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Brooke Shields -- Just Smile

7/7/2009 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fighting back tears, Brooke Shields addressed the crowd at Michael Jackson's memorial today, telling everyone MJ's favorite song was Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" -- and that's exactly what everyone needs to do on this day.

Brooke Shields: Click to watch


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She said she last saw Michael in 1991!!!! What type of friend is she.....Who invited her to talk???????

1896 days ago


#13 that is a RUDE comment and shouldnt have been posted.
i thought her euolgy was from the heart and honest. it made me cry.

1893 days ago


i only love MJ

1874 days ago


I was so glad Brooke had the opportunity to tell us about the Michael that most of us didn't know. I agree, friends do go through stages where they are close, drift a bit and then, hopefully come back together again. Brooke is one of the few actresses who I think has kept her head on her shoulders very well. She would be one who could go beyond color and see a person as they really were. I'm proud of her and delighted she and Michael had such a deep friendship over the years. As for Michael, he may have been a bit strange in some parts of his life but you have to admire him for his musical genius. I sure do. He went above and beyond in his entertainment for us!! I just hope he is in a better place now.

1872 days ago

Veronica Cassis    

You can leave to see a friend a lot the years ,,but always will be your friend!!!!!
sorry my poor english

1871 days ago


But the thing is Slady, she did not have a 'deep' relationship with him over the years. According to MJ's biographer, she barely had a friendship with him at all. Michael himself did not want to take her to the Grammys in 1984, but she showed up at the family's Encino home begging him to do so (ask Randy and LaToya, because MJ ran to them saying he didn't want to go with her but did not know how to tell her "no"). She latched onto him then for a career boost and did so again at the memorial. She had not spoken to the man in eighteen years! Where was Brooke when Michael was under seige in 1993 and 2005 from false allegations? There are NO clips of her online defending her 'dear friend' when he was in deep trouble. They barely had ANY dates. MJ did her a favor a few times to help her out with her career. That is it. He had no romantic or even friendship interest in her according to his biographer. So the teary eyed speech? Give me a break! I have lost all respect for this woman.

1871 days ago

Ginger 13    

I think Brooke was very sincere. She may not have seen him in awhile, that doesn't mean she did care about him. She was his good friend when they were younger, she also made him very human. Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson also touched me. They all spoke from their hearts. And of course Michael's daughter Paris the most touching of all. I think Michael would have been very touched. WE LOVE YOU MORE MICHAEL!!

1871 days ago

diana montreal    

Ever since i was a little girl i read about Michael Jackson , i never believed those horrible things about MJ
I believed in MJ, I wish people would have left him alone.MJ.from the bottom of my heart thank you for the beautiful
years you have given your true fans. Thank you for giving your fans the chance to see you live at the olympic stadium
in Montreal in 1984.Thank you for caring for god's children and for giving them the chance to meet you at the children's hospitals all over the world .also the children in afrca that Micheal loved so much.
I love you more Michael rest in peace and your fans will see you oneday also.

1871 days ago


you all are crazy... Brooke was sincere. You ppl don't want to hear the honesty. MJ spoke about honesty...and here u ppl bashing Brookes Honesty. Her speech was heartfelt. Michael is preched on a cresent moon

1871 days ago

Brooke Avery    

If he was such a friend then why had he never met her children or she met his children? Why hadn't she seen him in 17 years? I used to like Brooke Shields, but I found her memorial speech to be embarrassingly fake. The part about Michael being on a cresent moon was especially fake and made a lot of people cringe. I remember many years ago when Brooke Shields purposely distanced herself from MJ because he had claimed she was his girlfriend and she publicly denied it. I didn't blame her for distancing herself from him, I would have too, but then to speak at his memorial?! The Jackson family should never have allowed it.

1867 days ago
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