Michael Jackson Memorial

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's body will not be going back to Forest Lawn.

The body will go somewhere else pending final burial -- we don't know where that is. If a casket goes to Forest Lawn, it's a decoy.

We've learned the death certificate lists Forest Lawn as the responsible mortuary because the body was embalmed there -- but the rest is being kept secret.

Michael's Memorial

After over two hours of speeches and songs, Michael Jackson's poignant and sad memorial service has come to an end. Check out some of the memorial highlights.

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Jackson Death Certificate

We've obtained a copy of Michael Jackson's death certificate. On cause of death, it says "deferred."

It does say Forest Lawn Cemetery was a "temporary" disposition of the body. As we first reported the body will not go back to Forest Lawn. Final burial is pending at an unknown location.

Jackson's occupation is listed as "musician." The type of business is "entertainment." Years in occupation -- 45.

As for race, the word "black" is written.

The informant -- the person who gave the information for the death certificate -- is listed as La Toya Jackson.

The place of residence is not listed as the Holmby Hills home -- rather, it's listed as his parents' home in Encino.

Michael's Daughter: 'I Love Him So Much'

Michael Jackson's only daughter, 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine, just gave an emotional speech at her father's memorial service -- saying he was the "best father you could ever imagine. I love him so much."

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Michael Jackson -- #7

Michael JacksonGet ready to have your mind blown. Ready? Here we go ...

-- Michael Jackson signed his will on 7/7/02.
-- Michael Jackson's memorial was on 7/7/09 ... exactly 7 years after the will was signed.
-- Michael Jackson's two biggest hits -- "Black & White" and "Billie Jean" -- were each #1 for 7 weeks.
-- Michael Jackson's three biggest albums -- "Thriller," "Bad" and "Dangerous" -- each produced 7 top 40 hits.
-- Michael Jackson was the 7th of 9 children.

If you're looking for lottery numbers tonight, we recommend something with the number 7 in it.

Brooke Shields -- Just Smile

Fighting back tears, Brooke Shields addressed the crowd at Michael Jackson's memorial today, telling everyone MJ's favorite song was Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" -- and that's exactly what everyone needs to do on this day.

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Mariah Carey -- 'I'll Be There'

At today's memorial to Michael Jackson at the Staples Center, Mariah Carey performed the Jackson 5 hit "I'll Be There" with Trey Lorenz.

Mariah Carey: Click to watch

The Official Michael Jackson Program

Here is the memorial service program for Michael Jackson being handed out inside the Staples Center.

Memorial Program

Jackson's Body Inside Casket

There are various news reports that Michael Jackson's body is not in the casket -- absolutely not true.

Michael Jackson's Body Inside Casket
Our sources -- who know -- say 100% Jackson's body is in the coffin that is being taken to Staples Center.

Strange Jackson Coincidence

Michael Jackson signed his last will on 7-7-02, seven years to the day he will be memorialized and buried. Michael was the 7th in a family of 9 kids.

Michael Jackson Will

The Crowds Outside Staples Center

The mobs of lucky ticket holders have descended upon Staples Center for Michael Jackson's memorial and it's only going to get crazier. Around 50,000 people are estimated to be in the downtown L.A. area.

'Lost Boy' at MJ Memorial

Corey Feldman shows up to Michael Jackson's memorial wearing something straight out of MJ's closet.

Corey Feldman

Sharpton & Kobe at Michael's Memorial

Reverend Al Sharpton and Kobe Bryant together inside Staples Center at Michael Jackson's memorial.

Rev. Al Sharpton and Kobe Bryant

Michael Jackson Memorial -- Inside Staples Center

A shot of the stage inside Staples Center as they prepare for the memorial service later this morning.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Fan -- Life Is a Drag

The first crazy Michael Jackson fan was just hauled away from Staples Center.

The Official Program from MJ Memorial

Here's a picture of the program being given out at the Michael Jackson memorial at Staples Center.

Michael Jackson

Jackson Chopper Contingency

Michael JacksonLaw enforcement tells us their contingency plan to get Michael Jackson from Forest Lawn to Staples Center has some danger associated with it.

