kicked? Don't f**king touch me!"

Debbie Rowe: Click to watch
According to reports, Rowe will attend the Jackson memorial ceremony at the Staples Center tomorrow.


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Dis broad has gotta go!

1904 days ago


OK folks.. we all know she was simply an Easy Bake oven for Michaels children. However that does not give the pap's free reign to go running after her. She chose to stay out of the spotlight until now. Now since MJ's death she has been made a target. Everyone wondered when he died where she was and what she was going to do and have pretty much forced her into the limelight. There has been speculaion, guesses, lies and such about her and those children. I am sure she will see what rights she does or does not have, being she IS listed as the mother on 2 of the birth certificates. Maybe he would like to get to know thwm. Maybe there were issues betwen her and MJ and that is why she has remained quiet and out of their lives until now. NONE of us know excet her, MJ and he ain't singin. I am sure she will not seperate the children. Give it a rest and let the law do what they have to do. I just pray to God justice IS served and not blind.

1904 days ago


TO 65. No one could put a price tag on my children like Rowe did. I heard she got 8 million for bearing those kids. WTF! She does not deserve them. You do not treat your own children like you are buying cars and houses. And that reporter that said "will you take a cash setttlement for your kids"? Of course she will. She's done it twice in the past. Sick Fat B@tch! She does not need to go to the memorial. If she cared anything about Michael as she claims, she would let the kids be. At most all she should get is some sort of visitation. Maybe 4 hours every other weekend.

Posted at 9:56AM on Jul 6th 2009 by Cindy.....................................................................

Cindy, why do YOu call Her Fat, Because She is White ????
Is She was Black You would be calling her a Big Woman !!!!

Racist ,,,,

1904 days ago



KIDS SHOULD STAY WITH GRANDMA KATHERINE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1904 days ago


I'm surprised it took her this long...Good for her and I don't even like her.

1904 days ago


Don't blame her one bit... she and a few other celebs should come out with bats and clubs and crack a few heads.

1904 days ago

Common Sense    

Good for her for putting these rude people in their place.

1904 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

Since when was calling her fat racist? She is fat, and I'm white.

A lighter note on this though, overweight black women are far more attractive than overweight white women, and even more desirable when slim. Not sure why it is but their body is amazingly more flexible than white women that when they're on the dance floor it's beautiful to watch compared to the short and jerky movements of most white women, and their voices are amazing too.

1904 days ago

In Jersey    

I am NOT a DR fan at all!! I do not believe she should get those kids on the simple fact that a real mother would not recieve a "settlement" for her children... at 8.5 million? Are we sure about that??! She looks more like $8.50 (hair, nails and clothes combined!)

BUT - in all fairness, the paps are always up in people's faces and there are plenty of superstars that behave even worse then this who have their kids, but it was her choice to take the money from MJ and run, she wasnt in the public eye for some time and now she wants her 15 mins of fame. Her behavior with the paps is really no different then many celebs.

1904 days ago

haven here    

Even though Michael was far behind in making the payments he agreed to make to Debbie Rowe when they separated and then divorced, and even though Michael became mad at her and refused to let her see the children,SHE, and she alone, is the reason Michael did not end up serving time for child molestation. When Debbie testified on his behalf she came off as a very honest and showed herself to be a credible witness with great love for him and the children. Her testamony was perceived as the truth by the jury. I think everyone needs to lay off of the negative comments. Looks reveal nothing about the character of a person. The trailer park trash comments needs to stop. Her background is far superior to that of Michael and the Jackson family in Gary, and such comments will do nothing but end up hurting the children. Debbie Rowe is the person to have the kids, she will be a BEAR in defending them and keeping them safe, just as she indicated she would do for herself. NO she doesn't have to be meek and mild to bullying, and she shouldn't be expected to react any other way. Her space and person were being violated, not the other way around.

1904 days ago


She is scarey! I hope if she goes for custody that this video is given to the court for the case. She sold her rights away and should never have these children.

1904 days ago


61. Okay, I understand that she wanted to be left alone. I'd probably be yelling at the paps to get the hell out of my face too. But, clearly, this woman knew what she was doing when she offered the 'gift' of carrying two children for MJ. It's not as though he were some obscure man! And if birthing those children were a 'gift' how come the gift given to him cost him so much money?

Those children are multi millionaires as we all sit here and type....of course she wants to be a mother now....the Judge really only needs to do one thing, and that is, speak to the children. They are old enough to decide where they want to live, and from what I understand, they are well educated, polite, funny and happy children. To tear them away from all that they know right now would be more devastating to them.

If only Catharine would get a restraining order against Joe and protect her grandchildren where she couldn't protect her children......maybe this is her second chance??

Posted at 9:52AM on Jul 6th 2009 by Jstbtrflyz


1904 days ago


comment 76..donbear....she is not a celebrity to go after anyone. She made a business deal to loan her body for growing babies and then she got the divorce when done and came away with alot of money....twice. She is a vulture circling like many others but doesn't deserve any attention for doing a business deal.

1904 days ago


Hey...leave her alone...she is the ex-wife rememeber...He picked her!!!!!!!!!

1904 days ago

who gives a shit    

Don't blame her at all! The paps are blood sucking leeches! Give her a break! She is trying to live a normal live out of the spotlight! What would you do? Kick their asses Debbie, you go girl!!

1904 days ago
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