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Michael Jackson Memorial -- Inside Staples Center

7/7/2009 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A shot of the stage inside Staples Center as they prepare for the memorial service later this morning.

Michael Jackson Memorial -- Inside Staples Center


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Yea right people - just like OJ was inocent right! NOT - I wonder if its gonna be an open casket, that would be freaky cuz he has been on ice for a whole week. About the flower arrangements, why should the family spend so much money - let California pay for the bill. RIP MJ - let your troubled, sick soul finally rest - that is untill you get judged by GOD, hopefully he will forgive you and your twisted ways to allow you to enter. I pray he does.

1937 days ago

mitch myers    


1937 days ago

vile comments    

addressed to former Gavin Arvizo... / GAVIN ARVIZO

You’ve changed your name but I’m sure you read TMZ these days. Please read the whole post.

It’s pretty obvious that adults made you lie... and here’s just one example: „During the course of an August 2003 police interview, the boy alternately said that Jackson molested him "less than five times," "a total of five times," and "about seven times," according to a law enforcement account of the Q&A.“
Later, in the trial, the number of alleged molestations was reduced to two as the timeline jibed with MJ’s and your stays at Neverland.

You were mocked by friends, obsessed fans hated you... – and you suffered by the results of what lawyers, your mother and others started. You had to change your name and move. Your whole life changed and probably feel anger and disappointment.

But could you imagine the hate, pain and disgrace Michael Jackson had to bear? It’s a miracle he survived over years all the sensational, unfactual media reports which must have hurt him so much. He was acquitted by a jury but your accusations and the media have convicted him.

If you address yourself to a quality paper or reputable tv station, like for example the newspaper LA Times or CNN, they sure would protect your identity. Don’t go to any tabloid or blog. They will hurt you more.

Now Michael Jackson died... but it’s on you to clear his name if you lied to the world about his actions. It’s not too late, Gavin! Truth but also false allegations outlast life.

1937 days ago


RIP MJ you will be missed. But your music lives on forever.

1937 days ago


To the sick b!tch that feels the need to persecute the VICTIM in the million stories that TMZ has on Michael the Freak: You are blinded by your obsession. If you think it's normal to sleep with little boys (as MJ himself has admitted) or that it's normal to never grow up (people's excuse for his freakiness) then I suggest you get some psychiatric help pronto. Too bad MJ didn't. Maybe your idol would still be alive today.

1936 days ago


Where are the acrobats? The elephants? The bearded lady? The human canonball? Oh and let us not forget the peanuts, popcorn & cotton candy. I mean this IS a 3 ring circus right?

Yep the 'Michael Jackson Memorial freak show for the perverted, child molesting & pedophile 3 ring circus.'

