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Jackson Death Certificate

7/7/2009 11:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've obtained a copy of Michael Jackson's death certificate. On cause of death, it says "deferred."

Jackson Death Certificate

It does say Forest Lawn Cemetery was a "temporary" disposition of the body. As we first reported the body will not go back to Forest Lawn. Final burial is pending at an unknown location.

Jackson's occupation is listed as "musician." The type of business is "entertainment." Years in occupation -- 45.

As for race, the word "black" is written.

The informant -- the person who gave the information for the death certificate -- is listed as La Toya Jackson.

The place of residence is not listed as the Holmby Hills home -- rather, it's listed as his parents' home in Encino.

Michael Jackson memorial pictures


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We are blessed to live in a free country so everyone has their own opinion which is fine. So here's mine:
There are a lot of you who bashed Michael and broke him down but listen to his music. His lyrics speak volumes. "Beat me, hate me You can never break me." The love his fans have for him overpowers the hate those of you who don't understand have for him. I could go into detail on why his skin was "white" or why he hung out with children. Again, listen to his song, "Have you seen my childhood People say I'm not okay Cause I love such elementary things...
It's been my fate to compensate, for the Childhood I've never known. I could go into detail but it wouldn't matter because everyone will have their own opinion and disagree on things and that's okay because we have freedom of speech so take a minute and thank God for what you are blessed with and let Michael Jackson rest in peace. Regardless of your thoughts on him, let the man Rest in Peace. Only God can Judge.

1942 days ago


R.I.P. Michael.

1942 days ago


John, who was responsible for the Saint Diana spectacle?

1942 days ago


Oh come on now. He was a man. He died. Please bury this guy. Lets get on with it all ready. Yes he was a black man that turned white and called his kid blanket. He was not God.

1942 days ago


how the f*ck did they get his death certificate TMZ ya'll then went wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to far.. Are you serious???? Let this man rest in peace allow his family to heal. Why don't you go report on that bastard Madoff cheating people out of millions money he can't even begin to pay back, and now the tax payers have to pay to house his dumbass and his wife who just got kicked out .. This is someone's Son Father Brother how could you continue to post things like this do you people get a kick out of ignorant people posting ignorant uneducated comments?

1942 days ago


Michael Jackson was ALWAYS Black, African American... he had Vitiligo, that's why his skin unfortunately changed to that ghostly pale color. No bleaching or anything, and look at how many Black charities he donated to. There is no denial there about his heritage. MJ has always been black, and will always be black.

1942 days ago


I am 63 years old and feel we have lost a legend. He had his quirks but he still contributed so much to music and the world.
Ditto on John Mayer. I don't get the fixation on him.

1942 days ago

to little    

I am waiting for the TV ratings to come out. There was only a estimated 50k enablers in LA well short of the esitmated 1 million enablers, who predicted that? I already get the feeling that this is a small public memorial by far, even on TV.

I am impressed that Oprah pretty much stayed away from the circus and didn't join in on the Media blitz She showed a lot of class by doing so. Only wish Obama would have done the same. I think he crossed the line by sending the family a Private Letter if not even mentioning it in the first place.

1942 days ago


I just wanted to say thank you to tmz - my favorite singer of all time - I live in Canada, no way that i could have gone to staples center - thank you tmz from the bottom of my heart.

1942 days ago


Bet they are waiting for the court ok to bury him at Neverland

1942 days ago

Mysterious Brown Eyes    

Why did we have a note for race? Um we all knew he was black, he knew he was black, even the blind knew he was black. A skin disease only changed the pigmentation of his skin it did not change his race and how he saw himself. What a beautiful memorial fit for The Greatest Entertainer that ever lived. Hopefully his humanitarian will live on in each one of us and maybe we can make this world a better place like Mr. Jackson tried to do

1942 days ago



I hope YOUR God smiles as kindly on YOU.....
Think about THAT.

1942 days ago


For some of you posting, and you know who you are.....

Ignorance is Bliss, isn't it?

1942 days ago


Encino is where his mom lived, Joe lives in Vegas. And I must say that Paris' speech was gut wrenching and heartbreaking. RIP MJ you will live on forever (and yes I'm secretly a fan who prays he is still alive somewhere watching his Glory!)

1942 days ago


I watched whole thing even early coverage here on East Coast, Nicely done

But # 33 Horse Therapist TOTALLY AGREE and # 54 must be BLIND!

HE was god awful, the faces and all Looked like he had to take S_ _ _ !,
He looked like a total IDIOT!! NO business being there, if you ask me,

I will state again there were plenty of other preformers who could have done that!
And again to # 54 who is the know all and calling others "dumbass" WERE YOU THERE DID YOU LOOK IN IT, you are the begger idiot! YOU HAVE NO CLUE! May have OR May have been a decoy, I have a few theorys posted above on both senerios.

1942 days ago
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