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Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

7/6/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

.... or in the case of tomorrow's Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center -- the purple ticket and golden wristband.

Michael Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

We got a pair of tickets for tomorrow's memorial... btw, the ticket is useless without the wristband.


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I just made 5,000 in cold cash thanks to this stupid circus, dont get mad cause we used 50 different emails and IP cloaks hahah cha ching

Ebay pulled my auction twice but then I just listed them with my email and my email box had 25 emails in 10 mins. thank you idiots who bought into this circus I am going on a vacation now thanks to you morons.

1878 days ago


3. there are so many people selling these on ebay
but ebay isn't fast enough to remove those item listings immediately
people are now putting contact phone numbers, emails, facebook links in order for "emergency contact" because ebay removes their listings

because there are these people who entered the draw
for the ones who really want to go couldn't win

some people even said they won but they just found out that can't attend
they are not trying to make profit but they are selling 2 tickests for $3000

if there is God, please punish these people

Posted at 7:00PM on Jul 6th 2009 by MM


You are a freaking idiot!!!!!!! God has better things to do than to worry about or punish anyone about Michael Jackson's Soul Train funeral!!! You fricking whacko jacko morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1878 days ago


Ladies and Gentlemen...
It's now been a couple of days and Michael Jackson hasn't returned from the dead.

Now, there is nothing to see here.
Move along...
...Move along.


1878 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

First, TMZ... you lucky dawgs. I'm green with envy of your purple and gold.

Second, I commend Ebay and other sites that are trying to pull down the pages as fast as they can for those who are trying to sell the tickets.

Just a note about LAPD and the city's comments about telling people to stay home instead of coming to pay their respects. The Queen of England did not tell people to not come to witness the furneral of Princess Diana. It was not only a nation in mourning, but a world in mourning and they welcomed, even arranged, for the growing magnitude of people who were touched by the Queen of Hearts.

Los Angeles should have considered that. Their reaction to his services by asking publically, not once but twice, for money directly from the Jackson Family to help pay for the cost of the 'special event' while at the same time stating they work these type of events into their budget is disgraceful.

Would EVERYONE please stop trying to make a buck off this man?

1878 days ago



The King of Pop will be laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills after a private family ceremony Tuesday - just hours before the public farewell for the King of Pop.

Jackson's grave will be in the same cemetery where entertainers and screen stars like Bette Davis, Andy Gibb Ozzie Nelson, Freddie Prinze, Liberace - even the recently deceased David Carradine - are buried or interred.

Only family and close friends will be present when the black and gold casket bearing Jackson's body arrives at Forest Lawn at 8 a.m., said Jan Perry, the acting mayor of Los Angeles.

Several hours later, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder and other superstars will perform in a musical tribute to Jackson at the Staples Center sports arena in downtown Los Angeles - the hottest ticket in town.

Words of Jackson's funeral came after his mom, Katherine, lost a round in the battle over The King of Pop's estate. A judge rebuffed her bid to delay the designation of administrators.

Read more:

1878 days ago


WTF, I still dont have tickets. I need a ticket, I deserve it, TMZ help me please, but his body wont be there. I still wanna go!!!

1878 days ago


I hope he is laid to rest (ha !) so is all this excessive coverage.

1878 days ago


The ticket I just bought for 5 grand from #23_chris rock is truly golden, because I just pissed on it.

1878 days ago


It is clear that everyone has forgotten that someone had died here. This event is not a happy one and I disagree with it being open to fans. Having a memorial for Michael Jackson is a great tribute, but really how many of the people attending actually gave a damn about him when he was alive. It looks like it is turning into the biggest concert of 09' and that is unfortunate. Michael Jackson has family and friends that are torn upp right now because to them this is real life. And for everyone else it seems to be a time to get on TV and be seen and heard like a bad reality show. I'm disguisted with the way the media and his "friends" are handling themselves.

1878 days ago


It's stupid to have a memorial for someone that has already been buried first of all. What about the fans that want to pay there respects to Michael. It's stupid not to have him there for this thing. I am horrified that Katherine Jackson says that funeral purcessions are 'ghoulish'...stupid!!! Michael loved his fans and would want them at is funeral.

1878 days ago


Boycott Jamie Foxx ya'll he is a blatant pig headed racist. No joke, we need to show people they can't just make disgusting racist comments and not have any repurcussions. Boycott him!!

1878 days ago


I wish i could have one of those tix. I never even received an email telling me i did not one and all my friends and family did. I don't get it. Oh well.

1878 days ago


Those People with Tickets better be careful

You could get mugged by one of those sweet fans of MJs...

I Bet there will be a RIOT ..Why Do Black People always Riot when they don't get there way...
This will be a good Excuse to Loot and get that New TV ,,, the one from the last Riots is going bad now.

Heres to YOU MJ,. Your People will HONER YOu with Looting and a nice Riot.

1878 days ago


In less than 24 hours the media will really have to start working a real job....what will they do...they've been interviewing a woman on CNN that got tickets...who cares?....I had to turn the channel...that's the BEST CNN has?

Have all the excellent journalists died? Are we left with journalists dummies?

The United States has a long climb back to the top of our game. The present group of people in authority, from journalists, media executives, politicians, etc. seem like a lost cause.

Did NO ONE graduate at the top of their class?

1878 days ago


What a bunch of losers. No wonder your state is a failure. Perhaps you are expecting MJ to perform? I still can't believe that you people actually feel sorry for this guy. He got out of a molestation trial by buying off the family of his accuser. What is wrong with you people. I bet anything that most of you people could have cared less about MJ a couple of months ago. Okay, he brought some joy to your life if you worked at a Merry-Go-Round or a Chess King back in the 80s. Did any one think that he was going to come out with another album to top Thriller? It is safe to say that his best work was behind him so what is the big loss? Were you all afraid that your boys would not be invited over for a sleep over? If you people were truly torn up about MJ then why would you buy into this spectacle? Is it to be seen? To have bragging rights? Is it to make some cash on your second ticket? This is so pathetic yet people keep buying into this. He is gone and I am glad, I just wish that the coverage fades away soon. I know this will be impossible given all the legal battles that this has spawned.

1878 days ago
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