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Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

7/6/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

.... or in the case of tomorrow's Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center -- the purple ticket and golden wristband.

Michael Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

We got a pair of tickets for tomorrow's memorial... btw, the ticket is useless without the wristband.


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ex lax    

For all those unable to attend,You can still order the commemorative MJ kids happy meal for 500$, Its 50 year old plastic meat stuck between fresh 10 year old buns ! Get e'm while they last! some drugs may be included with the jesus juice!

1900 days ago


So sad! I fought to get these things! Oh well, just going to watch it on TV, and am not paying money for tickets that aren't intended to be sold. Sadly, most selling them are in Cali, so this tells you they didn't intend to go in the first place. Money Money Money, it's sad.

1900 days ago


i'm so tired of hearing how michael was a child molester. he's dead for christ sake. leave him alone. i never believed he did anything like that. he loved children and you can tell in his pictures and videos that he felt like a kid around them. he was making it up coz he had no childhood. now because of these damn doctor's helping him stay on painkillers instead of helping him get off of them,now he's dead. i'm so angry right now and i will be forever. those doctor's will burn in hell for doing what they did. god and michael are together now. he was proven not guilty. michael was one THE best person in the world. people loved him for a reason. he loved you back. he alway's told his fans that. every chance he got. now LEAVE HIM ALONE AND KEEP YOUR RUDE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!.

1900 days ago


Did anyone hear that the family will be having their services around the same time? Perhaps this was a decoy, :O

1900 days ago


no tickets for any one of us on skid row we supported micheal too before we became homeless

1900 days ago


I am so sick of seeing and hearing about Jackson, so he was a singer, but, one who in front of teenagers or whoever had to have his "obscene crotch gestures", he who they claimed passed through racial barriers, well why did he look white with straight hair if he was proud to be black? He was a "freak", and all the money hunger , camera grabbing idiot in the world getting into the act to get their fifteen minutes of fame. What a circus, CA. is broke but he Jacksons expect the state to pick up the bill, a $25,000 casket, he wasn't KING TUT. Get him off the news.

1900 days ago

The Truth    

I feel sorry too..I feel for the Police Officers that have to put up with all the idiots in their city..there will be people out there in LA that will need a police officer while this crap is going on and they just might be in trouble because of this STUPID CRAP.

1900 days ago


whatever, Emma.. the whole set up for these tickets sucked...

1900 days ago

to little    




Sources tell us Michael may have had abnormalities that might explain his child like mentality. We were told that Michael's balls never dropped. Suggesting that Michael never went through puberty or had problems during puberty. Kobe will be attending the Memorial to show what happens when balls do drop.

Stay Tuned For Everything Michael

1900 days ago

The Truth    

Please think about that question you asked. They give two tickets so you have someone to go with. What if a 16 year old living in England
won and only had one ticket? They would have to travel to LA by themselves to go to this memorial and depend on themselves for everything. I say, thats a little too advanced for a 16 year old. Especially having them run around LA all alone.. no thank you!

Posted at 7:56PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Emma

You had to be 18 to get tickets..Get your facts straight before you run your mouth....

1900 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

I remember the 80s fondly for musicians being so innovative in inventing various genres of music that we now use in respective umbrella terms use today. MJ was as much an innovator in his hey day as to the likes of Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, Kraftwerk, Einsterzende Neubaten, The Art of Noise, et. al. were in pioneering the Industiral, Noise and Drum and Bass sounds that we hear in the clubs today.

MJ also pioneered modern dance movements that still persist in this day. I'm not a fan of MJ but I'm a fan of his legacy and recognise his talents in every aspect.


1900 days ago


The whole ticket giveaway is stupid. Yeah its great that people get to go...BUT how about those people that entered the giveaway contest that dont live in CA? Its not easy to get a plane ticket at the last minute to CA. Not everyone can afford to get there at the last minute.

1900 days ago


76. You had to be 18 to get tickets..Get your facts straight before you run your mouth....

Posted at 8:15PM on Jul 6th 2009 by The Truth


Even still, I wouldn't want my 18 year old running around LA all alone especially if he/she has never been there before. Maybe you should think before you ask stupid questions...

1900 days ago


i would trust a doctor who voted for Bush or least you'd know he/she earned there way to med school and wasn't passed simply because of affirmative action.

1900 days ago


If you see anyone with a ticket please call the police ASAP and report them and their location, anyone with a ticket is pro-child rape and must be stopped!!!

1900 days ago
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