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Chris Brown Peaces Out at Staples

7/7/2009 12:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing shades and flashing a peace sign, Chris Brown was spotted at Staples Center for Michael Jackson's memorial.

Chris Brown

If Rihanna happens to show up to Staples Center, Chris will have to stay at least 10 yards from her.


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A peace sign? At a memorial?

1876 days ago


Goodness There Are A lot Of Haters Out There Hating On Chris Brown.....He's The Real Victim....Rihanna is Trash And Need To Be A Woman.....Stop Looking Through Ppls Phones and You Wont Get Hit....Which I Still Dont Believe That He Did That......RIHANNA IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1876 days ago


Look how he is dressed. Doesn't even dress respectfully. He has absolutely no class. He is definitely a loser.

1876 days ago

j deezy    

all u people stop hating on chris-breezy mj was his idol and he made a tribute to thriller so f all u haters

1876 days ago

mj keys    

The man is dead and all people cna do is search these sites to write about chris brown...come on CHILDREN GROW UP all ready. I love chris browns music I love how he was inspired by michael jackson....I hope you grows from all that he has but his self through....CANT WAIT TO HERE HIM SING AGAIN....I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT HE DOES IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE AS LONG AS HE KEEPS THE HITS COMING.

1874 days ago


Gd 2 c Chris der but think he should hav played cuz Jacko was his idoil!!!!jst seems rit

1873 days ago


haha oh my gosh! yuh dang fools still going off about this whole chris brown rihanna crap! this was a while ago now! get over it and move on!!!! he is there for mj his idol. i mena come on now the kidd practicly danced like mj! he was so inspierd i mean he had a birthday that was totaly dedecated to mj! so people find something else to do other than talk crap about someone yuh

1872 days ago

Wow haha    

marymary, we got bombed because of the fact that we are America, hated by many countries because of our freedom. We got bombed because those terrorists were raised to believe that Americans should all die. We got bombed out of the blue, without warning, and without provocation. Frankly, I don't think the loss of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and even children is something to joke about and it certainly isn't funny. 9/11 was and still is a very emotional event that many Americans mourned over for quite some time, and many still are. Did those children lose their parents because they didn't have their priorities straight? Were men and women widowed without warning because they didn't have their priorities straight? You are just disgusting and I can only imagine what a disgrace you are to your country. I fail to see what rappers and singers have to do with politics, but maybe that's just my American education talking. That's what we in America call LOGIC, understand? By the way, learn how to spell and punctuate, your grammar is atrocious. Whoops, there goes that American education again.

1868 days ago


yu guys should really shut up about chris brown
hes trying to move on, and thats what all you no life people should do too
seriosly ?!
are you kidding me ?
still with this ?!
didnt michael jackson JUST die?!
chris brown loved MJ, okay?!
he grew up to all the singing and dancing
it was his inspiration
and he had to attend, he wanted to pay his respects
he had to be there for the king of pop
really, people
just shut up
leave him alone
it might be hard for him.
you people suck
go live your life
every one makes mistakes
NO ONE is perfect
now, leave him alone you no life people that should stop hating

maybe you were chris browns fan before he beat a woman, but she started it
and also, you haters need to fall back
now get a life people!

1868 days ago

Charrell M    

Chris Brown have the riqhts to show up to Micheal Jacksons Memorial. Ok, so he slapped the bitch( I love her music] ;; but come on everyone gets a 2nd chance at life. And, he's not hurting no one there now is he. So give Chris Brown a break.

1866 days ago


Love Chris Brown. You people worry about stupid stuff at the wrong time. Grow up.

1865 days ago


leave him alone no one know's if he's telling the thruth so just back OFF HIM...everyone use to love him and u just change so quickly, that means it was'nt no love it was just a show...PRETENDERS!!!!

1863 days ago


i agree wit mia(#14). chris brown made a mistake. everybody makes mistakes. i do think that wat he did was wrong and he shud suffer the consequences. but there is always 2 sides to every story. all we heard was wat chris brown did to her. i'm thinking she did something to make him go crazy on her but that's just my opinion. if u can't 4give someone for doing something wrong, then how is god supposed to 4give you? this kind of stuff happens everyday and nobody says anything but bcuz it happened to a celebrity it becomes hella important, which I think is hella ridiculous.It's time to move on ppl, Seriously

1855 days ago
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