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Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

7/6/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

.... or in the case of tomorrow's Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center -- the purple ticket and golden wristband.

Michael Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

We got a pair of tickets for tomorrow's memorial... btw, the ticket is useless without the wristband.


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TMZ not on top of it fineral is happening right now! dgo to

1933 days ago

The Truth    

283. Some say he was King of POP
His name was Michael Jackson
and he was HOT

He died from drugs in his bed
Some say his doc was to blame
I heard he had a bald head
so he wore a wig with shame

tomorrow we all say good-bye
and put his body in the ground
some say its the truth and some say LIE
but little boys will now sleep sound.......

Posted at 11:22PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Al SHARPTON

1933 days ago

MJ Fan    

I have 4 FLOOR tickets for Michael Jackson's Memorial Concert at the Staples Center tomorrow morning at 9:45a. The FLOOR tickets are reserved for Michael's friends and family.

Make an offer for 2 or 4 tickets. Comes with VIP Parking. Email me asap to:

1933 days ago


WHO WOULD MISS THIS?? Janet will get up and show her other nipple. Brother Joe Jackson will tell everyone how much he loved his son Michael.. Al Sharpton is going to read Nursery Rhymes..and Mariah Carey is going to sing Mary Had A little Lamb and "Ring Around the Posie" ..Then everyone gets "Milk and Cookies"!
CDs will be sold by Sony Entertainment outside the doors for $49.95 each!!

1933 days ago

DomGotHerMemorialTix =)    

Shayne y the hecc u tryna come on here like ur so effin special "as a close friend of the family" SO WHAT! Just becaue U SAY u r does not mean that ur a better source of info.
And no NEVER did I say I'm jus going 2 c the body.
Chill out buddie ur nobody

1933 days ago


So I was lookin on ebay to see how much a MJ Keychain that I have is goin for, Its a replica of a ticket from the '84 Tour. But anyway there was a listing for a Memorial Ticket on there and the person wanted 100,000 BUY IT NOW!! Its sad that the only reason this person even wanted the ticket was selfishly make money from it. But anyway the ticket is probaly fake anyway because theres no wristband attached to it. Apparently that person doesn't read

1933 days ago


I didn't get the tickets. Think I could sell my rejection letter ?

1933 days ago

hmm ha    

OMG TMZ, I cannot believe it took you this long to black out the picture of the ticket with bar code and the wrist band. Serious f**k up on your part, BIG TIME!!!!

1933 days ago


The wristband is the exact same color as the one used for talent at this past weekend's Essence festival at the Morial Convention Center in LA.

1933 days ago


Actually , it doesnt matter if they have the barcode posted or not. They need their valid ID they registered in the raffle with and the get in. No matter what, you can't just go and say "i have a barcode for the ticket".......they'd haul you away.

1933 days ago


Oh and if its not an original wrist band that's not tampered with (can't just take someone elses and tape it won't get in either lol. So they made a mistake with the barcode....they still get to go.

Any ways since this is such short notice, im sure the people overseas who registered are having problems getting here........Thats a shame. SHOULD'VE been for california residents only....due to limited space.

1933 days ago


Michael is now the KING OF THE PRESS...I wonder if everyone will get "Milk and Cookies" afterwards? I am going to be watching to see if Janet will expose her other breast....accidentally of course!

1933 days ago


it says no camera video recording but im sure im watching it on tv

1932 days ago
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