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Michael Jackson Burial Mystery

7/7/2009 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's body will not be going back to Forest Lawn.

The body will go somewhere else pending final burial -- we don't know where that is. If a casket goes to Forest Lawn, it's a decoy.

We've learned the death certificate lists Forest Lawn as the responsible mortuary because the body was embalmed there -- but the rest is being kept secret.


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Mary Loomis-Shrier    

My sources say he was buried at Forrest Lawn, IN THE GROUND, last week....... It was either Monday or Tuesday. The day that the media claimed he was going back to Neverland. THAT was a decoy.

1932 days ago


If the body wasn't there, then everything was made up just to escort an $25000 casket

1932 days ago


If he was not in the coffin today, that lousey family needs to pay the tax payers for all the escorts. Those where police that they used on the Highway they also closed the highway to other traffic putting alot of taxpayers at a inconvience traveling to work. If this was a hoax the Jackson better pay back the taxpayers..

1932 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

Evita's burial wasn't this mysterious!

1932 days ago


CNN has it wrong...casket was never in the family motorcade after the service. MJ's body is still in "Staples" or already driven to secret place.

1932 days ago


If Michael Jackson still activly beleived in The Islamic religion which he was noted for following in the past,he WILL NOT be creamated..It is Against the Islamic beleifs and if his family is respecting his religion,and he was indeed still practicing Islam,he will not be cremated.If he was Jehovas Witness however,Mabey.But he is noted on record as stating after The Jehovas Witnesses critisised his album,he would no longer follow that religion.My opinion,Stop speculating.Michaels life was FULL of speculation and accusations,Let his death be without it.God Bless the Jackson family and fans worldwide,the world cries today....we have lost a peice of our hearts today.

1932 days ago


OK WHY ARENT YOU FOLLOWING THE HEARST?????? WHAT HAPPENED AFTER IT FELT?? YOU ARENT GOING TO LET US DOWN TMZ??? you said last night the casket went in one building with latoya... then they brought it out and moved it to the other buliding... do you not think thats when the change took place and he wasnt in it?? They knew there were people snapping pictures.. I say it was a decoy!!!!

1932 days ago


Sheesh! Can the world get over this kiddie toucher! Let it go! All of you losers that admire this pedophile can go to hell with him!!!! He was the definition of a world class weirdo!

1932 days ago


Wasn't MJ a Jehovah's Witness? If he was then his body was NOT embalmed! My grandmother was a JW and they don't believe in embalming.

1932 days ago


Where the hell was his so-called second father - Quincy Jones?

1932 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

He is being mummified. It takes time folks... trust me.

1932 days ago

too sad    

didnt he want to be in one of those frozen oxygen preservation barrels for future ressurrection ???

1932 days ago


They're most likely heading to the nearest Crematorium. Either that, or they've decided to give James Brown's record a run for it's money and keep him in the dining room for months with the air conditioner cranked up at full blast before burying him.

1932 days ago


As I took my bath I thought of what was happening today,The world will come together in a few hours to try to say thank-you rest,and goodbye to Michael Jackson.The world has lost a legend,a kid at heart,a humanitrian. Society,constant pressure,and lies have help to bring us to this day. I thought where will MJ rest at?I too believed Neverland should be the logical place for MJ to rest-but with MJ not being able to call that home any longer, I can only say I understand. It is hard to believe that MJ is gone. He will not suffer any longer,a kid at heart- misunderstood. Just as I said with Anna Nicole -the person that was closest -has fault.He did not inject himself most likely,someone had to be doing it for him.Say was there a doctor around? Greed has brought us to this sad day. Fifty concerts- why not ten or twelve,then set a few more at a different time.Who say who wrote this contract? Looking out for The King of Pop,it seems like everyone DID want to profit tremenously off these concerts- Don't you think? Everyone that has a role is aware of this-Yes,you loved him,but love true love could have helped to keep MJ here entertaining for us all. It is really sad that Michael's life had to end like this. May you rest now Michael Jackson and stay forever young.

1932 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I've got him in my freezer.

1932 days ago
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