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Michael Jackson Burial Mystery

7/7/2009 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's body will not be going back to Forest Lawn.

The body will go somewhere else pending final burial -- we don't know where that is. If a casket goes to Forest Lawn, it's a decoy.

We've learned the death certificate lists Forest Lawn as the responsible mortuary because the body was embalmed there -- but the rest is being kept secret.


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After the family's autopsy (the second autopsy) was completed he was taken to McCormick Mortuary in Inglewood for embalming and getting dressed/made up. He was interred (put in a wall crypt) temporarily, not at Forest Lawn, until the family can figure out where he should be buried permanently. He was not in the coffin today.

1932 days ago

Ava Rose    

When TMZ reported that there was a cement truck that arrived at Neverland Ranch last week, I think they're preparing some kind of grave site there for him and that's what the truck is for~~I can't imagine what else they would need cement for~~So hurry up and find out so I can know if Im right or if Im right~~lol~~Im always right!

1932 days ago

Scott Brown    

I think it'll be Neverland. Why do you think all that concrete was being poured.
MJ will be buried in a tomb of concrete so that no hard core fans will try to raise him from the grave.

1932 days ago

Mel Zaboski    

My feelin is hes not in the casket. Did anyone notice an unsher carring a white box just big enough to carry an urn, after the private servive at Forest lawn? Hmm was that Michael Jackson? To me the casket seemed like a prop. Would someone go back and view video, would like to see where he went with it.

1932 days ago


This is exactly what I think happened: The family went to a private memorial this morning, left, they cremated Michael while everyone was at the memorial. I believe the casket was empty. They are the Beverly right now for the luncheon. Who cares if Michael was in the casket or not; it was a beautiful memorial.

1932 days ago


He's going back to Indiana, that's where he started from.......RIP MICHAEL

1932 days ago

Scott Brown    

I think Forest Lawn would not want MJ there. Too many fans would be crowding in Forest Lawn FOREVER.
Hopefully he lays in Neverland. It will be a lot more peaceful.

1932 days ago

slow umbrella fade out    

Very touching and beautiful memorial. As far as where Michael winds up - I saw TWO hearses leave Staples Center on a live feed from somewhere. Any one else see two hearses? One hearse just pulled into a cemetary - but I am wondering about the other hearse. (???)

Rest In Peace Michael, you were a wonderful father to three beautiful children and a good brother, son and extraordinary friend of the world.

1932 days ago


I think that ceremony they had last night at Hall of Liberty in Forest Hills proves that he was buried last night.

1932 days ago

team obama    

this is all a hoax. the man is not dead. this was set up by AEG, Sony, and his other major creditors. he had no chance of being able to perform 5 concerts let alone 50. these people were never going to see their money. he is clearly worth more dead to these people than alive. mj probably agreed to go into exile as a way of finally rectifying his crumbling financial situation and to live the rest of his life in peace in seclusion somewhere.

these are the harsh realities of capitalism. thankfully our leader mr. obama will soon lead us in the direction of total equality for everyone.

1932 days ago


I heard he was Muslim so maybe he was already buried and his body wasnt even in casket. Hmmmmmmm

1932 days ago

Blair Berk is a jerk    

If the price is right, CA will let him be buried there.

1932 days ago


He belongs at Neverland. From the sounds of Jermaines interview with Larry King, he even already has a place picked out to lay him to rest. I think Neverland should be like Graceland.

Even though Michael did end up leaving Neverland, it was for rubbish reasons, I'm sure that's not what he wanted in his heart. That was the home he created for himself and his children. It was his escape from the torments of the world. Let the King stay with his castle.

1932 days ago

Katherine Joseph    

I hope we never know where MJs' final resting place. Time for the man to have peace. RIP MJ!! You Are The One!!

1932 days ago


Do you know how many people would flock to Neverland to $ee MJ if interned there? Al Sharpton would be the first one in line and then Paris Hilton and then Jesse, Lindsay. etc... Get it done Governator.

1932 days ago
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