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Jackson Death Certificate

7/7/2009 11:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a copy of Michael Jackson's death certificate. On cause of death, it says "deferred."

Jackson Death Certificate

It does say Forest Lawn Cemetery was a "temporary" disposition of the body. As we first reported the body will not go back to Forest Lawn. Final burial is pending at an unknown location.

Jackson's occupation is listed as "musician." The type of business is "entertainment." Years in occupation -- 45.

As for race, the word "black" is written.

The informant -- the person who gave the information for the death certificate -- is listed as La Toya Jackson.

The place of residence is not listed as the Holmby Hills home -- rather, it's listed as his parents' home in Encino.

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He was Black! LOL For all of you people sayin' he wanted to be Black ... I guess white people who lay out in the sun all day wanna be Black, too, right? They plump their lips, their wear butt pads, they wanna be darker ......... but they'll never be Black. Sounds crazy doesn't it??? That man was proud of being Black. Deal with it!

Posted at 5:23PM on Jul 7th 2009 by Trina

and black people get their hair straightened because they want to be white, huh? hypocrite. deal with that.

1880 days ago


Trina, if he was proud of being black, then why are his children white? Even Quincy Jones said he didn't like being black.

1880 days ago


No matter who he was, he was a son who died before his parents, His mother will be forever heartbroken and I feel sorriest for her. No money in the world can make that pain go away. THe rest of the family will get over it at some point and move on, but his mother will never be the same. I pray she doesn't have to live to her family being torn apart anymore over this. The fame he had and will have, will only drive some to seek out their own on his shirt-tale yet again.
May he Rest In Peace and location stay unknown

1880 days ago

to little    

THE MICHAEL ZONE are we supposed to be impressed? I mean big deal, I guess they are impressed with themselves that they got his death cert.

1880 days ago


@32 No dumbass he was there in the flesh it wasnt a decoy..

@33 no john mayer was pretty good

1880 days ago


No duh tmz we know he was black, he stated many times he's african american and will always be black.

1880 days ago


Why is people curious what race he is listed as? Everyone knows he is Black. Which he himself never denied in an interview with Oprah, he said it hurts him that people would thnk he does not want to be who he always was(which is black), and that was not true. If he felt like dying himself green, he could. He was still genetically Black. And if he did have that skin condition, which is usually appeared on the skin in patches, maybe just maybe, he did those skin peel and lightening to even the problem out??? and was successful at it??? maybe???

And regarding the plastic surgery....we see in the time we live in now, that plastic surgery is quite addictive for some people, always fixing and fixing....and when MJ started to do those surgery, technology was not as good as now. So did it ever cross one's mine that may be the reason???? But i guess it continues to prove the human narrow mindedness is most dominant as if there is only one view....the scandelous!!!

1880 days ago


who the hell cares how much he owes or how much he's earned. Its not like you are going to pay any of it or get a check from any proceeds. There are some real morons in this world. Find somehting real to talk about.

1880 days ago


# 11 & 12
Totally agree, why would anyone think it would be listed as any other?? I know TMZ is just trying to give the information.
The minute I saw the casket this morning , I said there is no was he is in there!

Never belived it and when heard family off the the hotel for a bite to eat confirmed it. I heard the family was there last night (forest lawn) and but it was either done then or why was the helicopter there, (they say as back up in case??) I say it went to staples and picked up to take to final resting place! The helicopter could have left when all others where trailing them down the freeway. And they took caskey out way before the family got in to the cars and left and was prob, long gone. (that 2nd senerio would be if he was actually in the casket??
Also side note: When they were showing the private gathering at forest lawn, from the helicopters. The showed 2 very BIG men standing in front of another building and it was white and state "Forest Lawn Mortuary" and he would have been in the other building already! So who were they gaurding???????? ALL of Forrest Lawn was closed off to the public??
Just a few guesses from what I saw today

1880 days ago

First whores!    


Posted at 5:30PM on Jul 7th 2009 by moneybags

He had $500 million in unpaid debt but over $700 million in assets. You really are an uninformed teenager aren't you. The more you post, the more your ignorance shows. Go outside and play baseball or something. Get a life kid.

1880 days ago


Is it true Rebbie was in a mental hopsital???

1880 days ago


actual trina madaam c jay walker invented the straight comb so white ppl just adapted from what god made them black ppl hav always have good pretty hair =]

1880 days ago


The media and others have mentioned Gary, Indiana as a possilbe memorial site. I hope not... I see no reason at all to visit Gary, Indiana as a tourist..... At least Memphis attracks people for other reasons besides Elvis. Make his memorial in CA where people have other tourist options if they are coming from other states or countries.

1880 days ago


Good observation. I saw that too. I could not believe his mother and sisters would allow his body to be removed from forest lawn. He is still there at forest lawn buried or intombed. He darn sure didn't make the rip to staples.

1880 days ago


1880 days ago
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