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Jackson Doc Mum on Administering Anesthesia

7/6/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's DoctorThe lawyer for the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died tells TMZ he did not give Jackson OxyContin or Demerol that day, but he wouldn't say the same about the powerful anesthesia found at the singer's home.

Dr. Conrad Murray was interviewed by LAPD detectives a week ago Saturday. Law enforcement sources tell us the information Dr. Murray gave police regarding drugs at Jackson's home was enough for cops to secure a search warrant from a judge. A search warrant can only be issued if there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

Law enforcement sources say when police searched the home, they found the powerful anesthesia Propofol. The drug was specifically labeled Propofol and there was no indication it had been prescribed to anyone.

Edward Chernoff reiterated to us his client did not administer Demerol or OxyContin to Jackson the day he died. But Chernoff would not take the same stand on Propofol. Chernoff told us, "I have no statement on whether the Dr. prescribed or administered Propofol."

Chernoff added, "We're confident whatever the doctor prescribed did not kill Michael Jackson."

As we reported last week, cops obtained a search warrant the day after Jackson died. A second warrant was issued two days after Dr. Murray's interview -- that's the one that led cops to the Propofol. The second warrant may have been necessary if the first warrant only covered prescription medications.

The LAPD and the DEA are on the hunt to determine how the Propofol ended up in Jackson's home. The drug should never be administered outside a hospital.

A spokesman for attorney Ed Chernoff just called to say when Chernoff spoke with TMZ last night "He was not conscious. He had just woken up and he can't speak for anything that was in the home."

In fact, it was just after midnight Houston time when we spoke with him. We were on the phone with Chernoff for nearly 20 minutes. He repeated multiple times that he had no comment regarding the Propofol. Aside from the comments we quoted above, Chernoff said, "I have no comment on whether the doctor administered Propofol." He also said, "I can't deny or admit what the doctor might have prescribed." He also said "I can't say if the doctor gave him Propofol."

Chernoff went on to talk about the LAPD investigation, sounding very alert and choosing his words carefully: "When all the results come in, the truth will come out and the correct result will be obtained." He also asked questions about what we knew regarding which drug may have killed Michael Jackson.

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An eternal fan    

He definately did something wrong. Wether he prescrbed or administered the drug or not, the fact that he waited 30 minutes before calling an ambulance is enough to hold him responsible. Im soo sad caused I feel that those minutes could have saved his life! RIP Michael we love you

1935 days ago


he didn´t know the adress?! wow. That´s why all this happend.

1935 days ago


well it pretty obivous murray gave him Propofol hes just afraid to admit it.

1935 days ago


It is obvious that Dr. Murray is covering up the fact that he had a huge significance leading to the death of the King of Pop. Chernoff's wrods, "I have no statement on whether the Dr. prescribed or administered Propofol." give clue to the truth. If Dr. Murray did not administer Propofol then he would have made sure that his lawyer clearly stated that he did not. This is just fishy. I wonder what the autopsy will report.

1935 days ago


If it's found that Murray administered Propofol.....I hope he burns in HELL!!!

1935 days ago


Lets take a poll.................

Whats worse, a junkie or a pusher????


1935 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

Only in stupid america, with all the stupid self-centered americans would a mutilated black/white man with needle holes and scars all over his body be worshiped like jesus on the cross. And you people wonder why the rest of the world makes fun of you. It's also the reason most of the world kicks your behind on standardized tests. American kids are stupid.

1935 days ago



1935 days ago


A Cardiologist wouldn't need a prescription...

1935 days ago


That doc killed him!!!!!!!!
And he noes it!
That wy he waited to call911 hoping to save him with no questions asked by anyone.
He should be in jail!

1935 days ago


This makes me very sad that the famous are dead from overdose of this or that and no one gets in trouble? It makes no sense to me. To me MJ was murdered plain and simple. it was murder however you look at it. I am sure he didn't plan on killing himself, not at all. Even when someone kills someone accidentally, they usually are charged with a crime and then justice is done. If only someone wasn't paid off then maybe there would be justice. I really believe its money talking here. No justice will be done here .. just like those who died similarly in the past.

1935 days ago


I got a ticket. I am numb.

1935 days ago

Bobby J    

This SOB killed Jackson with that poison. He should rot in jail...

1935 days ago


I wiah MJ wasnt dead! It still hurts to look at his pic. :)
He was and forever will be the best musician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you Michael!

1935 days ago


We all have to take responsibility for our lives, but when one becomes as emotionally fragile as Michael had become, one needs trusted help. Doctors take an OATH to "DO NO HARM." If Dr. Murray gave anesthesia to Michael, and it sure looks like he did, then he should be prosecuted for manslaughter. The law provides for that. Why didn't Dr. Murray call 911 immediately, when Michael still had a pulse? Because he was trying to save him and in doing so, save his sorry behind as well. Poor Michael probably couldn't have been saved, but now, no one will ever know. It sure looks like Dr. Murray murdered Michael, and he needs to pay for that! Michael needed help, he'd made some mistakes, sure, but he was a gentle, beautiful human being with enormous talent. He was a father of three beautiful children.

On another note, if anyone is paying $10,000 for memorial tickets, they have a surprise coming. I got tickets and I have to pick them up at Dodger Stadium on Monday, where they'll also put a bracelet on me. NO ONE can get near Staples Center without a ticket AND the bracelet and if the bracelet is torn, ripped, tampered with in any way, you DON'T get in. This is to prevent scalping.

RIP Michael. I love you!

1935 days ago
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