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Larry King -- Royally Ticked Off

7/8/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One panhandler learned a tough lesson last night -- don't push your luck with the King!

Larry King: Click to watch
Larry King gave one dude $5 outside Mastro's, and when the guy had the stones to ask for more, the 75-year-old talk show host was clearly POed.

Maybe he was just crabby from holding his wife's purse all night.


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#29 - GOOD ONE!

1933 days ago


Larry King looks awful!

1933 days ago


Wow, I thought I was the only one that thought this guy sucks and is WAY overrated.
The interview with Jermaine was terrible. I have no idea why this guy is famous. I feel the same about Barbara Walters.
They both ask stupid questions which they think are intelligent.

1933 days ago


Wow, is that Larry Kings wife?
She is hot, and looks like she has Larry by 'the balls' so to speak,
Did you notice he was carrying her purse for her?
What a nice guy.

1933 days ago


#13 that bugs me too. Must be bad dentures or something.

1933 days ago


Just like a frickin liberal lefty. All talk and not willing to give the "poor" people of the street their money, but they want everyone else to.

1933 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

eh, Larry didn't yell at anyone.

Mastro's rocks! Gary the piano man is the man! :)

1933 days ago


maybe the beggar should get a J O B.

1933 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

20. Seriously why couldn't his wife carry her own bag...

I am a woman and I would never make my husband carry my about demeaning. She went to the Jon and Kate school of marriage. Beat your man down into submission. They will be divorced if he doesn't die first.

Posted at 11:41AM on Jul 8th 2009 by stakarazi


SHUT UP FATHEAD. If you were attractive maybe you're "husband" would...obviously you are a worthless old BAG.

1933 days ago


Most irritating about him is that he reads the next question when the guest is anwering the question just asked. Plain rude.

1933 days ago


When did King's wife get out of rehab ??

1933 days ago


A black guy up town used to do that to me, always hanging outside a club. He was a drug dealer who would do the panhandle thing while he was waiting for people to pick stuff up. He used to get nasty when you said no. I complained to club security and they eventually got rid of him.

1933 days ago


What a miserable old cow. The man is so old he can't even pronounce MICHAEL! One of the most common names on the PLANET! He says it MY-KEE-AL. What an a-hole like he can't afford to give more than $5.

1933 days ago



1) there YOU are, walking down the street, minding your own business, then......
2) a beggar INVADES your space asking for money, then when you DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM..........
3) "YOU" are the as_hole?$%^&&
IT'S JUST TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. GIVE TO THE CHURCH OR A HOMELESS MISSION IF YOU WANT TO HELP PEOPLE DOWN AND OUT. trust me!! if someone is hungry or needs clothing or shelter there is plenty of that stuff available for the homeless!! at least here in los angeles.

1933 days ago


first the dead. now the living. lay off haters!! amazing!! people are so stupid!! was that YOUR money larry handed out? buzz off!! larry king did his little good deed and if he seemed to snap out at the beggar, that's his choice! nothing wrong with that! just because if i was the one the beggar had come to and he asked for a second handout, i would have folded my hands and told him thank you, but no more - doesn't means everyone should do the same!! now that MJ is gone and done with your hate, you turn to the living!! that's stupid! larry is a good guy, i love his humble style of interviews. he's aging, he may be foregtting or fumbling, but he's good. the reason he is still on CNN is because you are not the CEO!! leave him alone!! idiots!

1933 days ago
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