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Mr. Jackson Goes to Washington

7/8/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not all congressmen feel like Rep. Peter King -- and yesterday in D.C., a group of Democratic reps showed their support for a House resolution honoring Michael Jackson.

Congressmen Peter King: Click to watch
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
, who spoke at yesterday's memorial, is pushing for a measure which would recognize Jackson as a "global humanitarian and a noted leader."

Jim McDermott
(D-WA), John Lewis (D-GA) and Shelley Berkley (D-NV) are in -- with Lewis making a point to call King's comments "out of line" and "unnecessary."


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Who Cares    

I cannot believe all of this hoopla over a known pedophile. Yes he was talented...but he also had a room full of child pornography. Remember when they found that room during his trial when they searched his home???? Remember when the busloads of kids broght to Neverland Ranch quit coming because it was found that he was sleeping with the kids in his own bed??? So when the kids quit coming, he "purchased" his own. He didn't even adopt them...he paid the price and the lawyers delivered them to Michael Jackson of all people. Their mother essentially sold her own children to a known pedophile. Enough is enough. The young boys of this world are much better off without him. I hesitate what may have happened with his own "paid for" young sons.

1933 days ago


I agree with the majority, that congress needs to focus their attention on more important issues, and honoring our military heros. Yes, MJ did alot of humanitarian deeds but, this resolution is beyond stupidity since congrees can't staighten out the needs of ALL THE PEOPLE. I was IRRATE at Shelia Jackson Lee for bringing up the charges & explaining our constitution "innocent until proven guilty" in front of MJ's children at a MEMORIAL for their dead father. She was more SPECIFIC than any of the others. It was inappropriate wording and she should be chastised heavily for this and tarred & feathered & ran out of washington. If she can be THIS insensitive to peoples feelings then SHE IS NOT a good representative of the people.

1933 days ago

Joe Bescophilis    

Why is it my posts get deleted? All I did was say that he paid off witnesses, did't contribute to the poor, and is supported by the Democraps who want everybody else's money but their own to pay for their programs of keeping the poor poor,
I guess it is not TMZ correct to call MJ a balck guy who wanted to be white or a child molester, even though others say it, too,

1933 days ago


Acting mayor, JAN PERRY auth'd the money for the memorial, taking funds from the emergency fund, funds that are used for fires, earthquakes, she has a history of unwisely sponsoring events in LA, she helped sponsor a very POORLY run Film festival called Jules Verne Film festival, which by the way was also run by frenchmen who then RAN back to France to escape the vendors they owed,one of the french men was known for improper actions towards young men and boys who attended. She needs to be removed from office for authing city funds for a Private event

1933 days ago


...LET HIM REST IN PEACE NOW!!!I'm from germany and think it's enough really.Yesterday we could say good bye and he will live in our hearts ever and ever. It was a very dignified affectingly warm-hearted obsequy.I thank from the bottom of my heart that I could take part of the ceremony (on tv) in deepest sympathy.I'm looking "Dangerous Tour" on N24 like the last night:) . He's dancing and singing and thats necessary!

1933 days ago


Don't these people have bigger issues to debate? They use these moments to put the spotlight on themselves. Beats actually having to read and think and vote on important matters.

1933 days ago


Too bad these politicians aren't more worried about the really IMPORTANT things like, job losses, healthcare, improving the economy and families losing their homes......I literally laugh out loud when that congresslady introduced was the funniest part of the memorial...If these are the people running our country we're doomed!

1933 days ago


Sheila Jackson Lee, should uncurl her stupid weave and shut-up. We, here in Texas/Houston, don't care for her anymore than most others do. We all wish she would just move on. As many have stated Michael Jackson was an entertainer and that's that. He didn't die in a War, he died because he didn't take care of himself and let others feed him the drugs that more than likely killed him off. So why is she pushing for this measure? I guess she's trying to push her camera time a little more. What an Idiot

1933 days ago


Sheila is just a douchebag. Let her pay attention to her job, rather than making a freakin hero out of MJ. F#ck her and Al and Jesse.

1933 days ago


All of you who says that there are more important thing to worry about... What are ytou doing on TMZ???

1933 days ago


Enough is Engough already. He was not a God. He was not a global humanitarian or a noted leader. He was a wonderfully talented entertainer. He was by some reports and fantastic Father. There are MANY celebrities and entertainers who have done more for the world than him and they have not received any recognition nor do they seek it. Please...Enough with the adulation and praises. Get over it. It's time to move on!

1933 days ago


Are taxpayers paying for these lawmakers' trips to Los Angeles? In addition to the memorial/canonization service? The Jackson estate should pay for all expenses related to his death. No matter how talented he was, Many of us don't want our hard-earned tax dollars paying for ANYTHING having to do with the death of a pedophile who BOUGHT his three (obviously white) children, then forced them to live a cloistered, masked childhood. GET A GRIP, AMERICA! Use the brains God gave you.

1933 days ago


42. So, jstbtrflys:

you believe those three kids, whom by the way are science expierments

1933 days ago


133. All of you who says that there are more important thing to worry about... What are ytou doing on TMZ???

Posted at 4:06PM on Jul 8th 2009 by Steph


WE pay congress to worry about the important things and if you can't distinguish the difference between someone visiting the TMZ site and Congress and wasting time with BS about Michael Jackson then sorry you're plain stupid.

1933 days ago

Sue Wong    

MJ should be honored. I will never believe he was a pedophile. The only one who could convince me of that would be the Culkin kid from Home Alone. I'm not a die hard fan either. I followed the case and got the facts. He was a unique person who gave so much to the world. in terms of music, charity and humanitarian efforts.

1933 days ago
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