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'Lost Boy' at MJ Memorial

7/7/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman shows up to Michael Jackson's memorial wearing something straight out of MJ's closet.

Corey Feldman


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Get off Corey's back. He's the only kid that Jacko molested that forgave him. For that you freaks should be kissing his ass.

1897 days ago

Linda Mott    

Imitation is no substitute for the real thing.

1897 days ago


I tought it was Michael J Fox!

1897 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Guilt makes people do strange things... i.e. Cory Feldman... WHO did infact throw Michael under the buss a few years ago just because he was pissed! How retarded to show up to this dignified affaire and be dressed as a fanatic... oh wait he was just that and it shows... fanatics will say and do anything to OWN their celebrity obsessions.. He was pissed because he could not be the only kid in M.J. life.. Michael was closest to Macully Culkin and Emanual Lewis.. there were also his own cousins and neices and nephews that were always around.. Feldman just wanted the exclusive attention for himself. Now he shows up like he gives a care! PLEASE go sit your crazy lieing butt in the corner and dont move from it! I dont think Michael would have wanted such a liar at his funeral! How disgraceful.. HAY FELDMAN..... NO ONE LIKES YOU.. NO ONE WANTS YOU... AND YOU LOOK STUPID.. go back into the moth balls whre you climbed out of and stay there!!!

1897 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Hi, it’s me Corey Feldman. I loved Michael so much he had to get a
restraining order against me 10 years ago…but everything is okay

The more Michael pushed me away the more I had to be him…Look like
him…Dress like him… and so on…

My therapist told me that I would never have fans like Michael has,
so get over myself... I told her I would prove her wrong… Everyone
loves me!!! Remember I was in Lost Boys…

I love you Michael....

This is my new beautiful tribute song to Michael Jackson…

1897 days ago

Disco Duck    

Either Corey could have sent MJ to PRISON!!!!

Like Caulkin, Feldman was threatened or paid off by MJ's handlers to avoid PRISON!!!!

Haim almost spilled the beans on that reality show. The good part is that you will now see people telling the truth as MJ can no longer threaten them.


1897 days ago


Corey has always been a MJ fan, I remember watching interviews with him and he would be dressed up like him, this is his way of honoring his idol so leave the man ALONE! come on. Whatever happend in the past between them was in the past.

1897 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

HA HA HA OMG This guy needs to go back in his MJ cave... Get a life!!!

What complete douche bag!!!

1896 days ago


I HATE THIS GUY! He's such a publicity Wh0re! How dare he act like he's all buddy buddy now after what he did to Michael during the molestation trial! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

1896 days ago


15 minutes of fame loooser. last time we will see him. Corey is a pimple on Michaels behind

1895 days ago

Anne Reale    

Don't you people have anything positive to say?

1895 days ago


wow, what a douche!

1894 days ago
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