1936 days ago

Papa Larry H    

As we all know, these past couple of weeks have been tough for the celebrity community. Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett(ah, beautiful Farah!) & Billy Mays. They have all left us to mourn them loss. They were all very talented in their own unique ways. I can honestly remember seeing Ed McMahon on his very first performance on "The Tonight Show" in 1962. You know the rest. Michael Jackson starting out performing with his brothers. He was one of the greatest musical talents of his (and/or our) time. Farah Fawcett-Majors(as I first knew her). What a beautiful lady! Eventually we were also able to see that she was a talented actress in her own right. She scared the bejesus out of me with her performance in "The Burning Bed". And then there was Billy Mays. His info-mercials sold a lot of the products he happened to be hawking at the time. He had a unique way of pushing Oxy-Clean & Orange Glo. He certainly knew what he was doing. lol!
Now that I have gone over the list of celebrities that have died so recently, I have something else to mention. All the other people around the world that have passed away in the same time period. The 34 year old plumber from Tuscon, Arizona that died in an auto accident, leaving 4 children under the age of 7 for their mother to raise by herself. The 300 people from a remote village in Darfur that were slaughtered one day by rebels, following the orders of their maniacal commander. The grandmother who died of a heart attack in her cramped Chicago apartment, leaving the 3 toddlers (who she was raising for her drug-addicted daughter who was in jail) to fend for themselves until a neighbor noticed crying coming from the apartment after 5 days.
Then there was the infant girl that passed away from SIDS, leaving her parents to wonder what they could have done to prevent this tragedy. Or the 11 year old boy who was playing with his daddy's gun, when it went off striking his 9 year old cousin in the head, killing him instantly. Did we even hear about the missionary couple in The Philippines that were kidnapped & murdered by a religious cult who felt that they were blaspheming the cult's god.
Not all death's that occurred this past week were as tragic as those mentioned above. There was the 102 y/o gracious lady that worked as a nurse for over 50 years serving the ill. She had developed lung cancer that spread throughout her body. She knew that she had lived a good, long life. She had served those who needed her. She knew it was time for her to move on to the next phase of her existance. She had been praying for her higher power to take her to her next loving home. Her wish finally came true. She left behind 5 children, 17 grandchildren along 3 more generations of family that knew and loved her so very much. Her family didn't cry & weep & wail. Instead, they celebrated her life and service to others.
Don't forget the thousand's that died in accidents caused by idiotic drunk drivers. The thousands of peoples that died of starvation around the world. Or the owner of a convenience store owner who came to this country to make life better for his family. Instead, he was murdered by a teenager out for kicks & a few bucks.
With the exception of those celebrities mentioned at the beginning of my story, these deaths were all made up by me. But, they certainly could have occurred for all we know. I do not mean to trivialize any of the celebrities deaths by any means. Their friends, family members & fans have been, and will continue to grieve in their own personal way. I was, affected in one way or another by their passing myself. They will all be missed by millions! I have experienced my own grief in my lifetime. But, I am sure there have been other's who have gone through much more than I could ever imagine.
In closing, all I can say is remember those all around world who have died. We are all equal in God's eyes. We all need to deal with our losses in our own private ways. And in the words of Tiny Tim: God bless us everyone!

1936 days ago


Looks like a Nuremberg rally, but with less people. Did Albert Speer do the lighting?

1936 days ago


I just wnat to know why the city of LA is flipping the bill for this? I'm sure there is enough money in his estate to cover, but instead the city is begging for funds to help pay the bill. Really?

1936 days ago

Deborah Barber    

I watched the whole memorial service and yes before going into the building it was a circus. Inside the Stables Center it was the most breath taken memorial one could imgaine. Let the man rest in peace. let the man above be his judge. Don't keep doing all this name slashing because his children will suffer. Let him be. R.I.P Michael. I grew up with him, i am 1 month older than hhe and I loved his music through the years. I thought the memorial was just done in such good tast. But once outside yes it was but lets not forget he was and is and will be ...the most sucssful pop artist that has ever lived. I still have my original 45 collection of the Jackson5 and I will always have them.

1936 days ago



1936 days ago


All you people who are doing all this name calling really should take a step back and look at ur own lives im sure there not perfect . Michael jackson was the king of pop he inspired many people just let him be at peace finally cause the only ones that are gna feel his pain from your rude comments are gonna be his mother and siblings and not to mention his three children so always put yourself in that persons shoes u would not want to be talked down on with your children listening in we love you michael and you will forever live on in all of our hearts.R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON

1936 days ago


M.J., I wasn't around during the Jackson Five, or when you were African-American, but well done! Thank you for all the donations you have made to all of those charities, and most of all: thank you for trying to make the world a better place. R.I.P. Michael Jackson. May you finally be able to have your space from the people that kept chasing you.

1936 days ago


# 1 - If you want MJ to be judged only by God, then why are comments full of judgmental words. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but putting them in the context you have, is being hypocritical because you are not leaving it up to only God to judge him. What happened to those folks that claim to believe in the Constitution that states you are innocent until proven guilty, including yourself, only until it is something you don't believe in? Then the word of God and the Constitution don't mean anything to you. What makes him twisted in God's eyes since you have decided to speak for God? I pray for you and that God gives you a clue as to what you know and don't know. What is right and what is wrong.

1936 days ago

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