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Strange Jackson Coincidence

7/7/2009 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson signed his last will on 7-7-02, seven years to the day he will be memorialized and buried. Michael was the 7th in a family of 9 kids.

Michael Jackson Will


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lolz......... when does GOD allow pedophiles into heaven???????? he will burn in hell, and as for farrah i never heard of her poking little boys in the butt while giving them jesus juice!

1843 days ago


hmh that is kinda weird

1843 days ago


Hi, I'm a reject that likes to sit behind a computer and make jokes about Michael because it makes me feel better about myself. My life is so pathetic and sad that when I make pedophile jokes about someone I don't really even personally know I feel somewhat important to society.
LOL - Get a life you useless morons seriously, you are all too contemptible and dismal that I really feel sorry for how miserable your lives must be................ NOT! Do something constructive with your lives like maybe get a job.
REJECTS may now report to thanks.

1843 days ago


Confirmation that he is with God in Heaven. 7 is a blessed number and it means completion.

1843 days ago


Its not strange nor is it a coincidence. He was God's child and he provided so much for so many. His time came and he was called. Perhaps the timing of his death has more significance than we may ever be able to calculate.

1843 days ago


His funeral is today on the 7th.

1843 days ago


Fans of MJ. Please don't dignify any of these statements made by those who hate him so. This day belongs to Michael Jacksons memory. It's estimated 1 billion people will watch this memorial,and LA is being flooded right now with throngs of people from all over the world.
This speaks more to Michael's legacy than a "handful" of posters that "claim" they have no interest yet continue to comment in all of the threads dedicated to him.

1843 days ago


7-7-02 it was signed.. 7 years ago
7-7-09 is his memorial service
7 of 9 children
7 letters in "Michael"
7 letters in "Jackson"
The list goes on!

1843 days ago


it is amazing how people are so ignorant,if you don't like mj that is fine, noone is forcing you to. but for those who do love him, let us mourn! Is it so hard to be decent to others? are you so unhappy in you pathetic lives that you have nothing better to do than speak hate? So sad! I don't know who Mj was behind closed doors, all we know is what we hear and choose to believe. i for one listened to the evidence or lack there of....I based my opinion on what people who spent time with him and knew him personally. Why would i take the opinion of someone who never conversed with mj over the opinion of those who knew him? and it appears to me that everyone who KNEW him LOVED HIM. WTF IS UP WITH THAT FACT? Even his friends that didn't agree with what he was doing in respect to prescription medicine, still say they loved him, he was a good person, a good soul ect. I just can't allow that to escape my thoughts and heart when it comes down to me forming an opinion of MJ for myself If you believe the worst of someone without merit,other than rumor and allegation, then maybe just perhaps you are the evil one. Let God judge this man, not us. and if you don't like MJ why not just go leave a comment on a subject and or person you do like

1843 days ago


Multiple sources are reporting that MJs casket will be flown to Staples Center. A large red helicopter has landed and staged for takeoff at the edge of a parking lot across from the driveway and adjacent to the parking area in front of the Hall of Liberty at Forest Hills Cemetery.

At the request of LAPD, the FAA took the unusual step of approving flight restrictions in the skies above a vast perimeter of the Staples Center. LAPD is saying that it was done due to the aerial risks by the news media above the throngs of people in the area. It was also done to accommodate the safe transport of MJs remains to Staples Center.

1843 days ago

Sue Wong    

Michael Jackson came from a special place. He was unique but his soul now rests in heaven. People can only see bad because they're bad. Most adults can't understand the innocence to love a child from the heart because they don't really like children. Most can't stand other people's children. As a mom and someone who works with children and youth, I understand his love. He was no pedophile. No matter how many times you say it don't make it so. People with children who knew him said he was not a molester. Children are a gift from God and most often unappreciated in this world just like Joe Jackson treated Michael.

1843 days ago


Michael is a 7 letter name!!! And Jackson is a 7 letter name!!! Does this mean he's the MESSIAH???

1843 days ago

Jessica Siqueira    


1843 days ago


That's spooky! RIP Michael

1843 days ago


... another interesting tidbit about today's events. the FAA is reporting there is a record number of helicopters positioned in the air over Forest Lawn Cemetery.... a mind boggling 21 helicopters... another irony is 21 has a factor of 7... 7 X 3 = 21.

1843 days ago
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