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Jackson Family Gathers at Forest Lawn Cemetery

7/7/2009 12:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson Family Gathers at Forest Lawn CemeteryJackson family members -- including La Toya and Randy -- have been spotted entering Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

A hearse was also seen pulling up to the Hall of Liberty complex -- we hear there may be a viewing of Michael's body tonight.

UPDATE 12:36 AM ET: La Toya was seen leaving the cemetery around a half hour ago -- nearly everyone has left by now.


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Michael Madsen    

What's the Jackass Family doin'? They should be honoring our war dead tonite... not doin' some sick visitation of this dead pervert. How dare they. We should take their citizenship away... in fact... I'm going to fight in congress to have this Jackass Family deprorted back to Indianna where thery belong. I represent all Republicans whne I say...
don't bury perverts and pedophiles like Michael Jackass... leave'm in a ditch by the side of the road.
Remember... this coming election - VOTE FOR PETE KING...
I might be fat and ugly and stupid... but... I hate Michael the Molesting Music Mogul... and that says something... don't it.
Viva Le Republicanos!

1898 days ago

I am    

Keep an eye on LaToya...I heard from a reliable source that her side trip to MJ's estate to inquire about hidden money is what caused her late arrival to the hospital.

1898 days ago


I have some distant cousins that are Jehovah Witnesses and I had the same question to them - they explained that Jehovah Witnesses are not opposed to cremation nor burial at night.


68. Bravo Jackson family ---- you got a bit of privacy - Prayers to the kids and Katherine!

I read a couple of versions thoughout the evening ...

Will the Jehova Witness bury the dead at night?
Iread that tonight would be closed casket at Forest Lawn...
They other thing being tossed around is MJ will be cremated and then he could rest at Neverland. I did see an interview in recent days that MJ did not want a casket (also said he did not want to die either) when they were looking at a mummy tomb in an antique type shop - so this may happen....who knows? At lease the kids will not get exploited here tonight the cameras. They have a nice hearst driving up vid too....

RIP MJ .... its almost over

Posted at 12:04AM on Jul 7th 2009 by Curious

1898 days ago


Where is "The One" in all this? Wake up People! Al Sharpton is doing a better Job than "the One". MJ should have
a Postage Stamp, just like Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne.

1898 days ago


R.I.P. Michael. My love to you in your peaceful after life. Thank you for your love for human kind and the world. I willl miss you and your craft. Butt I'm happy that you are at peace and that you are now an angel looking down on us with your love. May your music always be alive.

1898 days ago


I am wondering if any statement has come from Donny Osmond. If so what was his statement. I know in the 70's and 80's they were friends.
Thank you .

1898 days ago

Hal Sharpton    

I am not sure if it was a ruse, but once they called off the memorial on Friday at Neverland Ranch I couldn't help but wonder if that was because the cat was let out of the bag.

So the "memorial" tomorrow morning is just a ruse to get people/press to stay away from Neverland - makes total sense.

Wow - the world is getting punked.

48. ******** BREAKING NEWS ************ MJ TO BE BURIED AT NEVERLAND RANCH ************

Anyone else happen to catch KCAL9s live web feed on the internet? Helicopter pilot was pissed at another helicotper for getting too close. Was worried that KCAL would be blamed. but he said this..."at least we only have two more days of this"... "tomorrow and neverland"... to which the camerman asks a question off the mic., we can't hear, but the response is "that's where they're gonna plant him."

Posted at 11:55PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Al Sharpton's Alter Ego

Posted at 11:59PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Saddenend

1898 days ago


I think they did far too much calm and beautiful coverage on Neverland. It did seem so peacful. I think the govenor tried to interven for a Neverland burial without any luck. If at Forest Lawn the fans could visit and see Ed, Farrah and MJ along with Lucy. and I also read MJ grandmother is buried there. If they bury after midnight then technically it would be early before the the public memorial............IDK - the next day will tell... got LKL on rerun from earlier

1898 days ago


Guys and gals,

The only way Michael will see Heaven is if he accepted Yahshua (Jesus) as his L-ORD and Saviour. It's right there in the Bible.

For his sake, I do hope MJ did accept this free gift of salvation, but we will not know until Judgement Day.

Yah Bless ~

1898 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Is he going to be buried in the kiddie section?

1898 days ago

fish taco    

Your McNasty!

Once their done hauling MJ's body around for his final tour..... I wonder if they will sell tickets to his grave site.

MJ's Jesus Juice would sell good!

1898 days ago


I just want to share and be with all of you otheer fans
it's ok if they dont like Michael
but its ok that we do like him
I just feel at this moment as he is laid to rest, can we skip the fighting and debating
I want to share with all of you our fondest memories
this is a precious moment for that family and we should just be kind even if it's just for the night

1898 days ago


TMZ, please let the family have their private memorial in peace. We don't need to see their pictures arriving and departing.

1898 days ago


You people who post on here and act like you are personal friends of the Jackson family are delusional. The only thing they ever wanted from you is your money. Send it directly to them if you love them so much. Such silly comments like "give them their privacy". They have their privacy, paid for with your money. Fools

1898 days ago


Hellokitty apologizes, I quoted the wrong entry, I did not mean to refer #63 - sick.

1898 days ago
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