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Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial

7/8/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If everyone were to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, Barbara Walters would too.

Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial
During last night's "20/20" Michael Jackson special, Walters showcased footage shot by an ABC producer sitting next to her at the memorial. The video captures Katherine Jackson and Michael's kids two rows in front of Barbara watching the service -- despite the fact that tickets to the event clearly state "no camera/video/recording."

Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial Click to view!An ABC source tells us Barbara's producer decided to shoot video because "once inside the Staples Center it was quite obvious to our producer that plenty of people were shooting video."

Calls to AEG (which threw the event) were not returned.


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What a creep!

1912 days ago


Wow, normally I would not comment on this.... but felt maybe I should say what I feel. First, extremely tacky. I am sure that the great MJ was rolling about in his casket just knowing his children were there without being veiled. He never wanted them to be exposed. But I will honestly admit, I was hoping we would get a glimpse of what they look like. They are beautiful.
Second.... I agree with the comments that it was a gross injustice to Michael's family and memory, that Barbara Walters' producer taped some footage. If she had any tact or dignity she would have taken the camera away from the lady. Barbara Walters was once a first class journalist who brought the world stories with dignity and grace. Stooping to this level of conduct surely makes me think that her level of professional journalism has sunk to an all time low. ABC should fine both Walters and the producer, order them to publicly apologize to the family, and suspend them without pay for 6 months.

1912 days ago


barbara walters didn't destroy michael jackson. martin bashir did. barbara is workin' on the kids.

and as far a not being able to get any A listers for the memorial , that's bs. they could have gotten anybody they wanted. it was seen by, what, 100-200 million people? it was appropriate you moron.

1912 days ago


She just showed her slithery self. Any decent person would've told her producer not to shoot any footage. What does she think she captured on that video that wasn't shown on TV or webcast. She's just PATHETIC! Goes to show you she was there for the wrong reasons. AND, why she was invited is beyond me. She is not a true journalist, she's down there with the likes of Rona Barrett. I wish she would just go away! Retire and enjoy her golden years by herself!

1912 days ago


This woman is disgusting and I am no longer a fan. Shame on her for this! She sold out her morals and values long ago; anything to get the scoop!

1912 days ago

brian scott miller    

Go Away already!!!! I've seen more of this dead pedophile than I can stand. Just go to hell already!!

1912 days ago

two cents    

That bitch needs to be slapped, promptly! What a bitch. When she drops dead (soon hopefully), I'll be sure to take pictures of her grieving kids, just for my jollies.

Can't stand her, she has absolutly NO class.

1912 days ago


Good for her; always the reporter, eh, Babs? What did they expect seating a member of the media so close to the family?

Check out my blog: On my recovery from alcohol addiction.

1912 days ago


90. Listen up guys, whether or not Michael Jackson was truly guilty or
not of any allegations, whether the kids are his or not, whether his
dad beat him or not, whether he was addicted to painkillers or not,
one thing is certain. He was, quite simply, the most gifted, talented
and exciting entertainer you and I will ever have had the pleasure to


Entirely YOUR opinion, and not shared by most people. According to recent polls on CNN and FOX, well over 80% of EVERYONE didn't think much of him or his music.

1912 days ago


Dispicable! And, sitting no more than two rows back AND the Jacksons even invited her to sit there and she looks at it as a scoop! Notice how she didn't mention HOW she got the film footage leading up to her report? All I can say, when the time comes for BaBaWaWa, I'm hoping folks will be just as tacky. It would be fitting since she always has a camera in someones face. Retire!

1912 days ago


85. I'm black and VERY tired of all this Jackson crap. He only represented to bottom half of the black gene-pool. The rest of us are embarassed by this family's self-imposed assumption that they speak for black Americans, - they DON'T!

Posted at 2:04PM on Jul 8th 2009 by Jaman
When did the Jackson's attempt to "speak" for black peoople? "the rest of us are embarrassed"???? seems like YOU"RE trying to speak for black people! What does "bottom half of the gene pool" mean?

1912 days ago

kirstie williams    

shame on her!!!!

1912 days ago

maggie mae    

As much as I didn't like MJ, I thought he was a super frreak, Barbara Walters is a whore for doing this. If you can't get stories the legal way, don't do it. Lawsuit yes.

1912 days ago


TMZ please remove her video from your site. Don't give her the publicity that she hoped to gain from the video. She has proven that she has no class, and doesn't even deserve any recognition. It is just disgusting to do that at anyone's funeral. It just makes me sick to think they had no respect for the family. They claim that people were using cameras and video recorders, but I didn't see any pop up on the TV. She should publicly apologize to the Jackson family, and especially the Jackson children.

1912 days ago


uhhhhh... and who took this picture??

1912 days ago
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