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L.A. Mayor Asks Jackson Fans for Money

7/7/2009 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonL.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asking fans of Michael Jackson to kick in and offset the $4 million it will cost the city to cover the city's costs associated with the funeral and memorial.

UPDATE -- All major credit cards accepted. Checks too.


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A fan    


1897 days ago


Michael Jackson had the saddest life and because of everyone,especially Joe Jackson,he has the saddest meories.
Rest in peace michael for the first time.

1897 days ago


Yeah, like these people have any money.

Way to wait until the funeral is happening to raise money.

LA government is like the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

The mayor is too busy a trip with his second tv reporter girlfriend while this latest debacle is bungled by his office.

1897 days ago


To suggest that a city or any government agency pay for this guys circus is rediculous. His family is using his death as an opportunity to get rich once again.(side note) Jacksons death couldnt have come at a better time for Barack Obama and the liberal media.They can put all the news on this event rather than publicizing the complete failure of his administration up to this point. I think Obama should have to pay for this personally since it taking him out of the spotlight

1897 days ago


Bit** please. You will get paid through resurants, hotels, and souvineirs.

1897 days ago


Antonio can't go to his 'private sector' friends and squeeze them for money (like he did with the Laker parade), so he comes to the fans (probably many of which who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and have no insurance to speak of) and says THEY should pay? Didn't this lame ass just get back from a 9 day stay in South Africa (which he went on immediately after being sworn in for his second term)? Who the hell paid for that (yep, I would love to see his vacation invoice).... But really, MJ had tons of fans and maybe Antonio is mad that he doesn't have any... He is probably mad that he didn't really have a voice over this matter and he missed so much air time.

He is so irritating, he just had to say something to get his name in the media...

Kudos to post #2!

Okay, who paid for that South Africa vacation? WE sure pay our gov personel a LOT of money... hmm...

1897 days ago


The Jacksons don't pay for anything.

The mother should pay for it out of her portion of the estate. Does she want the people of LA resenting MJ even more than they already do.

1897 days ago


LA Pigs. Probably more child molesters in that crew than anywhere else. We already know they're filled with racists.

1897 days ago

hurt me again    

Why not ask all the kids that visited neverland ranch to help pay for this.... See just how fondly they remember the man in the mirror

1897 days ago

sarah palin    

villaraigosa is a GREASY PIG who cheated on his wife. he should reach into his GREASY bank account and pay for this all himself.

1897 days ago


how about asking the "fans" to give the budget some money? WTF? Seriously? Jackson's family and his estate can pay for it just like any other person would have to pay for their own funeral and the cost associated with it! Just please tell me TMZ that we will get back to stalking other celebrities after today and that MJ will no longer be the first thing we talk about!

1897 days ago


His estate will be hit with some serious taxes and I think it will be way more than 4million. The city has no right to ask taxpayers or fans to contribute anything to a ceremony they are supposed to pay for. Micheal Jackson has paid lots of taxes to the state of california , more than his fair share, if the city has messed up in not hiring goo thinkers to balance thier budget, thats just too bad. LA learn to use your taxes wisely

1897 days ago


They just anounced that we will get 5 Million is revenue for this event. Hotels are full, restaurants and busy and even Sports bars. JUST SAY NO TO ANY DONATIONS.

Call the Mayors office and ask how much he spends on his girlfried. Whoremonger that he is...cant wait until he leave the office of Mayor.

1897 days ago


Why did Michael not have some sort of burial plan in place?

His family really should pay for all! They always are saying they are broke, so is LA.

Why does someone worth 100's of millions only have a 5 page will? No burial plan?

He's lawyers really took advantage of him.

I will be glad when this is over, and he can be buried.

He should have been buried a week ago, but they need to bleed the last drop of blood out of him.

Rest in Peace Michael, and thank you for your music, and for making me smile. He was a gift from God.

1897 days ago

sarah palin    

the mayor of los angeles is screwing the city once again, just like he screwed that WHORE behind his wife's back. it's not machismo, it's the work of a GREASY pig.

1897 days ago
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