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The Stage Is Set for Michael's Memorial

7/7/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The front row of the Staples Center is decked out with flowers for Michael Jackson's memorial today.

The Stage Michael Jackson's  Memorial


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People who talk about others like that need to look in there own back yard's first. M.J was the KING of POP so either face facts or don't say nothing at all. M.J your music and name will live on in our heart's "you are not alone", Shame on the false aquisers
and I hope that they live in hell for what they did to this man.

1871 days ago

Longtime fan    

I would just like to say that all of the negative comments are unnecessary. This is a time of grief, not judgment. He should be remembered for his genius and his willingness to heal the world. The time and energy wasted on dragging his name through the mud, should be focused on something positive. GROW UP!!!

1871 days ago


look at the black curtin between the flowers you can see a casket the family is burring him at forrest lawn and screwing with his fans at this so called memorial and spending a ton of tax payers money shame on la for this bs

1871 days ago


LOL...wouldn't that be something if MJ does pop out of his coffin and begin his 'This is It' tour this way, that would be stunt of all stunts....but it would be AWESOME!!!!!!!! MJ can pull it off too, because, well, he can. :-D

Maybe that's why they didn't waste money on beautiful expensive flowers...

Guess a gal can always dream...

1871 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    


No wonder he couldn't sleep at night.... KARMA= SHAME for MJ

1871 days ago


I have a question for all of you "WONDERFUL" fans of Michael Jackson. The last several years, his record sales have gone down. He was in finacial ruins. He actually had to go to another country to stage a come back. Now, since his death, his record sales have risen, and just like roaches, you have all come out of the wood work proclaiming how much you ADORE him and how BIG of a fan you are. Sad thing is, this is doing him no good, now that he is dead. Where were you wonderful, adoring fans when he was alive?

1871 days ago


R.I.P. Michael. Your legacy of music will live on forever.

1871 days ago


Do they allow Jesus juice in hell?

1871 days ago


Is their a place to post on the internet that doesn't have ugly remarks? He wasn't perfect...I just would like to post so his family knows we are thinking of them.

1871 days ago


Oh yes. He was NOT proven INNOCENT. They said NOT GUILTY, which means nothing.

1871 days ago


CATHY. Do you honestly believe that his family is on reading any of this? If so, you are ignorant, to say the least lol

1871 days ago

nobody special    

To me this is such a display of tackiness and attention whoring by the Jackson Family. How absolutely ridiculous to turn what should be a very private time, into a media circus.
I find it so ironic that no one played his music on the radio in the past few years, that the media stripped the man of any dignity when he was accused of child molestation, and now because he has passed away - make a hero out of him.
The Jackson family should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this. Believe me, the fans would have remembered him in their own way - it should have been left at that.
I'm so disgusted at this whole thing.

1871 days ago

Just Saying    

tto #13 Sophie - Hey Loser! He was found not guilty- not innocent. He paid them off to make them go away and the mother of the boy is just as bad as this freak because she had no issues with the fact that the freak acted inappropriate with her child because she was too busy looking at the $$$ signs. And for the other loser on here saying I'm a mother and I will never settle for money therefore he is innocent, well that shows that not all mothers put their kids before $$$ and that doesn't make freako innocent. You want to sit here and keep saying how the court failed to prove it, but you don't have the B@$$ to mention the tv interview where freako sat there telling the world how he would sleep in the same bed with a boy. OK Wierdo! Finally to all the losers stating how they can't stop crying OMG get a life you weak individuals! Like I stated in my early post I can't wait for today to end so they can bury this child molester Junkie and we can get back to being able to watch tv without having to turn the channel because they have this freak and his sideshow family on. One more thing stop crying on how people shouldn't write on the post because they not sick minded to mourn for a freak. They're entitled as much as you freaks are!

1871 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

It is a time for celebration for his young victims who woke up next to a monster ! Now maybe these children will have a chance for a "normal life' .

Think of the money being wasted on this nonsense of a funeral ! Cremate the wacko and scatter his ashes over the dumpo.

1871 days ago


HEAL THE WORLD?????????????? Are you serious??? How the heck did he "heal the world"? PLEASE tell us oh idot one. He was a pediphile. A junkie. A drug addict. A self made freak of nature. Heal the world?? What kind of idiot are you???

1871 days ago
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