L.A. City Fire Captain William Wick says if a processional on the freeway is too dicey, a fire dept. chopper will take Jackson's body to downtown L.A. But he says "I'm concerned for our pilot's safety," because of the 20 news choppers hovering around in a tight air space.

Capt. Wick says he's considering calling the FAA to restrict the airspace.

Again, the plan is to take Jackson's body by motorcade -- the helicopter plan is the contingency, but they're getting ready for it.

La Toya, Joe & Jermaine Arrive Home

Earlier this morning La Toya, Joe & Jermaine Jackson arrived to their family's Encino home, before heading over to Forest Lawn for the private service.

La Toya, Joe and Jermaine Jackson

The Stage Is Set for Michael's Memorial

The front row of the Staples Center is decked out with flowers for Michael Jackson's memorial today.

Staples Center

Stevie & Usher Rehearse for MJ Memorial

Last night at Staples Center, Stevie Wonder and Usher rehearsed their performances for Michael Jackson's memorial today.

Motorcade Sponsored by Range Rover, Rolls

Motorcade Sponsored by Range RoverWe've learned the Range Rovers in the motorcade transporting Michael Jackson's family to Forest Lawn was handled by Land Rover Encino.

We're told last night at 10 PM 10 drivers pulled up to Encino Range Rover and picked up 10 vehicles -- a combo of regular and superchargers.

We also just found out O'Gara Coach Company in Bev Hills, and the dealership allowed the family to use 3 of its cars.

The dealership is not charging the Jackson family.

The vehicles will be returned tonight.

SWAT Team to Escort Jackson Body

Michael JacksonWe've just learned law enforcement has launched a plan to escort Michael Jackson's body from Forest Lawn to the Staples Center.

The plan calls for a "heavy motorcade" with the LAPD's SWAT team as part of the escort.

There is also a contingency plan to helicopter the body to Staples if there's an issue of safety.

We're also told approximately 100 people will attend the private memorial at Forest Lawn -- mostly family members. After the service the plan is to follow the body to Staples.

Michael jackson Launch photos

Michael's Mother Prepares for Memorial

Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother and current guardian of his children, was seen at a nail salon yesterday in Woodland Hills.

Katherine Jackson: Click to watch

L.A. Mayor Asks Jackson Fans for Money

Michael JacksonL.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asking fans of Michael Jackson to kick in and offset the $4 million it will cost the city to cover the city's costs associated with the funeral and memorial.

Chris Brown Peaces Out at Staples Center

Wearing shades and flashing a peace sign, Chris Brown was spotted at Staples Center for Michael Jackson's memorial.

Chris Brown

If Rihanna happens to show up to Staples Center, Chris will have to stay at least 10 yards from her.

The Circus Is in Town for MJ's Memorial

No really, the actual circus is in town.

Like Michael Jackson's memorial couldn't get any crazier -- Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey continued an L.A. tradition this morning by parading their elephants through downtown ... to the Staples Center.

11 elephants, seven horses, tigers, zebras, ponies and dogs are being stowed in a back lot behind Staples for a five-day Ringling event this week.

Jackson Family Gathers at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Jackson Family Gathers at Forest Lawn CemeteryJackson family members -- including La Toya and Randy -- have been spotted entering Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

A hearse was also seen pulling up to the Hall of Liberty complex -- we hear there may be a viewing of Michael's body tonight.

UPDATE 12:36 AM ET: La Toya was seen leaving the cemetery around a half hour ago -- nearly everyone has left by now.

J.Hud & Usher at Staples Center

A pregnant Jennifer Hudson and Usher inside the Staples Center for Michael Jackson's memorial.

Jennifer Hudson and Usher

Brooke & Magic Arrive at Staples Center

Brooke Shields and Magic Johnson at Michael Jackson's memorial at Staples Center.

Brooke Shields and Magic Johnson

Whether at a TomKat birth, Kiefer Sutherland fight or high profile memorial, you can count on Brooke to be there. She's the new "Zelig."