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Debbie Rowe Breaks Down Watching Paris

7/8/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe didn't go to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday -- but she broke down crying while watching the girl she gave birth to, Paris Michael Katherine, give a passionate speech to the crowd.

For some reason, she was watching the service outside.


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If you are the biological mother you don't have to prove you are fit, it is presumed that you are fit. The State or the complaining party must prove you are unfit which takes a lot more than not being around them. Think of all the dad'a out there that hardly see their children. Alot of these comments seem uneducated and sexist. Hum

1934 days ago


This is false. i saw these pictures over the weekend and she was wearing the same putfit when she called police to remove paparazzi from her propertyt. I ususally respect yuou guys, but you MADE THIS ONE UP. Sad, just sad.

1934 days ago

Denise Epke    

I don't know why????? She SOLD those kids off!! FLAT OUT! Now she's almost broke and sees those kids as a CASH COW!! Sad that a mother gives up her children for a horse farm, I hope she can't get those kids, they are far better off without her. She was a donor, it takes a hell of a lot more to be called a MOTHER, trust that! The bitch!

1934 days ago


Debbie Rowe doesnt exactly fit the description of a gold digger. She dresses in jeans and Tee Shirts, lives a normal life and lives in a normal house. She didnt stay in Hollywood and try to get her picture on every cover of every rag-mag. She may have made a financial deal with Michael Jackson but he clearly did not pay it all out. I agree with the person who said she could have held a press conference after his death and told the world he was not the biological father, given up the details of the kids and spilled all the secrets. Instead TMZ posts here that both she and Michael arent the biological parents, then a little later say "hey we have the BC showing they are". She is clearly the Birth mother, her signature on the BC says it. He is the "birth father" because they are married and it is naturally assumed unless the "husband" signs a waiver that the mother is stating that he is not the father and he agrees. Their marriage was a cover to give him the rights without adoption involved. Even though he isnt the father biologically, he was their father and the 3 things that kept him living. They clearly loved him. Kids are not stupid... I am sure as they have gotten older they noticed that they do not look anything at all like him and have no Jackson family traits. Maybe they know the truth. I doubt it matters to them, he is all they knew as a father. I feel for them and can only hope that everyone will do whats right in their best interest.

1934 days ago


Well heres my 2 cents might as well be.......I do not believe MJ was a child molester or ever touched a child in a sexual way. He was "different" his nose which I believe was screwed up by plastic surgeons, He might have kept getting the surgery`s to be under this drug that might have killed him.... I dont think he liked his looks at all, I dont think he liked his hair so he changed it 2, It obvious he liked "the white" look white kids, white women etc....I believe he was tired, and just wanted to rest so he stayed in his addiction knowing good and well it would eventually kill him....It was his way out of this cruel world and the mess he was in concerning his finances...probably analyzed this very carefully and decided he would go out a legend, Icon and youthful looks....look up the song they dont really care about us, read the lyrics he was just fed up with life and the crap he had to endure! RIP MJ

1934 days ago



1934 days ago


I can't even begin to think of how much emotional and psychological trauma this woman has had to endure ever since becoming involved with MJ. Her life is a complete nightmare. She was paid millions to bear children for him, then paid more to give them up after they were born. She sold her dignity away to a freak at the expense of giving her children away to a pedphile. She's had to live with that all through these years and look at what it has done to her. She is in awful shape both physically and mentally and cannot do anything to reconcile her children to herself once again. What a horrible self-induced torment.

1934 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

Debbie: Go get yourself a stylist. At least go to Kohl's or JC Penney. You look like trailor trash. Your honor your "best Friend" MJ by skipping out on the service and memorial, then dressing in a dirty t-shirt and cap. God help the kids if they get stuck with this piece or work. C

ome on Aunt Janet, step up to the plate and make a play for those kids.

1934 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

This Jackson family is morally and spiritually......bankrupt.

1934 days ago


Debbie, Debbie who????? She was never important and never will be. Their family is truly the Jackson's and those beautiful children belong with them. God bless all of you.
Oh, and Debbie, go back to the trash in that "trailer park" you came from.

1934 days ago


i dont know whats worse. The kids being left to a family who have many issues. Look at the whole family- it wasnt just Michael.
Or going to their Mom who hasnt seen them. Theyre grandmother is older. She is at the end years of her life. The kids DONT need to loose another caretaker.

1934 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

As little as I thought of MJ, I think even less of this pile of ratsh*t. She's the consummate con artist, and really did a number on his head, and his bank account.

You can smell her comin' up Fifth Avenue - she's all about how much money she can milk out of her grand charade.

She's pompous, phony as a three-dollar bill, and NOTHING she says is plausible.

And now her game will be to feign love and concern for "her" kids, while hoping to bank a huge check to shut up and go away rather than causing yet another stink.

I'd like to see a judge briefly do a number on her head, and say, "Okay, I'm awarding you custody," and then watch her go, "*wait* a minute now."

A freaky, dysfunctional family (The Jackson Bunch), or this bucket of repulsive vomit? I hate to say it, but this would be a case where I'd as a judge let the custody remain with the grandmother - and it wouldn't be an easy case of the lesser of the evils.

1934 days ago

CALI girl!    

55. So what? Everybody's in it for the money, except for maybe the kids. The Jackson 4 are going on tour to make a few Benjamins, Papa's cashing in, and don't forget that Jackson himself bought those kids. Shameless.
'Daddy? Where's mommy?'
'Well, daughter and son, I payed her off and she accepted. You know, kinda like a record deal. All business.'

The mother of the kids is just doing what everyone else is doing. Enough with the Jackson glorification.
He was as selfish and narcissistic as anyone else in the entertainment world,

Posted at 10:29AM on Jul 8th 2009 by Billybuck

you disrespecful hillbilly. leave them alone. stop being jealous of his success and his shrewdness for the industry, He wanted children but everyone around him didnt want to give him any, except for this woman, who wanted to make him happy, and so what she got some money out of it ALSO, but so have many OTHERS, CLAYAIKEN, SARAH JESSICA PARKER, ANGELINA JOLIE, AND TONS TONS MORE. only someone truly bitter like your self would hate these people so much for no real reason ohter than jealolusy . and mj was not shameless or narcissistic, you have NO RIGHT TO PASS JUDGEMENT YOU DID NOT KNOW HIM! how dare you arrogant piece of cow poop! of which you had intercourse with!

1934 days ago


I think Debbie should be given an opportunity to get to know her kids, and if the court feels she should have them, then she should have them. Maybe just maybe she would be a gracious and loving enough person to take all 3 and not serperate them. Growing up on a farm in freah air instead of a camera shoved in your face for the rest of your life would be ideal. I would have gone off on the paparazzi too.. she had EVERY right ! ANd one curse word?? She gets lambasted for ONE curse word ??? People give it a rest !! Yes Paris loved her daddy.. he is the only daddy she knew. For whatever reasons, however she was raised is ALL she knows right now. And we have no clue what went on behind closed doors. I am not judging here. It was SO nice ( I am being snotty here) seeing how the family posed her and made sure the microphone was " just right". Then Janet grabs her to hug her. Oh PULEEZ !!! Photo op? Camera op? Paparazzi op?? YUP!!

1934 days ago


Are you all color blind..................those kids are NOT Jacksons! The Jackson family are African/American..............those are three little white kids; but to Joe and the clan they look GREEN................Do any of them have successful families? Come on, take the blinders off. What kind of stability could those kids possibly have in the Jackson household?
Quit picking on Debbie Rowe.

1934 days ago
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