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Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

7/6/2009 7:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

.... or in the case of tomorrow's Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center -- the purple ticket and golden wristband.

Michael Jackson Farewell: The Golden Ticket

We got a pair of tickets for tomorrow's memorial... btw, the ticket is useless without the wristband.


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chicken head    

where be my ticket ?

1899 days ago


Jon, if my doctors voted for Obama they wouldn't be MY doctors any more. Very few doctors voted for SOCIALIZED MEDICINE which will eliminate those people that the "government" don't want any longer such as seniors, disabled young or old, races???? Is that what you want? What "race" gave Michael Jackson his Rx's and the fatal drip?????

7. How do you all at TMZ feel about the possibility of race based medicines? How do you feel about doctors prescribing certain medicines to certain races for political reasons?

How many of you would trust your doctor if you know he voted for George Bush and John McCain?

Race based medicine is designed personally just for you, its new so read about it

Posted at 7:04PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Jon

1899 days ago


hey have you heard of nite tales if not its a new show that airs augs 7 @ 11pm on channel tbs/wgn hosted by flavor flav its a follow up from the dvd thats out now and you could see the trailer on that on youtube/nite tales so you could kinda see wat the show is going to be like its scary so dont miss out

1899 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Someone just paid $14,000 for a ticket on eBay. I truly hope that person stiffs the seller. I tried to call a seller to tell them where to go but apparently people have and they turned off their phone. I sent as many emails as I could in the meantime.
One was selling a press pass ticket. That wasn't you, was it Harvey? Better not be.

Hopefully the elephants there won't attack anyone if a riot starts. I can't believe they scheduled this for the day before Barnum and Bailey RIngling Bros Circus opens. AEG really has it's collective head out of whack, the elephants will be right outside where people are passing.

Any of those official items being sold should go first to pay the city for the security expenses, as the city and state are bankrupt and asked the police to volunteer to deal w a potentially hysterical and/or angry mob. ANY monies left over should go to a charity MJ supported.

They should have just opened up every stadium possible and broadcast live via satellite to stop this mob scene, that's what they are there for. Just have the speakers/performers appear somewhere at a small venue so that there would not be any "real" or "best" place to be, just everyone in the same boat, sharing the experience together. Or hey, just stay home.

Ask for donations for MJs charities and sell official items to raise money for them as well. Whatever MJ was in other respects, he did a lot for charity and it would be fitting to make something good happen for all this at least.

1899 days ago

to little    

74. whatever, Emma.. the whole set up for these tickets sucked...

Posted at 8:07PM on Jul 6th 2009 by ilovetheshowmadmen


The whole idea of the public memorial and even having tickets for it sucked. There are outdoor venues that could have been used. This whole thing was set up this way to be profitable. AEG will sell T-shirt from his O2 concernt at Staples.

Then the memorial dvd's probably done with Joe Jackson new Blue Ray recording technology company, and will be on sale a few days after.

If AEG's insurance does cover drug overdose then by default they are under investigation. And you can bet Loyd's of London will request a investigation into AEG role before paying out.Rather tacky they are doing the Memorial service.

You can bet money that's why Liz doesn't want to be part of this circus. Besides her name was damage years ago for defending Michael during his legal problems.

1899 days ago


Those who are selling these tickets are probably the same people who keep saying how much they dislike MJ and keep calling him names, but they followed long enough to enter their names to try to make a! And they call MJ all sorts of evil names......I guess what they are doing is not wrong......shows how small minds work....

1899 days ago


Hey TMZ, can i have a ticket and wristband?

It's worth a shot.

1899 days ago


I'm getting so sick of Micael Jackson I'd rather have TMZ cover Jon and Kate or OctoMom again. Taxpayers in CA, you have my sympathy. This circus (otherwise known as a memorial service) is going to turn into a full scale riot, mark my words. And the people of sunny CA will be presented with the final bill.

1899 days ago

The Truth    

78. 76. You had to be 18 to get tickets..Get your facts straight before you run your mouth....

Posted at 8:15PM on Jul 6th 2009 by The Truth


Even still, I wouldn't want my 18 year old running around LA all alone especially if he/she has never been there before. Maybe you should think before you ask stupid questions...

Posted at 8:19PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Emma

Then don't let her go...That's what the word NO is for..Learn to use it.

1899 days ago

to little    

If i was the Governor I would have Cal National Guard at the ready to be deployed. It will be a big mistake not to do so LAPD will be over run in no time at all.

I wonder if anyone in the media has asked Arnold that exact question

1899 days ago


#9 Michael Jackson wasn't a child molester get your facts straight you son of a bitch!!!

1899 days ago


When I read your comment, Jumanji scenes crossed my mind.

Elephants, monkeys, tigers, bears, giraffes and 700,000 people?

Yep, this is DEFINITELY an MJ tribute.

And I'm glad that he will be buried earlier in the day.

Hopefully the elephants there won't attack anyone if a riot starts. I can't believe they scheduled this for the day before Barnum and Bailey RIngling Bros Circus opens. AEG really has it's collective head out of whack, the elephants will be right outside where people are passing.

Posted at 8:24PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Sarah

1899 days ago

chicken head    

dear MJFan YES HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1899 days ago


what a bunch of cry baby=iess!! "Oh my tax dollars are paying for this crap" Why didn't I hear you complain when the stupid Lakers had their BIG ASS PARADE!?!?! IDIOTS!!

1899 days ago


88. Then don't let her go...That's what the word NO is for..Learn to use it.

Posted at 8:29PM on Jul 6th 2009 by The Truth


Thats why they give you TWO tickets.. to avoid all the hate mail and upset fans who won't have anyone to go with. Its a smart idea to do that if you are doing a lottery pool type of ticketing system.

I worked at an entertainment center for 10 years and I know how these things work. Although you may not agree with it, it's the smartest thing to do to accommodate this type of system. If you aren't going to charge for tickets, this way will help the majority of the fans who want to go. Ever hear of "the greatest good for the greatest number of people"?

1899 days ago
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