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McNair Police Presser -- Death Timeline

7/6/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNairA Metro Nashville Police presser was just held regarding the shooting of NFL star Steve McNair and GF Sahel Kazemi and the events leading up to their deaths.

- Kazemi was pulled over for DUI Thursday morning between 1-1:30 AM. McNair was a passenger but was allowed to leave the scene via taxi with another person. Kazemi admitted to being high.

-Thursday night, Kazemi purchased a semi-automatic pistol. Police will not say who she got the gun from.

- Early Saturday morning, McNair meets Kazemi at his Nashville condo.

- 1:30 PM Saturday, 911 call is made alerting police of the shootings. Police believe bodies were actually discovered before 1 PM -- cops are "concerned" about the time lapse.

Cops are still waiting for ballistics tests and gunshot residue reports to classify Kazemi's death.

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He got just what he deserved!!! Cheaters always do!!!

1881 days ago

Brandy Russell    

I dont know the whole details on the murder, but all of you people out there talking about he got what he deserves, no one deserves to be killed, my brother died the same way and his mistress shot him in the head (RIP Victor Russell), and no matter how much he cheated i know he didnt deserve to die, So before yal start putting the scarlet letter on Steve, justifying his death, and acting as if yal never made a mistake, be very careful what you wish on someone. RIP in peace Air McNair!!!!!!

1881 days ago


I was just wondering if anyone has thought of maybe his own wife found out about the affair she went to the condo herself, or sent someone in her favor? Perhaps her or her favor walked in, saw them together, Kazemi grabbed her gun that she purchased and they in turned used it on her and then he enraged and they shot him several times to make him stop. Who's to say she didn't purchase the gun to protect herself because she had already been made aware that his wife knew and had been threatened. The only two people that knew what happened are not around, but his wife had more too lose than anyone....but at the same time...more to gain.

1881 days ago

Sandy in Tenn    

43. Who sold her the gun? There is a reason that state's have laws requiring waiting periods before taking possession of a weapon. How long is the waiting period in Tennessee? The person that sold her the gun is an accessory to this crime. I hope that the person who sold the gun is brought to justice.

Posted at 8:42PM on Jul 6th 2009 by manequalsdog

You can get a rifle or shotgun right away but a handgun is like a 3 day wait, if I remember correctly, I went to buy a shotgun a while back and that's what the guy at the counter told me.

1881 days ago


the girlfriend didnt do it i hope the dumbass detectives read this...too much the gun doesnt fall UNDER the body after you shoot yourself!!!! DUH!!! the xboyfriend friends and family need to be looked at REALLY! dont say its a murder/suicide - ppl are pressing to hear that just to finish it up but its not the truth i believe SOMEONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED AND DAM COPS ARE GONNA LET THEM GET AWAY WIT IT!

1881 days ago


the xboyfriend, the wife, the friends waithing to call cops??????? someone tried to cover it up but hope the cops are smarter than a 5th grader to figure this one out

1881 days ago


Sigh, it was probably a set-up... wonder if the investigators will do their job, or take the easy way out.

1881 days ago


She did not do it, no way.

1881 days ago


THIS is something I am truly sick of.. he got what he had coming to him. Had he kept himself at home with his kids, who should have been more important than any thing, he would not have gotten into this predicament. Maybe other players will realize how crazy any other 20-something gf's are, and how dying is not necessarily the best way to end up.

1880 days ago

Doctor of Poon    

Hey Keith Norfleet, here's a little free advice you dumbazz. 1. Don't say on your My Space page how you will "do anything" to pursue your true love. 2. Don't let your Grandma tell the whole world you would "do anything to win your girlfriend back". 3. Don't admit to the police that you were still in love with Kazemi and had hoped to win her back and that you were still talking to her frequently about her relationship with McNair. 4. Don't tell the police that you were possibly the last person other than McNair to have contact with her when she was alive by stating that she pounded on your door late Friday night. 5. Don't post stupid crap that incriminates you on your MySpace page.

You are either trying to get caught, trying to inject yourself into this to get your 15 minutes of fame, or you are the dumbest dumbbell on the face of the earth. What a dope, whether you are guilty or not.

1880 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

Could it be possible it took the room mate so long to call anyone is because his ass probably heard the gunshots and freaked out and the only way out was the front door but that's where the shooting was going on so, he hid in a closet or under a bed until everything cooled off? That makes sense. What would you do if you were in the room mate's position? You damn sure won't "investigate" what's going on.

1880 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

33. Neither of these two will go to hell because they didn't molest any children like someone else we know.

Posted at 7:48PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Cleveland-West_Side

Take that comment and stick it up your azz!! Maybe you should take Michael's place!!

1880 days ago
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