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Commemorative Michael Jackson Program

7/7/2009 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here is the memorial service program for Michael Jackson being sold outside the Staples Center.

The Official Michael Jackson Program


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They're available on Ebay for 20 bucks plus 10 s/h

1880 days ago


The program looks classy, just like Michael was! I hope that we have an opportunity to buy one and preserve his memory forever.

God bless you, Michael!

1880 days ago


I want one of those, I hope I can get one at Ebay or somewhere outside the staple center since I live near LA!!!

1880 days ago


WRONG!!!! the program issued inside the Staples Center and on CNN was not this program at all, check your source.......

1880 days ago


What's wrong with you people,a son,brother,father,uncle ect,has passed on,regardless of what you think or feel he was loved by all who came in contact with him,whether on the by cd,dvd. The world loved him. Your comments are just your jealousy showing. We all know that when you pass, your presence on this earth will be barely recognized. But before you idiots say anymore,check your own closet,sweep your own back door before mking statements that have been unfounded. Again check your closet!

1880 days ago

Penny Naselaris    

I Concur with previous comment(s). When going onto the staples center site, there isn't anywhere someone can ask a question re; if they can purchase the actual Michael Jackson Memorial Booklet. FOR THOSE OF US WHO LIVE FAR AWAY, and TRIED, TRIED, TRIED in vain throughout the weekend to keep sending in our registrations, and to not recieve our answers until MONDAYAM....TO SAY THE LEAST IS MORE THAN DISSAPPOINTING, FORE WE WERE MAKING PLANS TO COME TO L.A. HOW in the world would A REAL FAN from Ft. WAYNE, INDIANA, who grew up with the Jackson 5, The Jacksons, and Michael. HIS, "Off the Wall," Album was it!!! It really sealed it for me, and, "Thriller", JUST BLEW US ALL with AWE, and it CEMENTED what I already knew about him, the person, the Music Man, The GENIOUS, of his creative process, who was always willing to push the envelope to go farther, who had a vision like no other and not being afraid to take those risks, in order to achieve the unthinkable....HE DID THAT IN HIS LIFE, and MUSIC, WISHES cannot come true, as I WISH I HAD MET HIM PERSONALLY, BEHIND THE MASK AND ALL! MJ......WE MISS YOU!!!!

TO: The powers that be that can get any info on trying to purchase a few programs for my friends and myself, it would mean the world, that we could have something concrete, as rememberance of this day, and WHAT WE and THE WORLD HAS TRULY LOST!!!!!!!!

1880 days ago


"CNN Newcaster inside Staples Center had a totally different program and showed it page by page to viewers. It was gold with a picture of Michael with his arms stretched out wide. What is this?"

There are 2 different programs. This one is the Commemorative edition.


1880 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Aaannnd...Feebay in 3...2...1...

1880 days ago


This is NOT the program that was really given out. I saw some random guys trying to sell this on the OUTSIDE of the barricade. The real program was gold and FREE to those who attended. Nothing was being sold at Staples Center. You need to correct this.

1880 days ago


People are such monsters! The man has passed away and a fmaily has suffered a great loss. Everyone wants to focus on the negative that was unfounded as he was acquitted. Lets see if you feel that way when the shoe is on the other foot and its your family memeber that has passed away. Does it matter if he bleached his skin or gave birth to or adopted the (white) children? Does it matter if he had a nose job or 10 nose jobs. Its his money and his life and he can do as he chooses. Madonna has a black baby and so does Angeline Jolie but I dont hear all this negativity. Why is that? What happened to not judging as none are without sin. Give me a break! He didnt owe the world all that he gave and he certainly didnt have to justify why he changed his nose, skin or anything else. Grow up people and get a life. For those that believe the judicial system worked in his favor are the same that will say its a failure when the same thing happens in their family. Let this man have some peace in death and let his family grieve for their loss! Try having the cameras on you and your family. I bet it would be way more weird and distasteful than anything we have seen from Michael Jackson and his family. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Put your rocks down people!

1880 days ago

Ana Castillo    

I wasnt able to attend the ceremony at the staple center and i would have loved to have one of the golden programs to give to my mom whos birthday is coming soon on july 23rd and like i said i would love to get a hold on one.


1880 days ago


Mike G, stop SCAMMING people on ebay. the GOLD is the only one

1880 days ago


Are this really being sold out side the staples center? Could I go now to get one. I was at Olympic / Figueroa but the police ask us to leave at about 1:00 p.m.
please i really want to know

1880 days ago


This thing is hideous -- it is NOT the original program. This should be retracted and removed - they are just trying to make money, its not genuine and it is pretty ugly actually -- no professional would ever put this out there let alone sell it.

1880 days ago


I want this program, someone please gift it to me!!!!!!

1880 days ago
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