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Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

7/6/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

.... or in the case of tomorrow's Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center -- the purple ticket and golden wristband.

Michael Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

We got a pair of tickets for tomorrow's memorial... btw, the ticket is useless without the wristband.


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Hey you guys forgot to block out all your seat and row info from your ticket (Row 4, Seat 5, Sec 310). I heard that people were going to be randomly assigned to either Staples or Nokia, but would not know which until tomorrow morning. Is that true? Doesn't seem workable, esp. if you and your +1 do not show up at the same time. And why would they bother assigning specific seats if you get re-assigned in the morning? But it is true I have not heard of anyone having tickets for Nokia (everyone seems to be at Staples). I also heard they were giving out the unclaimed tix at 8 a.m. tomorrow at the Convention Center

1903 days ago


Time to bury him and move on ... this is crazy.

1903 days ago


Wtf is Kobe Bryant going to do at the service, shoot free throws?

1903 days ago


Why are California's so worried about the money. Tourism to Neverland will reocup their losses. Russians built a memorial to him immediately, but Americans are bitching and whining about a funeral. He paid taxes that went to your schools, roads, can't do this for him?
Michael raised millions of dollars to feed children in Africa through his talent. WHAT HAVE YOU GIVEN that's even comprable to what Michael has given. Take the speck from your own eye.

1903 days ago

who gives a shit    

There are serious things going on right now in this country and around the world and everyone is letting this MJ memorial take over everything! Wake up America, you are so foolish it isn't even funny!! All you care about is MJ, well he is dead and we are alive so get on with your lives and pay attention to what is happening to this country! The government just loves it that you are all so preoccupied!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

1903 days ago

to little    

This was my opinion, too. Until i began to read quite a lot in the last days about MJ.
From what i read, MJ did NOT pay. It was his insurer that payed, although he was against it.
If that's true and you take into his biography into account, how a sensible and shy person he was, his life was a real tragedy. His liking of children, because he was a child himself and never grew up, was transformed by the media into a crime. Nobody can imagine, how he must have suffered, if he was not guilty. But nevertheless he never spoke publicly in anger about the people prosecuting him he just pleaded the press, to stop telling lies.

Posted at 7:12PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Helmut


Your a enabler just like his doctors. Saying Michael was a child get real he was 50. A child doesn't become a so called genius legend and so on without growing up. Get real your making up excuses and thus a enabler just like everyone else around him.

Something tells me Michael fans are the many psychiatric patients that go untreated.

1903 days ago


I wonder if these people realize that Michael Jackson's body is not going to be there....

1903 days ago

Mary P    

Look - people aren't greed so much as making some money. Fact of the matter is, this IS NOT his funeral. It's a "memorial". Would it be any different when they sell the tickets for a memorial concert next month, cause that's exactly what it is. His body will not be there, the funeral will have already happened. It's not a funeral. It's a concert with selective audience. And TMZ was given the tickets. They are close in with the family to begin with - why else would the Jacksons first statements and confirmations come through to TMZ?

1903 days ago


Wow, a photo of a ticket and bracelet. Stunning news, TMZ. Has the rest of Hollywood stopped existing? If not, you're slacking off! Michael Jackson is still dead. Unless that changes, I'm fully informed. NEXT!

1903 days ago


I live in Huntington Beach, Ca and I just found out my neighboors were choosen for a pair of tickets. They're so excited taking pictures with everyone and the tickets and wristbands. How exciting for them!

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. You'll never be forgotten.

1903 days ago


To all the people that are out there trying to seel your tickets to make some money....You are gross human beings. And to anyone that is stupid enough to buy these tickets you deserve to get ripped off.

1903 days ago

enough already...    

I feel sorry for the kids. They are either going to be raised by the same parents that raised MJ and his siblings or the biological mother that was probably paid lots of $$ to give up rights.

I dont think that it is the city or states responsibility to pay for any memorials or security. The country is in poor shape financially and California seems to be going deeper in dept, why add to it?

1903 days ago


lol.. #49 Kobe shooting free throws... hey, #56.. are your neighbors Vanessa Byrant's friends:?

1903 days ago


12. this whole lottery system blows.. first of all, your time frame seriously sucked. THEN you automatically send two tickets when only ONE person registered? What is the theory behind that? And I think the LAPD have been serious lazies on tv with all of their threats... "don't come near the Staples Center..."

you know what? THIS whole thing is a fiasco.. not well thought out AT ALL...

Posted at 7:05PM on Jul 6th 2009 by ilovetheshowmadmen


Please think about that question you asked. They give two tickets so you have someone to go with. What if a 16 year old living in England won and only had one ticket? They would have to travel to LA by themselves to go to this memorial and depend on themselves for everything. I say, thats a little too advanced for a 16 year old. Especially having them run around LA all alone.. no thank you!

1903 days ago


for all of those ppl saying that MJ hated being black and that why he was bleaching his skin, take a look at this video:

1903 days ago
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