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Debbie Rowe Breaks Down Watching Paris

7/8/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe didn't go to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday -- but she broke down crying while watching the girl she gave birth to, Paris Michael Katherine, give a passionate speech to the crowd.

For some reason, she was watching the service outside.


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a girl named sue    

Stop hating so much....even though she never mothered the kids, she carried them in her belly. Give her a break, and as far as her looks, what the hell does that have to do with anything. Obviously, all of you so called " fans" have never listened to the words in Man in the Mirror...what a bunch of disgusting hypocrites.

1936 days ago

Linda S    

If you were not moved nor shed a tear then you have a cold heart. Stop with all the hating of Debbie. You are not living her life nor do you know anything about her.

1936 days ago


Too bad she's already presented herself as a foul-mouthed "toughie" on TV - not a good recommendation for getting custody!

1936 days ago


It' sad that she cannot be dressed properly on her ex husband's funeral day...

1936 days ago


I just hope that those 3 beautiful kids stay with the Jackson family (not Joe). I hope Debbie Rowe does NOT get custody. What a complete TRAVESTY that would be. Debbie Rowe always says she gave Michael "a gift". "Gifts" are free. News media reports are that she got about 8 MILLION bucks for those kids. That's not a gift. That's a profit. The best interests of the children are what matter. They should go where they want, which I'm sure is not with Debbie Rowe. Michael went out of his way to cut her out of his Will.

Debbie Rowe is just looking for another payday. Her lawyer says "she's still deciding whether to get custody". Translation: Jackson Family: Pay me LOTS of $$$$$$$$$ to GO AWAY. She will blackmail them. It's all about the money.

Remember when she said "they don't call me Mom because I don't want them to". Also her vile scene outside the chinese restaurant was just wonderful. Play that tape for the judge.

1936 days ago

First whores!    

24. Is this Jackson family related to Grimace T. Jackson?

Posted at 9:58AM on Jul 8th 2009 by Iam Smartman

Hey Smartman, Grimace is purple.

1936 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I was hoping to see another NIPPLE SHOT from Janet Jackson..............

1936 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

She's crying coz she just saw the tape of herself from the other day when she said in her witchlike mean voice:


bye- bye Jackson Money ....bye bye kiddies that you never wanted anyways...bye bye you're a loser just like that ----K.

1936 days ago


I think it was some what an act on her part. On X17 they say their photogs were outside the exact moment Paris was speaking and Debbie "burst out of the door in tears and could be heard crying from where they were" she wanted this to be seen. She a POS "mother" a mother doesn't leave her children (yes SHE LEFT HER CHILDREN) and then 10 years later say "oh well, I guess I need to be a mother" she sees green and along with the green comes the children.

1936 days ago

First whores!    

Is this Jackson family related to Grimace T. Jackson?

Posted at 9:58AM on Jul 8th 2009 by Iam Smartman

Hey Smartman, Grimace is purple.

Posted at 10:07AM on Jul 8th 2009 by Big John

He might be purple but his last name is Jackson. Grimace T. Jackson is a brother!

1936 days ago


hands off the children !!!! debbie they dont know you
let them with thier familly !!!!

1936 days ago


Come on TMZ, stop with the BS, This PICTURE clearly is telling a different story. Where the hell was the TV? Why is she walking?....... I guess people are dumber than they look, that should be your new motto. You post a picture, put on a caption and idiots bite every time. WHAT A WAY TO GET website traffic.

1936 days ago


Sorry, she has the children since the separation of Michael not seen and there are already a few years. Years, you can make up no more. Even the children had once said they have no mother. You should be with their money get what they had forgiven, and the Jackson family leave!
It is itself to blame, according to reports, they wanted it so!
Let Jackson family, especially the one with whom Michael had always contact alone!

1936 days ago


Why is Debbie allowing photos taken at a time like that on her farm? VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a PR stunt. The day before she was hurling expletives at the paparazzi.

The kids are walking fortunes......she'll be very interested - all of a sudden- to get her grubs on that money.

Michael has paid her so many millions in the past. Insatiable.

Debbie is half-Jewish and from Washington state. Her dad was in the air force and mom was Jewish. Doubt she wants them raised by a black Christian family.

1936 days ago

Canadian Girl    

rowe rowe rowe your boat roughly down the white river rapid, there ain't no chance in HELL the jacksons will let her get her paws on those children.

Did you see Janet hold paris after she spoke! That was a 'I LOVE YOU HUG AND I WILL NEVER LET ANYONE HARM YOU HUG"

F%$K Debbie Rowe, real mommies don't use their wombs to harbour and sell babies from. We nuture and love them she ain't no mommy LEAVE THOSE CHILDREN ALONE!!!!!!!

1936 days ago
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